Historic Districts

Below is a list of Applications that have been Approved or Denied for Certificate of Appropriateness by the Charlotte Historic District Commission (By District)

The Charlotte Historic District map is an interactive program that allows users to view descriptions of applications for Certificates of Appropriateness which are highlighted on the District maps in bold color. You can search by street address, parcel ID, application number or by clicking on the parcel. If there are multiple projects per parcel, you will be able to advance through each description by clicking on the arrow at the top right of the pop-up box. If you need further assistance there is a help icon on the application.


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APP = Application
COA =Certificate of Appropriateness

Applications by the Districts: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
collapse District : Dilworth ‎(830)
2017-260Jason Jackson2301 Dilworth Rd W12112503Landscape & Site ImprovementsPending
2017-254John B. Fryday1819 Lennox Av12108215Rear addition; accessory buildingPending
2017-253B.J. Smith1910 Ewing Av12111719FencePending
2017-243Timothy A Sheriff1915 Lyndhurst Av12105819Accessory BuildingPending
2017-238James R. White2011 Park Rd12108802Landscape & Site ImprovementsPending
2017-235Erin B Henderson917 Magnolia Av12108805Window ReplacementPending
2017-230Justin Berry405 West Park Av11908514Rear addition, replacement windowsPending
2017-204Josh Allison409 E. Worthington Av12105203Rear Addition (enclose sunroom)PendingCOA
2017-189Steen Moss901 E Worthington Av12108101New Construction & Tree RemovalPending
2017-182Daniel Ryan Roth2003 Dilworth Rd E12111112Minor changes: porch rails/floorPendingCOA
2017-171Phyllis Fulton719 Romany Rd12309528DemolitionPending
2017-163Ken Fairleigh331 East Blvd12307507DemolitionPending
2017-156Robert Mayo429 E Tremont Av12105708Landscape & Site ImprovementsPendingCOA
2017-151Leigh Altman520 E Kingston Av12308413Front Porch ChangesPending
2017-150George Efird528 East Blvd12105111Front Entry StairsPending
2017-142Liza Suarez2021 Dilworth Rd12111710Landscape & Site Improvements (pool)PendingCOA
2017-139Allen J Maxwell720 E Worthington Av12108613Landscape & Site Improvements (patio)PendingCOA
2017-138Andrew Philip Mondi716 E Park Av12311527Replacement windowsPendingCOA
2017-135Brenda Reuter417 E Worthington Av12105205FencePendingCOA
2017-133Jeff Wingrove2308 Dilworth Rd W12112411Window changesPendingCOA
2017-132Matt Johnson1211 E Worthington Av12111302Remove paint from brickPending
2017-130Matt Johnson1211 E Worthington Av12111302FencePendingCOA
2017-112Jeremy Martin2118 Sarah Marks Av12112317Accessory StructurePendingCOA
2017-107Allen L. Brooks612 E Worthington Av12108515AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2017-098Miles and Cathy Smith1315 Lexington Av12309107Mechanical UnitPendingCOA
2017-075Elizabeth Zimmerman1230 E Worthington Av12111209FencePendingAPPCOA
-2017-066John Phares1912 Park Road12108711FencePending
-2017-063CG Investment Group, LLC1818 Euclid Av12105308Rear addition, fence, window/door changesPendingCOA
-2017-062Jo Haubenriser1615 Dilworth Rd W12311202FencePending
-2017-060Julie Lindberg2309 Charlotte Dr12112611Rear AdditionPendingAPP
-2017-055Elizabeth (Heath) Zimmerman1230 E Worthington Av12111209Tree RemovalPending
-2017-052Will Goebel508 E Tremont Av12109367AdditionPending
-2017-043Elizabeth Zimmerman1230 E Worthington Av12111209Landscape & Site Features (walkway)PendingCOA
-2017-032Jeffrey McAveney1619 Lyndhurst Av12308503Rear AdditionPendingAPP
-2017-026Kent Lineberger827 Berkeley Av12309310AdditionPendingAPPCOA
-2017-017Robert Griffin1200 Belgrave Pl12310414FencePendingCOA
-2017-016Zack K Alsentzer619 E Tremont12108505Rear AdditionPendingAPPCOA
-2017-008Kasey Scannell423 E Kingston Av12308208Rear Addition/Accessory StructurePending
2016-318Tony Gray1212 Lexington Av12309215Rear AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2016-314Janice Valder1418 Euclid Av12302909Rear Addition - Satellite dishPending
2016-312Phillip Broome910 East Blvd12108110SignPendingCOA
2016-311Paula Pridgen2144 Park Road12110209Storm WindowsPendingCOA
2016-309Drew Harriss1029 Arosa Av12310212DrivewayPending
2016-306Miller Jordan909 Berkeley Av12309206Accessory BuildingPendingCOA
2016-305Jessica Hindman1941 Park Rd12108826Rear Addition; DrivewayPendingCOA
2016-297John Phares1610 Dilworth Rd E12311217Window Addition (front elevation)PendingAPPCOA
2016-296John Phares1610 Dilworth Rd E12311217Accessory Structure, DrivewayPendingAPPCOA
2016-294Amanda Gray2114 Dilworth Rd E12112108Fence/GatePendingCOA
2016-290Steve Passaly624 E Worthington Av12108512Windows/DoorsPendingCOA
2016-289Craig Cox821 Mt Vernon Av12305108Rear AdditionPendingCOA
2016-288Natalie & Jeff McAveney1619 Lyndhurst Av155032012nd Story AdditionPendingAPP
2016-282Cheryl Ray1619 Euclid Av12308202WallPendingAPP
2016-281Aashh L. Parekh1234 E. Worthington Av12111208Accessory StructurePending
2016-274Daniel Micah Simon700 Templeton Av12305619New ConstructionPendingAPP
2016-273Michael Luick716 Lexington Av12305513Rear Addition - Screen Porch/DeckPending
2016-271Colleen Giggey1715 Park Rd12311307Rear Addition - covered porchPendingCOA
2016-266Ray Sheedy1419 Lexington Av12309703Rear Addition/Windows & Doors/FencePending
2016-263Todd Bolyard1900 Dilworth Rd E12111612FencePendingCOA
2016-262Keith MacVean1211 East Blvd12312712Landscape/ParkingPendingCOA
2016-258Robert L. and Harriet H. Griffin1200 Belgrave Pl12310414FencePendingCOA
2016-256Ray Sheedy1419 Lexington Av12309703Rear Addition, Front Facade Changes, Window ReplacementPendingAPPCOA
2016-255Keith Wesolowski1814 Dilworth Rd W12108106Rear AdditionPendingCOA
2016-254Allen L. Brooks700 Templeton Av12305619New ConstructionPendingAPP
2016-253Peter Tart505 East Blvd12308404Front Facade ChangesPendingAPPCOA
2016-251Don Duffy1001 Mt. Vernon Av12314141Rear AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2016-250Kent Lineberger2215 Dilworth Rd W12112502Accessory Structure (garage)PendingAPPCOA
2016-249Don Duffy317 East Park Av12307103Rear AdditionPendingCOA
2016-246Jason Stevens1727 Dilworth Rd E12312707FencePendingCOA
2016-237Catellus Group, LLC308 E Worthington Av12105616DemolitionPendingAPP
2016-236Catellus Group, LLC304 E Worthington Av12105617DemolitionPendingAPP
2016-235Catellus Group, LLC300 E Worthington Av12105618DemolitionPendingAPP
2016-234Catellus Group, LLC1913 Cleveland Av12105619DemolitionPendingAPP
2016-232Scott Paviol1920 Park Rd12108709Accessory Structure (storage shed)PendingCOA
2016-226Myron Greer2027 Dilworth Road W12111711Landscape & Site ImprovementsPendingCOA
2016-224Allen Brooks1914 Lennox Av12108610AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2016-223Allen Brooks1822 Cleveland Av12105407AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2016-221Sian and Bob Harris516 E. Kingston Av12308414Landscape & Site ImprovementsPendingCOA
2016-220Chris Miller316 East Blvd12105312Commercial SignPendingCOA
2016-219John B. Fryday729 Romany Rd12309504Window ReplacementPendingCOA
2016-218Keith Wesolowski804 E Kingston Av12311915Accessory StructurePendingCOA
2016-217Jessica Hindman1609 Park Rd12311302Front and Rear AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2016-209Jodie Lawson1919 Springdale12108620Accessory StructurePendingCOA
2016-205Patrick Lucas1621 Cleveland Av12307615DeckPendingCOA
2016-196Randy Habluetzel601 East Blvd12311702SignagePendingCOA
2016-195Myron Greer1817 Dilworth Rd W12111509Landscape & Site ImprovementsPendingCOA
2016-192Hayden Harper Advisory, LLC828 East Blvd12108210Screened porch conversionPendingCOA
2016-191Dina Carey1948 Park Rd12109106Rear AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2016-190John and Mary Gaertner711 Romany Rd12309527Window ReplacementPendingCOA
2016-186John Zucker922 Magnolia Av12111823Rear Addition and Accessory StructurePendingCOA
2016-185Jennifer Wiper900 East Blvd12108111SignPendingCOA
2016-184Hayden Harper Advisory, LLC328 East Blvd12108210Resurfacing and ParkingPendingCOA
2016-183Joan Haubenreiser, Dranne Limbaugh1615 Dilworth Rd W12311202Reconstruct retaining wallPendingCOA
2016-182Myron Greer1701 Park Rd12311305Driveway, Fence and LandscapingPendingCOA
2016-174Lane Jacobs/Tamara Titus620 East Worthington Av12108513FencePending
2016-173Lisa Suarez1141 Linganore Pl12310406Swimming PoolPendingCOA
2016-171Bruce Bleiman1244 East Blvd12111310Signage and window replacementPendingCOA
2016-170Glenda Potter1915 Park Rd12108819Garage doorPendingCOA
2016-164John B. Fryday729 Romany Rd12309504Front porch, rear window changePendingAPPCOA
2016-162828 East Blvd, LLC828 East Boulevard12108210Carriage House Porch RennovationsPendingCOA
2016-157Tim Stommel1210 Dilworth Rd12309115Window and door changesPendingCOA
2016-156Keith Wesolowski804 E Kingston Av12311915Accessory Structure (garage)PendingAPP
2016-151Daniel Fain624 E Kingston Av12311704AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2016-147Lance Blundell2200 Park Road12110101Rear AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2016-145Kent Lineberger2215 Dilworth Rd W12112502Accessory BuildingPendingAPPCOA
