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We are a multi-faceted agency dedicated to providing the citizens of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County with animal care services.  We are an organization that values community partnerships and working jointly to build a better world for animals and the people who own them. 

Animal Services is a division of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department under support services. It is recognized and emulated nationally as a leading model within the animal welfare community, and takes pride in initiating and implementing progressive programs and​ pr​actices.

The main facility is over 45,000 square feet. Included in the main facility are approximately 165 dog runs and 220 stainless steel cages. The building also provides an area for the Gary T. DeLisser Spay/Neuter Clinic operated by the Humane Society of Charlotte.

Animal Services 

There are 39 allocations for Animal Services Officer positions and operates on a 20/7 schedule. ​Our Staff currently serves an ever increasing and diverse population of over 900,000 citizens. Some of the situations that our officers respond to include:

  • Barking complaints

  • Nuisance complaints

  • Dangerous animals

  • Injured animals

  • Abuse of animals

  • Restraint of animal complaints

  • Animal bite investigations

  • Disaster response (CART, SART, UASI)

  • Livestock containment via specialized unit referred to as the Large Animal Response Team (L.A.R.T.) and Herding Dog Officer

  • Extracting animals from contaminated environments via AC&C Haz Mat Unit

  • responding to calls for service to enforce local and state animal laws 

  • preparing investigative reports including bites and issuance of citations

  • preparing case files for written orders, dangerous dog declarations, nuisance declarations, and testifies in court as necessary.  

  • serve as members on specialized units such as the Large Animal Response Team

  • (L.A.R. T.), and the ACB Haz Mat Unit for response in extracting animals from contaminated environments.  

  • Officers’ conduct in depth investigations regarding animal cruelty to include dog and cock fighting involving felony prosecution.  

  • Officers participate in community neighborhood association meetings and community outreach programs to include humane education and various other customized instructional programs.     


Customer Service Representative:

Front line staff are positioned in the main lobby of the Animal Services Center and assist citizens when they come to the shelter for a variety of reasons:

  • Animal intake (strays and surrenders)

  • Animal adoptions

  • Animal reclaims

  • Payments (citations, pet licenses, etc.)

​Animal Health Technician:

Animal Care Tech’s perform health checks, give medicine, be able to help injured animals, and be able to handle euthanasia on daily basis.


Staff must handle daily data entry, citizen/owner assistance, and filing paperwork.

Public Information Specialist:

This specialized staff member must handle the media, marketing and creating adoption specials and adoptable animals, as well as creating and coordinating events.

Information Technology:

This specialized staff member must be able to work on computers, and create reports within the local Chameleon database system.

Animal Care Technician:

The attendant’s clean cages, feed animals 2 times a day, process stray animals upon entry, clean/wash bowls and do laundry on a daily basis.

Other jobs within Animal Services:

• Division manager

• Shelter Manager

• Animal Trainer

• Veterinarian

• Variable amount of positions created by two temp agencies

Animal Statistics

​In an ongoing effort to educate the public about the magnitude of the pet overpopulation problem, we are making available the statistics that show how many animals come into the shelter every month. The data given for all animals and then is broken down further for dogs and cats since that is what most people are interested in.

2018 Year in Review

Save Rates



Animal Care & Control (AC&C) is part of the Support Services Group of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and currently consists of five units including: Field Operations, Animal Sheltering & Medical Services, Customer Service & Community Outreach, Communications, and Administrative Services.  In addition to providing regulatory services that contribute to community public health and safety, AC&C has many programs that focus on education, intake mitigation, pet management, adoption and animal health concerns. 

AC&C is dedicated to helping the people and pets of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County by providing a variety of medical and support services.  AC&C is also here to help educate the public about how to best care for animals and work to keep pets and people safe and together.

AC&C is proud to be a Tier 1 level shelter under the Human Animal Support Services national organization model.

Want to become a member of the team? Check out the Human Resources site to find the application, and instructions to apply. Click here to see what jobs the city is currently offering.

We also have various positions filled by temp agencies: Goodworks and Allegiance 

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​Doobert is about bringing together Animal rescue volunteers and Rescue and shelter organizations to save animals. Our technology powers your passion for animals and allows you to choose how to get involved.

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doobert rescue organization

​Shelter and Rescue Partners are perhaps the most crucial element in our national mission to rescue abused animals. After the Humane Society of the United States removes animals from abusive situations, we work with our partners to care for and place the animals. As local groups with access to local resources, partners provide the animals with veterinary care, rehabilitation and ultimately, placement in lifelong homes.

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​The goal of the Fear Free Shelter Program is to improve the experiences of animals by educating shelter, rescue, and animal welfare employees and volunteers like you about their emotional needs. We aim to empower you to apply key strategies and techniques designed to reduce the negative emotional states that are commonly experienced by shelter and rescue animals—including fear, anxiety, stress (FAS), and frustration—and increase their enrichment opportunities. The Fear Free Shelter Program provides training suitable for all of the individuals involved in the care and oversight of shelter and rescue animals—from medical and behavioral staff to intake, reception, kennel, and cattery staff to animal services officers, adoption counselors, foster caregivers, and shelter volunteers.

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pround to be a fear free shelter

We are proud to be part of the Humane Animal Support Services pilot program. We're working hard every day to help the pet owners in our community to keep pets with their owners.

it takes a village working together: the store of reverend demitris gonzalez

This is the story of Officer Caffray, along with Officer's Rogers, Perry, Davis, and Fink working together to help two sisters. Ms. Gonzalez moves to Charlotte to be with her sister who was in a medical facility. She lived in a tent with her 3 seeing eye dogs when she met Officer Caffray. Caffray and the officers not only assist Ms. Gonzalez with her dogs but also her sister to make sure that they are able to help them get a new home.

​Meet the management team at Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Services!

Dr. Josh Fisher - Director

Dr. Melinda Whitaker - Shelter Manager

Bryan Harkey - Field Operations Manager

Melissa Knicely - Communications Manager

Shannon Harkey - Costumer Service Community Outreach Manager


Caridad Sanchez - Business Services Supervisor


pictures of dogs and cats

the shelter awning displaying the ac&c logo