About Charlotte

​A Day In
The City of Charlotte

Charlotte’s local government, with approximately 8,000 workers and a $2.39 Billion budget (FY, or fiscal year, 2018), works hard to ensure that the community will be a winning city for everyone, a truly remarkable place to live, work, learn and play. Here’s a day in the life of Charlotte through the delivery of public services.

A day of city services

​A Day in Charlotte by the numbers

Public safety

  • 256 firefighters on duty

  • 42 fire stations

  • +320 fire calls for service

  • 565 police field units

  • 1,078 resident calls for service

  • 559 officer-initiated calls for service

Transit, transportation, roads, streets

  • 800 signalized intersections

  • +5,370 miles of city streets

  • +70,000 transit riders (incl. bus, rail special transport, van pool)

Drinking water and waste water

  • 106,000,000 gallons of drinking water treated and delivered

  • 78,100,000 gallons of waste water collected and treated

Trash collection

  • +44,000 curbside households receiving trash pickup

All city services

  • 4,500 calls received by CharMeck 311