2016-140Stephanie and James Cass1209 Ideal Way12111202PatioPendingCOA
2016-135Aaron Elrod2213 Ledgewood Ln12112414Rear AdditionPendingCOA
2016-134Sara W. Higgins524 East Blvd12105112Commercial SignPendingCOA
2016-129Keith Wesolowski804 E Kingston Av12311915Demo accessory structurePendingCOA
2016-128Edward Overman Jr.2201 Sarah Marks Av12112207Front porch repair, window replacementPending
2016-123Daniel Micah Simon700 Templeton Av12305619DemolitionPendingAPP
2016-122Aldo Caballero518 East Blvd12105113Commercial SignPendingCOA
2016-121Sheila Abraham2125 Charlotte Drive12112626Retaining wallPendingCOA
2016-118Tom and Julie Fiepke821 Berkeley Ave12309309Patio/FencePendingCOA
2016-116Dina Carey1948 Park Road12109105Rear AdditionPendingAPP
2016-115Kirsten A. Baldwin Metzger604 Mt Vernon Av12305717Accessory Building (shed)PendingCOA
2016-104Harry Wiebler2308 Dilworth Rd W12112411Window changesPendingCOA
2016-101Robert Almon916 East Blvd12108109Siding replacementPendingCOA
2016-100Eve Schreck1929 Park Rd12108823Landscaping and site improvementsPendingCOA
2016-099Tamara Titus and Lane Jacobs700 E. Worthington Av12108618Rear addition (deck)PendingCOA
2016-098David and Patricia Griesemer808 Brookside Av12109331Siding replacementPending
2016-096Ann Stanley701 Mt. Vernon Ave12305101Window changesPendingAPPCOA
2016-094Jessica Hindman816 Mt. Vernon Av12309316Addition (side and rear)PendingAPPCOA
2016-093Allen and Tracey Foster529 E Kingston Av12308512Rear Addition (minor)PendingAPPCOA
2016-090Allen L. Brooks500 E. Worthington Av12105818Rear addition, garage, tree removalPendingAPPCOA
2016-089Ben and Micah Caruana705 E. Tremont Av12108602Window replacementPendingCOA
2016-088Accessory Building (garage)943 Romany Road12309612Accessory Building (garage)PendingAPPCOA
2016-084Rebecca Trotsky327 E. Worthington Av12105306Accessory Building (shed)PendingCOA
2016-083Chris Miller221 E. Kingston Av12307304SignPendingCOA
2016-082Robert Macpherson815 Mt. Vernon Av12305107Accessory BuildingPendingCOA
2016-081William and Kathryn Kohler2421 Charlotte Dr12112602Rear addition (deck)PendingCOA
2016-080Russell Margosian428 E. Worthington Av12105711Front porch repairPending
2016-077Randy Habluetzel521 East Blvd12308407SignPendingCOA
2016-076John B. Fryday415 E. Kingston Av12308206Window replacementPendingCOA
2016-074Jason Heathcote328 E. Worthington Av12105611Accessory BuildingPendingAPPCOA
2016-073Myron Greer1915 Lennox Av12108720Driveway, Fence and LandscapingPendingCOA
2016-072Kerry and Debra Glennon1936 Park Rd12108705Side Addition Repair/ReplacementPendingAPPCOA
2016-068Myron Greer724 E. Worthington Av12108612Driveway, Accessory StructuresPendingCOA
2016-066Allen L. Brooks1922 Lennox Av12108608AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2016-064Allen L. Brooks512 East Tremont Av12109366New ConstructionPendingAPPCOA
2016-063Rob Sarle2000 Park Rd12109326AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2016-062John Zucker823 Lexington Av12305306AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2016-059BJ Smith1910 Ewing Av12111719Accessory Building (garage)PendingCOA
2016-058BJ Smith1910 Ewing Av12111719Front Addition (porch/dormer)PendingAPPCOA
2016-057Tony E. Ward1914 Lennox12108610Rear AdditionPending
2016-055Lance Blundell2200 Park Rd12110101Rear AdditionPending
2016-053John H. Phares, Jr.1912 Park Rd12108711AdditionPending
2016-050Matthew Welch1919 Lyndhurst Av12105820DrivewayPendingCOA
2016-048James R. Walker2112 Charlotte Drive12112511Driveway/Side Entry ChangesApprovedCOA
2016-047Allen S. Maxwell Jr.720 E. Worthington Av12108613Rear AdditionPending
2016-046Kirk Myers2425 Charlotte Dr12112601GuttersApprovedCOA
2016-044Kraig Magas1301 Dilworth Rd12310201Garage Addition, PoolPending
2016-041Wayne Freeman1915 Winthrop Av12108519HVACApprovedCOA
2016-037Lance Blundell2200 Park Rd12110101AdditionPending
2016-028Kent Lineberger2013 Charlotte Dr12112806Window replacementApprovedCOA
2016-025Signorama220 East Blvd12105412SignApprovedCOA
2016-021Nancy Nicholson805 E Kingston Av12311512Rear Addition (minor, screened in porch)ApprovedCOA
2016-019John B. Fryday1109 Belgrave Pl12310302Window changes, fenceApprovedCOA
2016-018Zack Alsentzer410 East Park Av12308223Rear additionPendingCOA
2016-015Luke King328 E. Worthington Av12105611Detached GarageDenied
2016-014Erin Burke Henderson917 Magnolia Av12108805Door replacement (rear french patio)ApprovedCOA
2016-007Peter Vasseur1020 Ideal Way12112118Rear AdditionApprovedCOA
2016-005Brent Dutton608 E Kingston Av12311708Window ReplacementApprovedCOA
2016-004Mike Walker2221 Charlotte Dr12112617DrivewayApprovedCOA
2015-290Allen Brooks (Matthew and Virginia Faircloth, Owner)715 East Worthington Avenue12108304Plan revision for approved addition (October 14, 2015)PendingAPP
2015-287Mission Winthrop, LLC525 East Boulevard12308433COA Revision for non-traditional materialPendingAPPCOA
2015-281Keith Wesolowski804 East Kingston Avenue12108718Addition, fenestration changesPendingAPPCOA
2015-280Kraig Magas (Kenneth and Rush Coe, Owner)1325 Dilworth Road (Lot 1, part of lot 2 and 13, block 32)12310203new single family house and detached garagePendingAPPCOA
2015-272Ryan DeRuby524 E Tremont Av12109363Rear DeckPendingCOA
2015-267Allen L. Brooks512 E Tremont Ave12109366Major AdditionPendingAPP
2015-266Allen L. Brooks601 E Kingston Av12311602Addition - rearPendingAPPCOA
2015-266Allen Brooks (Alicia and Mark Sparling, owners)601 East Kingston Avenue12311602rear second floor additionPendingAPPCOA
2015-263Jessica Beil Hindman429 E Tremont Av12105708Addition - sidePendingAPPCOA
2015-262Greg Miller709 E Worthington Av12108303Replacement WindowsApprovedCOA
2015-259Douglass P. Ehmann2005 Cleveland Av12106711DemolitionPendingAPP
2015-258Brenda Reuter417 E Worthington Av12105205Driveway - carriage tracksApprovedCOA
2015-255John B. Fryday415 E Kingston Av12308206Rear Addition and CarportPendingCOA
2015-254John B. Fryday1109 Belgrave Place12310302Rear addition (deck) & landscapingApprovedCOA
2015-253Josh Allison1335 Lafayette Av12309305Addition (side and rear)PendingAPPCOA
2015-252Thomas Morrow726 East Blvd12108310Retaining WallApprovedCOA
2015-251Leslie Bivens701 E. Tremont Av12108601Accessory Structure (shed)Pending
2015-248Terri B. Giordano1214 Myrtle Av12305610Rear additionPendingCOA
2015-245Lance Blundell2200 Park Road12110101AwningApproved
2015-244Peter Vasseur915 Magnolia Av12108804AdditionApproved
2015-243Brian and Brianne Darcy524 E Tremont Av12109363Painted BrickPending
2015-243Brian and Brianne Darcy524 East Tremont Avenue12109363Painted BrickPendingAPPCOA
2015-240Matt & Rachel Noreika512 E Worthington12105815Front porch rail and shuttersApprovedCOA
2015-239Don Duffy1308 Lexington Av12309210Side AdditionApprovedAPPCOA
2015-238Keith Wesolowski804 E Kingston Av12311915Rear AdditionDeferredAPP
2015-237Jessica Beil Hindman1917 Lennox Av12108721Rear addition, garage changes, front facade restorationPending
2015-236Tony E. Ward1914 Lennox Av12108610Front Facade ChangesApprovedAPPCOA
2015-235Allen L. Brooks229 E Worthington Av12105407Rear AdditionApprovedAPPCOA
2015-234Zack Whittington1623 Dilworth Rd W12311203Front door replacementApprovedCOA
2015-233Courtenay Buchan425 E Worthington Av12105206DrivewayApprovedCOA
2015-232Nancy J Foster & William A Foster1830 Ewing Av12111502Painted BrickApprovedAPPCOA
2015-229Peter Johnson405 Rensselaer Av12302902PoolApprovedCOA
2015-227Josh Allison1641 Dilworth Road W12311206Rear additionPending
2015-226Allen and Carley West1716 Winthrop Av12308409Hardie on Accessory StructureDeferredAPPCOA
2015-224Tony E Ward1914 Lennox Ave12108610Rear AdditionApprovedCOA
2015-223Joal Fischer and Deborah Langsam1607 Dilworth Rd West12311201RailsApprovedCOA
2015-222Ross Hobson1709 Springdale Av12311802Accessory StructureApprovedCOA
2015-221Thomas Cooper Monroe, III1632 Dilworth Rd E12311212FenceApprovedCOA
2015-217Paula Pridgen2144 Park Road12110209Landscape & Site Features - Water FountainPendingCOA
2015-214Bruce Bleiman1244 East Blvd12111310Front Addition (dormer)ApprovedAPPCOA
2015-209Allen L. Brooks715 E Worthington Av12108304Dormer AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2015-207G. Robert Turner, III1406 Euclid Ave12302912Replacement windows (vinyl requested)Pending
2015-205Cameron Herrera1922 Lennox Av12108608Demo dilapidated accessory building (shed)ApprovedCOA
2015-204Donald J. and Lisa P. Devine825 Romany Rd12309513Landscaping & Site ImprovementsApprovedCOA
2015-202Mark Ivan Brown and Amy Tucker Brown2033 Charlotte Drive12112801FenceApprovedCOA
2015-200Kenneth and Sarah Hyde716 E Worthington Av12108614Accessory Structure (shed)ApprovedCOA
2015-199Joe and Pat Mynatt2019 Dilworth Rd E12111111FencePendingCOA
2015-196Paula Pridgen2144 Park Rd12110209FenceApprovedCOA
2015-194Chanduo Properties, LLC1640 Dilworth Rd E12311210Demo dilapidated garage/new garage constructionPending
2015-189Angie Lauer1223 Belgrave Pl12310309Minor Addition - Front PorchApprovedAPPCOA
2015-188Kim Trouten1918 Ewing Ave12111717FenceApprovedCOA
2015-187Jennifer Winstel500 E Tremont Av12109369FencePending
2015-184Terry K. Mills901 Romany Rd12309602Window replacementApprovedCOA
2015-177Steve Sebrell601 Mt Vernon Av12305601FenceApprovedCOA
2015-170Tony E. Ward1914 Lennox Av12108610Front facade changes and minor rear additionDeniedAPP
2015-169Shannon Bishop1719 Dilworth Rd E12111215Windows (replacement)ApprovedCOA
2015-166David Furman1819 Lyndhurst Av12105118DemolitionPendingAPP
2015-165Myron Greer2000 Dilworth Rd E12112114Fence, Landscaping & Site ImprovementsApprovedCOA
2015-163Ken and Sarah Hyde716 E Worthington Av12108614Accessory Structure (shed)PendingCOA
2015-163Ken and Sarah Hyde716 E Worthington Av12108614Porch Stair RailsApproved
2015-162Billy J Smith1910 Ewing Av12111719Landscaping and site improvementsApprovedCOA
2015-161Thomas Fenstermacher424 E. Tremont Av12106816Second Story AdditionApprovedAPPCOA
2015-158RAM Construction804 E. Worthington Av12108718New Garage/Landscape planApprovedCOA
2015-157RAM Construction1715 Park Rd12311307Rear porc repairApprovedCOA
2015-156RAM Construction1701 Park Rd12311305Detached GarageApprovedCOA
2015-154Karen Barton720 Berkeley Av12309524window replacement/chang patio door to french doorsApprovedAPPCOA
2015-153Ryan & Megan Burton1308 Lexington Av12309210Dormer addition/Minimize visibility of mortar repairsDeniedAPP
2015-151Kevin Phillips812 Lexington Av12305177Addition (rear)ApprovedCOA
2015-138David Furman1819 Lyndhurst Av12105118DemolitionApprovedAPP
2015-136Cameron Herrera1922 Lennox Av12108608Tree removal (and replacement)ApprovedCOA
2015-134Constantine Vrettos600 East Blvd12108401Major AdditionApprovedAPPCOA
2015-133Charles Chirchirillo723 Romany Rd12309504FenceApproved
2015-132Bruce Berberick800 E Tremont Av12109108Side entry stoop, walkwayApprovedAPPCOA
2015-128Carol Stamper - Chief Operations Officer, CMS405 E Park Av12308102Accessory Structures (mobile classroom units)ApprovedCOA
2015-120Anne B. Henderson716 E Tremont Av12109210FenceApprovedCOA
2015-119John Bourgeois1300 Myrtle Av12305712Window replacementApprovedCOA
2015-118Zack Whittington1623 Dilworth Rd W12311203Side Addition (minor)ApprovedCOA
2015-117Joya Pavesi1424 Euclid Av12302908Driveway (re-pave/widen)ApprovedCOA
2015-111Andrew Rowe2237 Park Rd12112331Rear AdditionApprovedAPPCOA
2015-110Scott and Kindl Detar1909 Dilworth Rd W12111702Addition (chimney)Withdrawn
2015-106Hal Kempson318 E Kingston Av12307516Front porch changesApprovedAPPCOA
2015-104Allen L. Brooks409 East Tremont Av12105703Rear AdditionApprovedCOA
2015-103Randy, Red Cedar Residential512 E Tremont Av12109366New ConstructionPending
2015-102John P. Harmon Jr.1309 Lexington Av12309106WindowsApprovedCOA
2015-097Douglas A Engel2006 Dilworth Rd E12112113Driveway and Landscaping ImprovementsDeferredAPPCOA
2015-095Jim Cook823 E Worthington Av12108206Rear addition (covered porch)PendingCOA
2015-093Allen and Carly West1716 Winthrop Dr12308409OutbuildingPendingCOA
2015-091Leigh Altman520 E Kingston Av12308413Landscape & Site ImprovementsApprovedCOA
2015-084Michael Peeler719 E Worthington Av12108305Demolish dilapidated outbuildingApprovedCOA
2015-082Scott and Kindl Detar1909 Dilworth Rd W12111702Front door replacement, new brick walkway, gate and patioPendingCOA
2015-081Andrew Rowe2237 Park Rd12112331AdditionPendingAPP
2015-080Allen L. Brooks, AIA229 E Worthington Av12105407Rear additionPendingAPPCOA
2015-079Charles V. and Melissa G. Murray704 E Worthington Av12108617DeckApprovedCOA
2015-078Chris Kan, Trustee911 E Worthington Av12108103FenceApprovedCOA
2015-074Robert Ponton616 E Tremont12109349DrivewayPending
2015-072Kevin Higgins2132 Park Rd12110212DrivewayApprovedCOA
2015-070Tony E. Ward1915 Spingdale Av12108619Accessory structure (garage)ApprovedCOA
2015-067Kent Lineberger1142 Berkeley Av123104172-story rear additionApprovedAPPCOA
2015-066Matthew R. Sevigny405 E. Tremont Av12105702Accessory structure (shed)ApprovedCOA
2015-065Lance Blundell2200 Park Rd12110101Rear deck addition, front addition.DeferredAPPCOA
2015-063Greg Miller709 E Worthington Av12108303Front dormer/porch restortation, rear addition.DeferredAPP
2015-061Mark Bostian220 E Kingston Av12307409Facade changes - window infill, new aluminum windows/doors, painted brick.ApprovedAPPCOA
2015-060Randy Poore512 East Tremont Av12109366New constructionPendingAPP
2015-058Peter Vasseur910 E Worthington Av12108816Tree removalPending
2015-057Zack Whittington1623 Dilworth Rd W12311203Side additionDeniedAPP
2015-056Matthew E. Johnson1211 E. Worthington Av12111302Rear additionApprovedCOA
2015-055Darrell and Ariana Klotz915 Magnolia Av12108804Window replacement (stained glass)ApprovedCOA
2015-054Nancy Mullins2309 Dilworth Rd West12112505FenceApproved
2015-052Jack Harton2221 Charlotte Drive12112617Window replacement (sask-kit only)Approved
2015-051Scott McNerney317 E Kingston Av12307604Rear addition/patioApprovedCOA
2015-049Christopher Mehalic, Truly Carolina, LLC701 East Blvd12311804FencePendingCOA
2015-047Allen Brooks1134 Linganore Pl12310510Front porch reconstructionPendingAPPCOA
2015-046Kent Lineberger1114 Linganore Pl12310501Detatched GaragePendingAPPCOA
2015-044Jeremy Martin2118 Sarah Marks Av12112317DeckApprovedCOA
2015-042Doug Ehmann1915 Springdale Ave12108619In-ground poolPendingCOA
2015-038Dr. Wyn Wheeler2137 Charlotte Dr12112623Garage repair (new doors and siding)ApprovedCOA
2015-037Peter Vasseur910 E. Worthington Av12108816New shed/garageApprovedCOA
2015-032Christopher and Kathy Fuesy512 E Kingston Ave12308415Partial fence replacementApprovedCOA
2015-029Ryan and Megan Burton1308 Lexington Av12309210Fence/driveway gate; front/side porch railsApproved
2015-028John H. Phares708 Mt Vernon Av12309416Front porch columnsApprovedAPPCOA
2015-024Replace triple window with a door1100 Lexington Av12305114Replace triple window with a doorApproved
2015-023Cody Kelly810 Berkeley Av12309519Solar panelsApprovedCOA
2015-021Christopher B. & Brenda J. Heck705 Templeton Av12305502Remove window and enclose w/matching brickPendingCOA
2015-019Jo Haubenreiser1615 Dilworth Rd W12311202Porch RepairApprovedCOA
2015-018Allen Brooks830 E. Park Av12311518AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2015-017Dave & Dawn Franchina700 Mt Vernon Av12309401FenceApproved
2015-012Frank M Lee2130 Charlotte Dr12112506DemolitionPendingAPP
2015-011Randy Poore512 E. Tremont Av12109366DemolitionPendingAPP
2015-009John Phares708 Mt. Vernon Av12309416AdditionApprovedAPPCOA
2015-005Bruce Berberick800 E Tremont Av12109108AdditionApprovedAPPCOA
2015-004Coltrane Development Company LLC2231 Charlotte Dr12112615Porch additionApprovedAPPCOA
2014-278Kevin & Stacy Phillips812 Lexington Av12305177OutbuildingApproved
2014-277Michelle Cochran220 E Kingston Av12307409FenceApproved
2014-276Craig Isaac1920 Dilworth Rd E12111607GarageApprovedCOA
2014-275Angie Lauer1003 Romany Rd12309714GarageApproved
2014-268Jason McArthur1712 Euclid Av12307510New ConstructionPendingAPPCOA
2014-262Michael DiFabion2114 Dilworth Rd E12112108Paint BrickApprovedAPPCOA
2014-261Carl & Joelle Jacobs1923 Dilworth Rd E12111201Install blue stone patio in backyardApproved
2014-258John Bourgesis1306 Myrtle Av12305711Replace front doorApproved
2014-257Jason Murphy718 Mt Vernon Av12309414Changes to previously approved plansApproved
2014-254Luis Costales2218 Charlotte Dr12112406Replacement of retainer wall with brickApproved
2014-252John P. Harmon, Jr.1309 Lexington Av12309106Porch renovations, dormer windows, sidingPendingAPP
2014-249Beatriz R. Jones629 E Tremont Av12108508Partial Enclosure of Masonite PorchPending
2014-248B & B Pools Inc.820 Mt Vernon Av12309314Construction of Inground Swimming Pool and surrounding areaApprovedCOA
2014-246Josh Cleveland/Hilton Displays720 East Bv12108311SignageApproved
2014-245Josh Cleveland720 East Bv12108311SignageApproved
2014-244Don Duffy809 Mt. Vernon Av12305106New ConstructionAPPCOA
2014-235Kindl Detar1909 Dilworth Rd W12111702home addition and renovationsApproved
2014-233Dan & Magdalene Singletary1125 Belgrave Pl123103048 ft. fenceAPP
2014-231Leslie & Paul Perlik1101 Dilworth Crescent Row12309205Replace existing dormer window above garageApprovedCOA
2014-229Allen L. Brooks1940 Park Rd12108704Deck Removal and deck additionAPPCOA
2014-228Allen L. Brooks1901 Dilworth Rd W12111701Restore garage
2014-227Mark Melaragno2120 Dilworth Rd E12112107Rear AdditionApprovedCOA
2014-226John Zucker704 E. Park Av123115291 1/2 story addition & renovationAPPCOA
2014-223Mike Novick1615 Dilworth Rd W12311202Repair Renovation of Front Porch Main level and second level balconyAPP
2014-217John Phares2000 Park Rd12109326Roof changesApprovedAPPCOA
2014-215RAM Construction804 E Worthington Av12108718Rear AdditionApproved
2014-214Sara Spencer528 E Kingston Av12308411Rebuild front porch steps/repair slate and faciaApproved
2014-211Sandy Solomon2010 Charlotte Dr12111105Demo Garage two car carport
2014-210Jason McArthur525 East Bv12308C99New ConstructionAPPCOA
2014-208Marcus & Dina Sheward627 Mt. Vernon Av12305606Replace front door side lights
2014-207Sandy Solomon2010 Charlotte Dr12111105Demolish garage and provide 2 car carport
2014-206John Zucker704 E. Park Av12311529Addition 1.5 story and front porch additionDeniedAPP
2014-203Mark Melaragno2120 Dilwrilworth Rd E121121072nd story additionDeniedAPP
2014-202Josh Allison1641 Dilworth Rd W12311206Add a roof over existing raised patio on rear of house to create a covered porch
2014-200Steve & Leigh Aparicio1615 Lyndhurst Av12308502Relocate existing windows on side of homeApprovedCOA
2014-199Allen Brooks600 E. Worthington Av12108518AdditionApprovedAPPCOA
2014-198Gus Pappas712 East Bv12108313DemolitionAPP
2014-197Jennifer Winstel500 E Tremont Av12109369FenceApprovedCOA
2014-196Scott McNerney701 Templeton Av12305501Window Replacement, Add French DoorsApprovedCOA
2014-195Kevin Pfahl808 Brookside Av12109331Deteriorated porch floor replaced wi concrete w new porch railsApproved
2014-193Park Ave Mews HOA424 - 436 E. Park Av12308C96Add a printed brick screen wall and landscape timber retaining wall between 420 and 424PendingAPPCOA
2014-192Kent Lineberger1114 Linganore Pl12310501AdditionsApprovedAPPCOA
2014-190Allen Brooks1940 Park Rd12108704Removal of Existing DeckApprovedAPPCOA
2014-189James R Walker2112 Charlotte Dr12112511LandscapingApprovedCOA
2014-188Patt & David Griesemer808 Brookside Av12109331Solar PanelsApproved
2014-187Elizabeth Bell1111 E. Worthington Av12111C93Replace existing deck with screen porch, repair wood gateApprovedCOA
2014-186Mike & Laura Glaser1003 Romany Rd12309705Tree RemovalApproved
2014-182Kenny Craft1711 Dilworth Rd E12312703ConservatoryApprovedCOA
2014-181Stephen Soliday1224 E Worthington Av12111210LandscapingApproved
2014-178Craig Isaac1218 Dilworth Rd12309114Expand porch 10' add fireplaceApprovedCOA
2014-177Diversified Signs511 East Bv12308405Non illuminated aluminum double sided signApproved
2014-176Sam Esmail405 E Tremont Av12105702Fence
2014-175Thomas P & Ashlee Reilly404 E Tremont Av12106821Rear addition add roof structure over the brick patioCOA
2014-174John Fryday2000 Charlotte Dr12111107AdditionCOA
2014-173Paul Garafola2020 Charlotte Dr12111102Window/door replacementCOA
2014-172John Fryday1920 Dilworth Rd E12111607Remove stair in front of window, windowsApproved
2014-171Allen Brooks, ALB Architecture1901 Dilworth Rd W12111701Restore garage and add a 2nd flrAPPCOA
2014-169Lucia Griffith327 E Worthington Av12105306AdditionApprovedAPP
2014-165Troy King2132 Dilworth Rd E12112105Pond will be removed and filled in and reseeded 12'x16' brick or stone patioApprovedCOA
2014-163Richard Bartlett525 East Bv12308C99APP
2014-157Kim Gibbs2001 Park Road12108801LandscapingApproved
2014-146Keith Weslowski804 E Worthington Av12108718Tree RemovalDeniedAPP
2014-145Erik Wallace1215 E Worthington Av12111303A stone patio to replace a wooden patioApproved
2014-144Matthew Orso816 Brookside Av12109329Removal of storage shedApproved
2014-142Nasrin Robinson316 East Bv12105312Used Hardi Pland sidingDeniedAPPCOA
2014-139Jessica Beil Hindman800 E Worthington Av12108719AdditionsAPPCOA
2014-138Glenda S Potter1915 Park Rd12108819FenceApproved
2014-135Melinda Vervais2013 Charlotte Dr12112806remove screens from front porch and close off door replacing with wood rails around the porch
2014-134Kent Lineberger914 Magnolia Av12111825Front Dormer additionApprovedAPPCOA
2014-133ALB Architecture906 Magnolia Av12111827Right side additionApprovedAPPCOA
2014-132ALB Architecture600 E Worthington Av12108518Dormer Addition and Second Floor additionApprovedAPPCOA
2014-130Jessica Beil Hindman413 E Worthington Av12105204AdditionApprovedAPPCOA
2014-129Richard Bartlett525 East Bv12308C99New Construction of TownhomesDeniedAPP
2014-128RAM Construction1701 Park Rd12311305New ConstructionAPPCOA
2014-126Will Phipps922 E Park Av12311301HVAC screening with shrubsApprovedAPPCOA
2014-125RAM Construction420 E Park Av12308225Landscape plan in front of houseApprovedAPPCOA
2014-124David Layton Jr & Carol Layton1024 Isleworth Av12311115Install iron handrail on steps from property sidewalk to city sidewalkApproved
2014-123John Bourgeois1306 Myrtle Av12305711Window changes and door changesApprovedCOA
2014-122Miller Contracting Service720 Lexington Av12305512Equipment change out ac/furnace and coil
2014-120Don Duffy1308 Lexington Av12309210closing side twin window and new rear window and french door/deck
2014-112W.H. Hobbs Inc916 E Park Av12311319Replace drain line in crawl space
2014-111Jayne Batts921 Magnolia Av12108806Fenestration Changes doors and windows/Change patio paversApproved
2014-110Gary Westlund324-330 East Bv12105311Install awning on buildingApproved
2014-109Dianne Crutchfield1917 Dilworth Rd E12111215FenceApproved
2014-108Bruce Berberick2132 Park Rd12110212Storage shedApproved
2014-106Carolina Cottage homes1315 Lexington Av12309107Installation of a privacy fenceApproved
2014-105Carolina Cottage Homes500 E Tremont Av12109369Installation of fence around the propertyApproved
2014-103Michael DiFabion2114 Dilworth Rd E12112108Rear second story dormer additionApprovedCOA
2014-102Edward L Vinson III723 E Worthington Av12108306Tree removalApproved
2014-101Chip Shelton525 East BV12308C99New Construction of TownhomesDeniedAPP
2014-099Michael Glaser1003 Romany Rd12309714WalkwayApprovedCOA
2014-098Matt Majors325 E Tremont Av12105607Townhome units on Tremont and EuclidApprovedAPPCOA
2014-097Peter Vasseur910 E Worthington Av12108816Second Story AdditionApprovedAPPCOA
2014-096Nancy Foster1830 Ewing Av12111502Painted Brick Violation Denial letter issued 6/13/2014APP
2014-095John Bivens Architect1900 Dilworth Rd W12108815Addition roofed patio w/fireplace basement addition
2014-094Peter Vasseur416 E Kingston Av12308316Rear Addition
2014-093Susan Basas1818 Ewing Av12111504Patio that flows from right side of home/paversApprovedCOA
2014-088Bruce Berberick2132 Park Rd12110212Storage ShedApprovedCOA
2014-085Scott Brown1109 Euclid Av12305518New carriage track driveway
2014-084Russell Ruckterstuhl1227 E Worthington Av12111306Remove Existing concrete walkway and install a new 5' wide walkwayApprovedCOA
2014-083Nancy Weekly425 Rensselaer Av12302907Garage
2014-078Robert Ponton616 E Tremont Av12109349Chimney removalCOA
2014-077Will Phipps922 E Park Av12311321Steps and walkway
2014-075Don Duffy1001 Mt Vernon Av123141412 story addition on the rear of the houseAPPCOA
2014-065Myron Greer525 E Worthington Av12105107tree removal
2014-064Dominick Ristaino1000 Mt. Vernon Av12309101garbage storage
2014-062Kevin Phillips812 Lexington Av12305177added a balconyon back of house, changed windows on sideAPP
2014-061William Fitzgerald500 E Tremont Av12109360New Construction detached garageAPP
2014-060John Fryday1920 Dilworth Rd E12111607removal of shed build new two car garageAPP
2014-059Sheila Abraham2125 Charlotte Dr.1211262612 Storm windows
2014-058Bryan Carey1715 Euclid Av12308302pool and deck in back yardCOA
2014-057John & Arlene Fenlon409 E Worthington Av12105203Front porch renovation
2014-056Bruce Berberick2132 Park Rd12110212
2014-054ALB Architectue401 E Worthington Av12105201Request for additional 12"APPCOA
2014-053ALB Architecture1003 Romany Rd12309714Brick mold around windowsAPP
2014-052Don Duffy Architecture809 Mt. Vernon Av12305106DemolitionAPP
2014-051Nate Sittema1924 Park Road12108708Replace chain link fence with wood
2014-050Karen Barton1217 Belgrave Pl12310308
2014-049John Fryday2000 Charlotte Dr12111107Repair of enclosed porch
2014-048Chip Leaf1121 Linganore Ln12310404Renovation to include enclsosing porch on rear of house, side entry doorAPPCOA
2014-047John D. Costa925 Ideal Way12111812925 Ideal Way
2014-046Susan Pfal2100 Park Rd12110220Front porch addition/demo existing front porchAPPCOA
2014-045Brad Davis824 E Park Av12311519Second story addition with dormer  addition
2014-044Kathryn G. Cole528 E Worthington Av121058111.5 story additionAPP
2014-043Kraig Magus809 Mt. Vernon Av12305106Demolition/New ConstructionAPPCOA
2014-042Timothy Sheriff1915 Lyndhurst12105819move ridge line of the right elevationAPP
2014-041Angie Lauer909 Romany Rd12309604second flr addition/Front Pord/Dormers on rear and frontAPPCOA
2014-040Angie Lauer2205 Charlotte Dr12112621Add 10 feet to the rear deck
2014-039Bruce Berberick2132 Park Road12110212Front porch renovationAPP
2014-035John Fryday700 E Worthington Av12108618rework front dormer/window/rear addition/rear dormerAPP
2014-033ALB Architecture321 E Park Av12307105Remove Chimney and enlarge the rear porch
2014-029John Fryday1133 Belgrave Pl12310305Screen porch rear/side of home
2014-027Jack Apple311 East Bv12307502Replace RoofApprovedAPPCOA
2014-026Myron Greer Garden Design620 E Kingston Ave12311705Replace existing back door stoop with stairs to the back door and roofCOA
2014-025Mike Glaser1003 Romany Rd12309714FenceApprovedCOA
2014-022Lisa Stewart1618 Park Rd12311515Replace doors and Screen doors
2014-021Gary West/Dwelle Property Management325 East Bv12307506DemolitionAPP
2014-020Wendi Ferguson Sensational Signs227 East Bv12307405SignageApprovedCOA
2014-019Joe Huneycutt1235 Lexington Av12309105Add black wrought iron handrails to the front steps.
2014-018Tommy Crowell1315 Lexington Av12309107Addition of rear patioApprovedCOA
2014-017Erin Burke917 Magnolia Av12108805New single car garage (one story) behind 6 foot privacy fence.COA
2014-015Connie & Frank Reed1701 Park Rd12311305Demolition & Construction of house. Addition of detached garage.APP
2014-014ALB Architecture, PA600 E Worthington Av12108518Add 2nd floor within existing attic and rear left addition.APP
2014-013Ryan Carver2009 Charlotte Dr12112807Addition.APPCOA
2014-012ALB Architecture, PA401 East Worthington Av12105201Resubmission of previous project (Rea Residence)
2014-011Kim Trouten1918 Ewing Av12111717Add garage & 2 dormers. Paint brick. Replace windows & back porch.APPCOA
2014-010Wendi Ferguson-Sensational Signs227 East Bv12307405Add main identification signage to front facade & 2 side facades.
2014-008Matthew and Jennifer Orso816 Brookside Av12109329Two-story addition at rear. Addition in existing attic. Remove/replace tree in front.APPCOA
2014-007Brenda Reuter417 E Worthington Av12105205417 E Worthington Av
2014-006Franklin Hostetter712 E Tremont Av1210921110'x10' shed, 11'-12' in height with wood siding, windows & a door.
2014-002Vasseur Home Design2004 Charlotte Dr121111062nd story addition.2nd story forward-facing airplane-style gable.APPCOA
2013-197Kim Trouten191 Ewing Ave12111717Accessory Building, Windows, Door, Roof, Back PorchCOA
2013-194Lucia Griffith329 E Worthington Av12105307Stair AdditionApprovedCOA
2013-193W. Mark Dillon1015 Romany Rd12309706Add exterior free standing fire place of back patio replace concrete driveway from side porchApprovedCOA
2013-192Adam Getchell323 Rensselaer Av12302804Addition/GarageAPP
2013-191Matt Majors315/317 E Tremont Av12105604New Construction of CondosAPPCOA
2013-190Courtenay Buchan425 E Worthington Av121052072 car garage single storyApprovedAPPCOA
2013-189Trey Vinson723 E Worthington Av12108306enclose existing screen porch on rear of home/New construction of carriage house in rear yardApprovedAPPCOA
2013-188Kenny Craft, Architect Craft Design1711 Dilworth Rd E12312703demo of garage/side additionAPP
2013-187Angela Cardone621 E Tremont Av12108506Second floor additionAPP
2013-186Debra Glennon1936 Park Rd12108705Front porch addition/change trim on the dormersApprovedAPPCOA
2013-185Kattie Casebolt525 E Tremont Av12105807Second story addition
2013-184Nancy Mullins2309 Dilworth Rd W12112505AdditionAPPCOA
2013-181Joe & Patricia Mynatt2019 Dilworth Rd E12111111First Flr addition/GarageApprovedAPPCOA
2013-178Jon Riley1325 Myrtle Ave12309404Accessory Structure
2013-175Bart Hopper229 E. Kingston Ave12307306close entrance way and add a new entryAPP
2013-173Patrick Payne1320 Lafayette Av12309412Replace all windows with sash kits 8/8
2013-171Kathryn & Raymond Shem424 E Worthington Ave12105712FenceCOA
2013-170Angie Lauer2205 Charlotte Dr12112621Door/WindowCOA
2013-169Megan Barnes2309 Dilworth Rd West12112505AdditionAPP
2013-168Ray Sheedy601 Mt. Vernon Ave12305601AdditionAPPCOA
2013-166Jessica Hindman800 E Worthington Ave12108719AdditionAPP
2013-164Kraig Magus1301 Dilworth Rd12310201Addition, Accessory buildingCOA
2013-162David Smith1616 Euclid Ave12307608Addition/RenovationApprovedCOA
2013-160Debra Glennon1936 Park Rd12108705Door/WindowAPPCOA
2013-159Angie Lauer715 Templeton Ave12305504PorchCOA
2013-157Mike & Booke Golman917 Romany Rd12309606Demolition of accessory building
2013-154Connie & frand Reed1701 Park Rd12311305Demolition/New ConstructionAPP
2013-153Karen Barton1217 Belgrave Pl12310308AdditionAPPCOA
2013-151Adam Getchell323 Rensselaer Ave12302804AdditionAPP
2013-149Bill Hefner511 East Blvd12308405LandscapingCOA
2013-148Lula Miller712 Lexington Ave12305514Accessory BuildingCOA
2013-146Krista Porter1900 Dilworth Rd West12108815PorchCOA
2013-144Nathaniel Brookhouse1912 Dilworth Rd East12111609PatioCOA
2013-143Wyatt & Katrina Dixon1224 Belgrave Pl12310412AdditionCOA
2013-142Duane Johns700 Berkeley12309501PorchApproved
2013-141Bryan Cary1715 Euclid Ave12308302WindowsCOA
2013-140Gus & Teresa Psomadakis709 Templeton Ave12305503AdditionApproved
2013-139ALB Architecture2120 Charlotte Dr12112509AdditionApprovedCOA
2013-138Ray Sheedy, Sheedy Watts Design601 Mt. Vernon Ave12305601Accessory BuildingAPP
2013-137Ram Construction Inc.420 E Park Ave12308225New Construction, accessory building & tree removalAPPCOA
2013-135Lee Mynhardt1223 Belgrave Place12310309Add dormersAPPCOA
2013-133Carrie O'Brien412 E Kingston Ave12308317Chimney removal
2013-132Robert Brick1615 Springdale Ave12311502Fence
2013-131Urban Building Group910 Magnolia Ave12111826AdditionApproved
2013-130Osama Esmail405 E Tremont Ave12105702Demolition/New ConstructionAPPCOA
2013-128Chris Scorsone621 E Tremont Ave12108506AdditionAPP
2013-127Johyn Fryday1125 Belgrave Place12310304AdditionApprovedCOA
2013-126Janice Finein1915 Lyndhurst Avenue12105819AdditionApprovedAPP
2013-124Matt Majors315 E Tremont Ave12105604Demolition/New ConstructionAPP
2013-121Vinod Jindal327 E Worthington Ave12105306AdditionAPPCOA
2013-120Queen City Catering704 East Blvd, Ste. 312108325SignageCOA
2013-117John & Kathleen Hartnett1825 Dilworth Road West12111510AdditionPending
2013-116Trisha Chambers528 East Worthington Av12105811AdditionAPP
2013-114Kendall Williams2007 Dilworth Road West12111708DoorApproved
2013-112Allen Brooks, ALB Architecture429 E Tremont Ave12105708Addition
2013-111Allen L Brooks, ALBARCH2132 Dilworth Rd E12112105GarageCOA
2013-110Daniel Fain624 E Kingston Ave12311704Replace back patio
2013-109Murray Whisnant, Architect1238 Belgrave Pl12310410AdditionCOA
2013-105Kathleen Ritz1814 Euclid Ave12105309AdditionApprovedCOA
2013-104Anne Dickerson412 E Tremont Ave12106819Restoration
2013-101Ruth Hurley2212 Charlotte Dr12112407Brick retaining wall in from
2013-099Don Duffy1932 Dilworth Rd W12108809AdditionApprovedCOA
2013-096Michele Birch & Jeff Sinn1428 Euclid Avenue12302914FenceApprovedCOA
2013-094ALB Architecture922 East Park Ave12311301GarageApprovedCOA
2013-093Lindsay Daniel801 Romany Rd12309508PorchApprovedAPPCOA
2013-091Lindsay Daniel801 Romany Road12309508AdditionAPP
2013-090Ed and Pam Young616 Mt Vernon Ave12305714LandscapingAPP
2013-089William Spencer/Instant Sign Solution220, 224, 228 East Bv12105412SignageAPP
2013-088ALB Architecture, PA401 E Worthington Ave12105201New ConstructionAPP
2013-086Absolute Remodeling, Inc2101 Dilworth Rd W12112101AdditionApprovedCOA
2013-085Matthew Holbrook1335 Lafayette Avenue12309305Addition
2013-083Peter Vasseur1016 Ideal Way12112119DemolitionApprovedCOA
2013-080Vasseur Home Design1016 Ideal Way12112119GarageApprovedCOA
2013-079Josh Allison901 East Worthington Av12108101AdditionAPPCOA
2013-076John Dickerson412 E Tremont Ave12106819AdditionAPP
2013-075Dan Eichensehr1715 Euclid Ave12308302Demolition/New ConstructionApprovedCOA
2013-074Dan Eichensehr1919 Springdale Ave12108620Replace deck, enclose front porch
2013-073Absolute Remodeling Inc.813 Kingston Ave12311514New ConstructionApprovedCOA
2013-068Angela Cardone621 East Tremont Avenue12108506AdditionAPP
2013-067Nate Sittema1924 Park Road12108708Demolition/New ConstructionApprovedCOA
2013-060Nicholas J. Dross424 E Tremont Av12106816DemolitionAPP
2013-059Todd & Emily Nunn831 E Worthington Av12108208DemolitionApprovedCOA
2013-058Joe & Elizabeth Davant1717 Lyndhurst Avenue12308402Fence
2013-056Thomas C Duzan2128 Park Road12110213DemolitionApprovedAPPCOA
2013-055Rick Norvel Absolute Remodeling505 E Worthington Av12105102Window ReplacementApprovedCOA
2013-054Kearey Builders Inc1223 Belgrave Place12310309AdditionApprovedAPPCOA
2013-053Erik Cameron Lewis Wallace1215 E Worthington Av12111303AdditionApprovedCOA
2013-051Signs Now (K&K Holdings)1001 East Blvd12311103SignageApprovedCOA
2013-050Nicholas Teopeano1124 Dilworth Crescent Row12314107AdditionApproved
2013-049Kirk & Susan Meyers2425 Charlotte Dr12112601Demolition/New ConstructionCOA
2013-047Babs and Billy Richard1701 Park Rd12311305Demolition/New ConstructionAPP
2013-044Mark Crum408 East Tremont Av12106820Driveway
2013-042Meredith & John Murchison820 Brookside Ave12109328AdditionApprovedAPPCOA
2013-040Richard Rantala1929 Park Rd12108823Addition
2013-038Saussy Burbank1315 Lexington Avenue12309107New ConstructionAPPCOA
2013-037Nancy Boniface Weekley425 Rensselaer Avenue12302907Accessory BuildingDeniedAPP
2013-035Matt Majors315 E Tremont Ave12105604Demolition/New ConstructionDeniedAPP
2013-032John Dickerson412 E Tremont Av12106819AdditionAPPCOA
2013-031Dominick Ristaino1201 Belgrave Place12310306AdditionApprovedAPPCOA
2013-027ALB Architecture922 East Park Av12311301New ConstructionApprovedAPPCOA
2013-026ALB Architecture1003 Romany Rd12309714New ConstructionApprovedAPPCOA
2013-025Gene McLaughlin407 East Bv12308305SignageCOA
2013-023Matt Majors (Architect)315 E Tremont Av12105604New Construction
2013-022Brad Davis824 E Park Av12311522AdditionAPP
2013-021Mary Salley Griffith2100 Sarah Marks Avenue12112321LandscapingAPP
2013-020Matthew Holbrook1335 Lafayette Av12309305Fence
2013-019Robert W. Lore520 East Tremont Av12109364AdditionAPPCOA
2013-018GDG Investments, LLC215 East Worthington Av12105412SignageApprovedCOA
2013-014Vasseur Home Design801 Romany Rd12309508New ConstructionApprovedAPP
2013-012Parker Jones328 East Worthington Av12105616AdditionApprovedAPPCOA
2013-011Gray Stout, A.I.A.612 E Tremont Av12109350Demolition/New ConstructionAPP
2013-010Julie Garner819 Lexington Avenue12305305glass screened in area
2013-009Paul Edwards1122 Buchanan Street12312736AdditionAPP
2013-004Don Duffy Architecture917 Berkeley Av12309207DemolitionApprovedAPPCOA
2013-003Peter Tart505 East Bv12308404SignageCOA
2013-002Rite Lite Signs400 East Bv12105213SignageApprovedAPPCOA
2013-001Rite Lite Signs, Inc307 East Bv12307502SignageAPP
2012-171Wyn Wheeler & Aaron Elrod2137 Charlotte Dr12112623RestorationApproved
2012-169Gray Stout AIA612 East Tremont Av12109350Addition/Demolition
2012-168Vinny Jindal321 East Worthington Av12105305Restoration
2012-167CPP Investment Properties215 East Worthington Av12105402SignageApproved
2012-165Ariana and Darrell Klotz915 Magnolia Av12108804Landscaping
2012-163Carrie Frye2126 Charlotte Dr12112508New stone wall @ front sidewalk, Fireplace to existing screened porch
2012-162Gautam Natarajan700 E Tremont Av12109214Move front door to show case stain glass door, tree removal
2012-160ALB Architecture1134 Linganore Pl12310510Renovation/Addition
2012-159John R Burgess716 East Bv12108312New ConstructionApprovedCOA
2012-158Frank Lee2132 Charlotte Dr12112506Demolition/New ConstructionApproved
2012-155Carrie Frye, Studio Fusion225 E Worthington Av12105405Windows
2012-154Dominick Ristaino801 Berkeley Av12309306New Construction
2012-152James Freeman747 Romany Rd12309507Replacement windows wooden
2012-150Rob Yaeger1934 Ewing Av12111719Fence
2012-148Rick Norvell/Absolute Remodeling501 E Worthigton Av12105101New ConstructionApproved
2012-147Brian Flynn2125 Dilworth Rd E12112519Enclose side porch for sunroomApproved
2012-146Thomas and April Whitlock708 Templeton Av12305617New ConstructionApproved
2012-145Tobias Witte, Dialect LLC935 Ideal Way12111815AdditionApproved
2012-144Bob Zweier/Saussy Burbank500 E Tremont Av12109369Demolition/New ConstructionApproved
2012-143Margaret W Clifford900 East Park Av12311301Replace wooden rails with iron on steps in front and on side of house.Approved
2012-142Carl & Joelle Jacobs1923 Dilworth Rd E12111201Accessory BuildingApprovedCOA
2012-140Peter Vasseur307 East Bv12307502WindowsApproved
2012-138Carrie Frye, Studio Fusion225 E. Worthington Av12105405WindowsApproved
2012-137Mark Bottrill901 Mt. Vernon Av12305110New ConstructionApproved
2012-1369/21/2012915 Magnolia Av12108804New ConstructionApproved
2012-134Stephan Stojanovic1616 Lyndhurst Av12308210Design of porch rails
2012-132Dan Eichensehr1715 Euclid Av12308302Restoration
2012-130Towers 1st Fund220-224 East Bv12105412LandscapingApproved
2012-127Peter Tart505 East Bv12308404Windows/EntranceApproved
2012-126Robert Land1819 Lennox Av12108215FenceApproved
2012-124Ben Carrol1000 East Blvd12111508Restoration
2012-122731 E Kingston Av12311509
2012-120Rick Norvell Absolute Remodeling2121 Dilworth Rd W12112104Accessory Building
2012-118Vasseur Home Design1016 Ideal Way12112119AdditionApproved
2012-116Tom Petrosino1917 Park Rd12108820New ConstructionApproved
2012-115Angie Lauer ALB Architect1025 Isleworth Av12311209AdditionApproved
2012-112Peter Tart Architect1922 Ewing Av12111716Restoration/New Construction
2012-111Max & Kim Claxton401 E Worthington Av12105201New Construction
2012-110Michael Doyne1210 Myrtle Av12305611AdditionApproved
2012-109Heather Koz701 East Blvd12311804Signage
2012-108Bill Keith1000 E Morehead St12310101WindowsApproved
2012-107Mike Glaser1003 Romany Rd12309705New ConstructionApproved
2012-106Dennis Terry300 East Park Av12307619Replace wood siding with cement fiber boardApproved
2012-105Keith & Amanda Anderson601 Mt Vernon Av12305601Fence
2012-104Dorothy Kidd312 East Worthington Av12105615Landscaping
2012-103Steve McGinty1401 Dilworth Rd12310401Restoration
2012-101John Carpenter1008 Mt. Vernon Av12309117Demolition/New ConstructionApproved
2012-100Jason Murphy718 Mt. Vernon Av12309414Addition
2012-098Nathan Craig809 Lexington Avenue12305303New ConstructionApproved
2012-097Daniel Fain624 E Kingston Av12311704Approved
2012-094Don Duffy Architecture1231 Belgrave Place12310310AdditionApproved
2012-093Matthew P. Williams421 E. Tremont Av12105706New ConstructionApproved
2012-091Ken Furr908/910 Lexington Av12305118Demolition & LandscapingApproved
2012-090Rick Norvell Absolut remodeling409 E Tremont Av12105703New ConstructionApproved
2012-089Thomas & Carrie Miller1915 Springdale Av12108619New exterior elevations for repair
2012-088Saussy Burbank500 East Tremont Av12109369Demolition/New ConstructionApproved
2012-087Darrell & Ariana Klotz915 Magnolia Av12108804RestorationApproved
2012-086J.S. Lowder & Ann Shaffer401 East Bv12308304Landscaping
2012-085Mark Melaragno1819 Lyndhurst Av12105118Roof redesigned, front porch enclosed, porch at rear
2012-084John B Fryday1119 Belgrave Pl12310303Garage
2012-083John & Heather Koz701 East Bv12311804New Construction
2012-076Madison R Knox2000 Charlotte Dr12103109FenceApproved
2012-075John H. Phares1423 Lexington Av12309704DemolitionApprovedCOA
2012-074Clark Dean1329 Lafayette Av12309304New ConstructionApproved
2012-073Scott & Cynthia Schumann712 Templeton Av12305616Window
2012-072ALB Architecture/Angie612 E Worthington Av12108515AdditionApproved
2012-071ALB Architecture/Angie814 East Bv12108212New ConstructionApproved
2012-068Neill Fortune1236 East Bv12111311Windows
2012-067Jennifer Meacham1919 Lyndhurst Av12105820New Construction
2012-066Isabel Roberts527 E. Kingston Av12308511New Construction
2012-065Sign-A-Rama220 East BV12105412SignageApproved
2012-064Michael Glaser824 Lexington Av12305174AdditionApproved
2012-063Karen & John Teed931 Ideal Way12111814WindowsApproved
2012-062Nancy Montague824 E Worthington Av12108713Addition
2012-059Kent Lineberger524 E Worthington Av12105812AdditionApproved
2012-057William Maxwell930 East Bv12108107Signage
2012-056Andrew Woodruff1230 E. Worthington Av12111209AdditionApproved
2012-054Dennis Terry300 East Park Av12307C99New ConstructionApproved
2012-052Jeffrey Brent Hoston1111 East Bv12311109SignageApproved
2012-051Bryan Alenky325 Renssalaer Av12302805Restoration/AdditionApproved
2012-049Michael Lavine2108 Dilworth Rd E12112109New Construction
2012-047Kraig Magas1309 Lexington Avenue12309106AdditionApproved
2012-046William & Leigh Smith417/419 E Kingston Av12308C97Addition
2012-045Brian Flynn2125 Dilworth Rd E12112519AdditionApproved
2012-044Gary Winge809 Romany Road12309509AdditionApproved
2012-043Michael Lavine2108 Dilworth Rd E12112109New ConstructionApproved
2012-042Richard M McDermott1926 Ewing Av12111715RestorationApproved
2012-038John B. Fryday400 East Bv12105213Restoration
2012-037Dorthy Hall Properties706 East Bv12108312DemolitionApproved
2012-035Luke Ullman922 E Park Av12311321New ConstructionApproved
2012-034Bill Prestwood816 Worthington Av12108715Accessory BuildingApproved
2012-033Frank Cepull, Keith Wesolowski1715 Euclid Av12308302DemolitionApproved
2012-031Jon and Karolyn Currence429 East Tremont Avenue12105708Fence
2012-030Michael Petrosino620 E Tremont Av12109348New Construction
2012-029Carl & Joelle Jacobs1923 Dilworth Road East12111201Fencing and LandscapingApprovedCOA
2012-026Catherine Coulter1614 Euclid Av12307C98RestorationApproved
2012-024Brian Flynn2125 Dilworth Rd East12112519Addition
2012-023Josh Allison815 Mt Vernon Av12305107Addition
2012-021David Smith801 E Kingston Av12311511AdditionApproved
2012-020Ann Kaplan & Thomas Pegelow1230 E Worthington Av12111209Demolition
2012-018Trisha Chambers1000 Mt Vernon Av12309101AdditionApproved
2012-016Laura Elliott410 Park Av12308223AdditionApproved
2012-015David Webb504 East Kingston Av12308417WindowsApproved
2012-012Bjorn Greene1115 E Worthington Av12111C93WindowApproved
2012-011Jim McClincy323 Rensselaer Av12302804AdditionApproved
2012-009Robert Ward - Fryday & Doyne307 East Blvd12307502Addition
2012-008Kent Lineberger504 E Kingston Av12308417Addition
2012-005Robert Land1819 Lennox Av12108215AdditionApproved
2012-004Kevin & Stacy Phillips812 Lexington Av12305177New Construction
2012-003Bill Spencer/Instant Signs Solutions901 East BV12311309SignageApproved
2012-002New Signs Industries1000 East Bv02111508Signage
2011-134Kevin & Stacy Phillips812 Lexington Av12305177Accessory Building
2011-131Hollie Longstreet1815 Dilworth Rd East12111317Addition
2011-130Anu Mehra308 E Worthington Av12105616Signage
2011-129Garrett P Nelson1915 Park Rd12108819Addition
2011-128James morsie425 E. Tremont Av12105707Addition
2011-126Lucia Griffith329 E Worthington Av12105307add exterior stairs/add side dormer
2011-125Anna Pfeiffer901 East Blvd12311309Signage
2011-123Bill Prestwood816 E Worthington Av12108715Addition
2011-122Charles C. Edwards, III825 East Worthington Av12108207Install Arbor
2011-121Nathaniel & Ricky Sittema1924 Park Rd12108708replace steps
2011-116Jessica Hindman720 E Tremont Av12109209Landscaping
2011-112James R. Barwick1226 Myrtle Av12305607Addition
2011-109Luke Barbour619 E. Tremont Av12108505Addition
2011-107Josh Allison901 East Worthington Av12108101Demolition
2011-106Jeanine DeVaney808 East Kingston Av12311914Addition
2011-103Ed Rickenbaker920 Berkeley Av12309619Rebuild roof and exterior trim
2011-102Signs Now CK and K Holdings429 East Bv12308311Signage
2011-101Kevin & Stacy Phillips812 Lexington Av12305177New Construction
2011-100ALB Architecture/Allen L. Brooks1919 Springdale Av12108620New Construction
2011-099Joe Balich/Meridian2011 Park Rd12108802Accessory Building
2011-098John and Sarah Valentine922 East Park Av12311321New Construction
2011-097Wendy Field2012, 2016, 2020, 2024, 2028 Eulid Av12106704Demolition
2011-095Chris & Kathy Fuesy512 East Kingston Av12308415New Construction
2011-092Jessica Hindman720 E Tremont Av12109209Restoration
2011-091Jim Montgomery1114 East Bv12111405New Construction
2011-090Christine Bonner615 Mt. Vernon Av12305604renovate sunroom
2011-089Lucia Griffith329 East Worthington Av121.053.07New CofA - All Others Cancelled
2011-088Matthew D Browder1515 Dilworth Rd12310502Addition
2011-086Sherri Hartsell1120 East Blvd12111404Signage
2011-084Cheryl Wiles1335 Lafayette Av12309305New Construction
2011-082Bryan Alenky325 Rensselaer Av12302805Addition
2011-080John H Phares1621 Dilworth Rd E12312502steps hand rail
2011-078ALB Architecture/Allen Brooks508 East Kingston Av12308416Addition
2011-077Vasseur Home Design1823 Ewing Av12111409Addition
2011-076Fairview Home Mortgage521 East Bv12308407Signage
2011-075Benjamin Hippen & Lisa Rasmussen729 E Worthington Av12108308Fence
2011-074Chris Heck705 Templeton Av12305502Windows
2011-073Jesse Strauss625 East Tremont Av12108507Accessory Building
2011-072Pat Lucas409 Grandin Rd07102403New Construction
2011-071Steven Jennings724 East Tremont Av12109208Addition
2011-070Michael Petrosino620 E Tremont Av12109348Fence
2011-069Kathryn and Darren Ash1408 Dilworth Rd12309710New Construction
2011-066Steve Cornwell Spangler Companies1021 Arosa Av12310211Fence
2011-064ALB Architecture/Allen Brooks2019 Park Av12108803Add Dormers/Enclose Side Porch
2011-062Jerry W. Morris1009 Mt Vernon Av12108803Landscaping
2011-061Roger Dahnert2108 Charlotte Dr12112512Window, HVAC
2011-060John McCann600 Mt. Vernon Av12305718Fence and Addition
2011-056Angie Lauer of ALB Architecture816 Mt Vernon Av12309316Demolition/New Construction
2011-055Speer Custom Contract Inc425 Rensselaer Av12302907Demolition/New Construction
2011-053Kevin Nguyen1236 East Bv12111311Painting
2011-052Emily Nunn831 E Worthington Av12108208Windows
2011-050Chris & Kathy Fuesy512 Kingston Av12308415Windows
2011-041Cay Wylie1652 Dilworth Rd W12311317Painting
2011-040Jesse Strauss625 E. Tremont Av12108507New Construction
2011-038William Patrick Burgess1333 Carlton Av12309218enclose front porch
2011-037Rob Sapienza1025 Isleworth Av12311209Windows
2011-033Rick Harris401 E Kingston Av12308203Porch Enclosure
2011-031Brad and Kelly Davis824 East Park Av12311519Rear, Side Window Add & Door Remove
2011-029Jarrod Karl404 E Worthington Av12105717Demolition/New Construction
2011-027Dominick Ristaino1914 Dilworth Rd W12108813Driveway
2011-022Mikael Dascenzo1715 Euclid Av12308302Demolition
2011-021Kraig Magas1318 Dilworth Rd12309110Demolition/New Construction
2011-020Charles Weatherly1821 Dilworth Rd E12111301Finishing Treatment
2011-015ALB Architecture816 Mt Vernon Av12309316New Construction
2011-014John Leuck1422 Lexington Av12309613Garage Door
2011-013FastSigns315 Worthington Av12105303Signage
2011-012Chip Leaf1030 Arosa Av12310101Site Changes
2011-011Luis Costales2218 Charlotte Dr12112406Addition
2011-009Charles Weatherly1821 Dilworth Rd E12111301Lift House
2011-005Lucia Griffith329 E Worthington Av12105307Addition
2011-004Urban Blg Group - Susan Harris1314 Carlton Av12309314Addition
2011-003ALB Architecture/Allen Brooks811 East Tremont Av12108703Addition
2011-001Debra Glennon1936 Park Rd12108705Window
2010-124Randy Seeds1222 East Blvd.12111314Signage
2010-120Alexander Schneider1100 E Worthington Av12111601Replacement Sidewalk w/Stamped
2010-118James William & Corby C Anderson2111 Dilworth Rd E12112517Driveway Replacement, Retaining Wall
2010-117Absolute Remodeling Inc (Rick Norvell)900 East Worthington Av12108818
2010-111Sarah A. Linn2219 Sarah Marks Av12112211Shed and Fence
2010-110Kent Lineberger524 East Worthington Av12105812
2010-109Robert & Sheila Rondeau2100 Charlotte Dr13112514Addition
2010-108ALB Architecture/Allen Brooks604 E Tremont Av12109352Side Fenestration Changes
2010-106Anne Thomas Homescu1948 Park Rd12109106Fence
2010-105Christine Bonner615 Mt. Vernon Av12305604Re enclose side room to sunroom
2010-102Tonya Reid429 East Bv1230831Glass In Front Porch, Rear Lift
2010-101Don Ristaino1820 Dilworth Rd W12108105Change in approved rear addition, new garage
2010-099Joe & Sara S. Spencer528 East Kingston Av12308411Screen in Front Porch
2010-097Harry Schrader723 Mt Vernon Av12305104New Construction
2010-096Jay Patrick of Eco.Tekt612 Mt. Vernon Avenue12305715Enclose side porch
2010-095Dominick Ristaino621 Berkeley Ave12305706Artificial Siding on Garage
2010-093Erich & Jennifer Meier1914 Dilworth Rd W12108813Addition
2010-088Kristine A. Thomas730 Templeton Av12305622Fence and Courtyard
2010-087Michael E. Lavine2108 Dilworth Rd E12112109
2010-084ALB Architecture/Allen Brooks1914 Ewing Ave12111718
2010-083Jonathan Taylor715 E. Kingston Av12311505
2010-082Richard and Katherine Eaker723 Mt Vernon Av12305104Demolition
2010-081John B. Fryday1114 Belgrave Pl12310421Addition
2010-079Brittany & Stephen Clyne1200 Myrtle Av, #A12305621Parking Area
2010-078Kurt Lovekamp Metropolitan Builders813 Romany Rd12309510Demolition/New Construction
2010-077Finish Master315 W. Park Ave11908614New Construction
2010-074Deborah Dogan-Johnson317 E Kingston Ave12307604Restoration
2010-073Jay Patrick612 Mt. Vernon Ave12305715Window
2010-072Terry Kerr2101 Dilworth Rd E12112515New Construction
2010-071Paul Garafoln2020 Charlotte Drive12111102Retaining Wall/Fence
2010-068Vasseur Home Design611 E. Kingston Avenue12311604Addition
2010-066Jessica & Tyler Foster620 E Worthington Av12108513New Construction
2010-065Jamie & Casey Rentch928 East Park Av12311318Accessory Building
2010-064John B. Fryday608 E Worthington Av12108516Addition
2010-059ALB Architecture/Allen Brooks900 Worthington Av12108818Addition
2010-058Tom reilly404 E. Tremont Av12106821Site Plan
2010-054Shannon Coburn1318 Dilworth Rd12309110
2010-052James Funderburk2217 Ledgewood Ln12112415
2010-051Michael L. Standley621 Berkeley Av12305706
2010-050Craig W Isacc1660 Dilworth Rd W12311316Accessory Building
2010-049Joe Balich/Meridian Designbuild2011 Park Rd12108802
2010-048Fast Signs South Tryon211 East Blvd12307402Signage
2010-047Michael O'Brien808 Brookside Av12109331Deck/Fence
2010-046Mrs. Cay Wylie1652 Dilworth Rd W12311317Addition, Bay, Driveway, Fenestration change, Painting
2010-045Greg Stewart1238 E Worthington Ave12111207
2010-043Greg & Chris M. Peterson1235 E Worthington Av12111308Replacement Window Sashes
2010-042Ginny Wright604 Mt. Vernon Av12305717Front entry change and rear addition
2010-041Terry Loeb1319 Carlton Av12309202Accessory Building
2010-040Tracy & James Stouse900 E Worthington Av12108818Accessory Building
2010-039John Fryday1119 Belgrave Pl12310303New Construction
2010-038Glen Monaco, Monaco Custom Creations Inc408 E Worthington Av12105716Accessory Building
2010-037Jennifer Meier1914 Dilworth Rd W12108813Addition
2010-036Michael L. Standley621 Berkeley Av12305706Accessory Building
2010-035Michael L. Standley2117 Charlotte Dr12112628Addition
2010-034Keith Lehr943 Romany Rd12309612Change in windows & entrance
2010-033Karen & John Teed931 Ideal Way12111814Window
2010-030Erin E. Burke917 Magnolia Av12108805
2010-029SignArt (Joanne Chapin)821 East Bv12311906Signage
2010-028Steve Passaly624 E Worthington Av12108512New Construction
2010-027Charles Cudd2223 Sarah Marks Av12112212Fence
2010-026Lisa Stewart1618 Park Rd12311515Landscaping
2010-025Keith Lehr943 Romany Rd12309612Addition
2010-024Louis L. Lesene, Jr. and Tamara S. Lesene601 E Kingston Av12311602Screen in front porch
2010-022Herbert R Achey Jr1727 Dilworth Rd E12312707
2010-021Elizabeth P. Lopez1142 Berkeley Av12310417Slate Roof Replacement
2010-020Rusty Dominique1652 Dilworth Rd W12311317Painting
2010-018Catherine Coulter1614 Euclid Av12307616
2010-017Blue Haven Pools717 Mt. Vernon Av12305103New Construction
2010-011Larry & Anne Gildea1156 Linganore Pl12310509Remove existing shed roof over back door and replace with one of a lower pitch
2010-008Spencer Brower1014 East Bv12111506Signage
2010-006John Zucker of JZ Studio, Inc928 East Park Av12311318New Construction
2010-005Katie Templeton627 E Kingston Av12311608Fence
2010-003Nick Dross424 E. Tremont Av12106816Porch Column Replacement
2010-001Carrie Frye715 E Kingston Av12311505
collapse District : Fourth Ward ‎(82)
2017-184James Anzalone229 N Church St07801C96Brick repointing/windowsPending
2017-129Tony Ward416 N Poplar St07802220AdditionPending
2017-101Lucia Zapata-Griffith224 W 10th St07804601Mechanical unitsPending
2017-074Meghan Hick336 Settlers Ln07803703Window/Door ReplacementPendingAPP
2017-070Susan Harris609 N Pine St07807312Alternative Exterior Materials RequestPendingAPPCOA
-2017-004Tony Ward416 N Poplar St07802220Rear AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2016-270Mary E. Mathews312 W Trade St07801613AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2016-248Don Duffy428 N. Poplar St07802201Side/Rear AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2016-204Brian M Buerger410-C West 8th St07807457FencePendingCOA
2016-161Deanna Fletcher336 Settlers Lane07803703FencePendingCOA
2016-130Steven Engelhardt701 Graham St07823107ReconstructionPendingAPPCOA
2016-110Amanda Lane721 N Poplar St07808C98Window replacementPendingCOA
2016-108Frederick Lee & Jeanie Taylor412 N Poplar St07802218Accessory Building (shed)PendingCOA
2016-103Neal Kanipe420 West 5th St07805308Rear AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2016-061Jaclyn Timmons416 N Poplar St07802220Accessory Building (shed)PendingCOA
2016-060Richard and Marlene Moody311 W 9th St07803617Accessory Building (shed)PendingCOA
2016-056Chris Wannamaker333 W 7th St07802C96Window ReplacementPending
2016-031Curtis Rowan319 W 9th Street07803619DeckApprovedCOA
2016-022Tom Paff324 W. 10th Street07808136Addition - rear deckApprovedCOA
2015-220Cameron and Christopher Holtz529 N. Poplar St07803616DeckPendingCOA
2015-216Winfred R. Ervin, Jr.424 N. Poplar St07802202Retaining WallPendingCOA
2015-182Jesse G. Hite312 West Trade Street07801613DemolitionPending
2015-180David S. Shapp517 N Pine St07807422Porch RailApprovedCOA
2015-148Bill McBride420 N. Poplar St07802219Tree Removal, Landscaping, Accessory BuildingPendingCOA
2015-147Roger Stacks214 N. Graham St07805301Retaining WallPending
2015-144John Morgan609 N Pine St07807312New ConstructionApprovedAPPCOA
2015-141Chris Scorsone220 W 10th St07804602New Construction TownhomesPendingAPP
2015-141Chris Scorsone (Hall Johnston, owner)220 W. 10th Street07804602window details and inclusion of a wall section detail.PendingAPP
2015-125Stephanie Hathaway301 N Poplar St07802501SignApprovedCOA
2015-092Roger Stacks214 N. Graham St07805301Retaining wallPendingAPP
2015-085Dominick Thompson420 N. Poplar St07802219HVAC Unit placementApprovedCOA
2015-034Bob Kingery601 N. Pine St07807309Solar PanelsPendingAPPCOA
2014-267Martyn Greene318 W 8th St07803607Removal of vinyl siding replace with hardie. Rebuild sunroom.ApprovedCOA
2014-255Martyn G Greene318 W 8th St07803607Replace rotten fenceApproved
2014-241Lucia Griffith224 W. Tenth St07804601Patio at front of houseApproved
2014-179Sherri Hartsell501 N. Church St.07803511SignageApprovedCOA
2014-141Jason Mertz & Leyla Pakzad601 N Poplar St07803106Install a backflow box on side of house covered by landscapingApproved
2014-136Energy Construction513 N Pine St07807421Install solar panels to left side of roof
2014-113Lockwood Identity DBA Sign Art215 N Pine St07805C96SignageCOA
2014-071RP Signs/Sherri Hartsell300 N Poplar07802501Install 1'3" X 2'8" 3.78 sq ft aluminum circle 4' in diameter
2013-163V. James Filliben III321 W. 11th St07808101SignageApprovedCOA
2013-155Ambrose W. & Pamela Ditloff333 W 9th St07803601Fence & Landscaping
2013-136Leonard Richard Lyon210 W 10th St07803201RestorationApproved
2013-118Archadeck/Greg Handzlik324 West 10th Street07808136AdditionApproved
2013-103David Docusen420 W 5th St07805307New ConstructionAPP
2013-087ALB Architecture, PA517 W 8th St07806201AdditionApprovedCOA
2013-070Terry Lietz618 N Graham St07807338New ConstructionAPP
2013-070Verde Building Solutions618 N Graham St07807388New Construction
2013-069Victor Holloway318 Settlers Lane07803714Demolition/New ConstructionAPP
2013-034Schrader Design, Harry Schrader601 N Poplar7803106AdditionAPPCOA
2013-030Michael Sundoraraman519 North Pine St07807423AdditionApprovedCOA
2013-015Steve Casner401 West 9th Street07807415SignageAPP
2013-008ALB Properties611 North Pine (Rear Lot)07807339New Construction
2013-007ALB Properties611 North Pine (Front lot)07807312New ConstructionAPPCOA
2012-157ALB Architecture611 North Pine07807312Landscaping
2012-153McClintock Heating And Cooling511 N. Church St07803513Replacement of 2nd floor a/c and heating system.
2012-149McClintock Heating & Cooling511 North Church St07803513Replace one HVAC Unit on SideApproved
2012-135NCDOT Rail Division600 W 8th Street07807601TIP Project P-5002 to construct a trench to carry mainline tracks under theApproved
2012-131Jacob Squires304 W. Tenth Street07808124Demolition/New ConstructionApproved
2012-123Greg McLaughlin517 W 8th Street07806201SignageApproved
2012-119Victor Holloway318 Settlers Lane07803714Raise front exterior window sillsApproved
2012-114Lexin Murphy400 West 8th St07807409Brick pattern in the patio to extend to the sidewalk
2012-080Joe Terrell316 West 9th St07803113New ConstructionApproved
2012-070Brian and Brittani Phillips315 9th St07803618WindowsApproved
2012-053Dennis Terry300 North Poplar St07802501LandscapeApproved
2011-135Ray Lewis - PNG326 W Eighth St07803606Driveway
2011-124Kisha Wright220 N Pine St. Unit R-207801C95Signage
2011-120City of Charlotte220 W 10th St07804602Demolition
2011-115Sign-A-Rama335 N Graham St07806501Signage
2011-058William Logan713 North Poplar07808127Demolition/New Construction
2011-057William Logan715 North Poplar07808128Demolition/New Construction
2011-046Nancy McEneny601 North Graham St07807202Signage
2011-028Pete Mangum428 North Poplar St7802256New Construction
2011-018Eric Goldstein229 N Poplar St07801113Window
2010-114Jim McEwen301 West 10th Street07803700
2010-076Moteith Construction Corp.223 N. Graham Street, Ste. 10007906105Signage
2010-067Ambrose & Pamela Dittloff333 W. 9th Street07803601Addition
2010-063Tony E. Ward509 N Pine St07807460
2010-060Sally Beach Tenth Ave Townhouses713/715/717 North Poplar St07808127Fence
2010-053Charles M. Watts509, 513, 517, N. Graham St07807501Awning Installation
2010-023Rosalind B Lackey618 North Graham St7807301Bollards and CablesDenied
2010-010Amy Clark303 Settlers Ln07803102Addition
collapse District : Hermitage Court ‎(41)
2017-089Alicia Bowers518 Hermitage Ct15502210Landscape & Site ImprovementsPendingCOA
-2017-067James Jordan625 Hermitage Ct15502301Accessory BuildingPendingAPPCOA
-2017-041Barbara Highfill523 Hermitage Ct15502325Window replacementPendingCOA
2016-326Michelle Berry400 Hermitage Ct15502221Accessory StructurePendingAPP
2016-283William & Johana Troutman316 Providence Rd15502222New ConstructionPendingAPP
2016-213Michelle Berry400 Hermitage Ct15502221Accessory StructurePendingAPP
2016-172Michelle Berry400 Hermitage Ct15502221GaragePendingAPP
2016-150Joel W. Toms625 Hermitage Ct15502301FencePending
2015-178Melanie K. Marshall420 Hermitage Court15502216Window ReplacementApprovedCOA
2015-112Gerry and Libby Mack121 Hermitage Rd15502203Retaining wallApprovedCOA
2015-094Todd Bolyard400 Hermitage Court15502221FencePendingCOA
2015-062Jeff and Elizabeth Turner527 Hermitage Court15502326Accessory Structure (1.5 Story Storage Shed)ApprovedCOA
2015-010Don Duffy512 Hermitage Ct15502211AdditionPendingCOA
2015-006Craig Cox408 Hermitage Ct15502219Accessory StructureApproved
2014-266Todd Bolyard400 Hermitage Ct15502221rear porch additionApprovedCOA
2014-247Lisa Yarbrough530 Hermitage Ct15502207New Brick Wall/FenceApprovedCOA
2014-224Reginald Staples404 Hermitage Court15502220Fence, windowsApproved
2014-076Michael Wolfe526 Hermitage Ct15502208HVAC Screening
2014-066Robin Belk417 Hermitage Ct15502317change materials to Hardyboard Artesian sidingAPP
2014-055Lisa Yarbrough530 Hermitage Ct15502207New window left, porch screenAPPCOA
2014-023Robin Belk417 Hermitage Ct15502317Dormer Addition w window on rear of houseCOA
2014-005Philip M Hayes400 Hermitage Ct15502220Adding knee wall & entry kneeposts of stone to match entry pilars.ApprovedAPPCOA
2013-196Phil Hayes404 Hermitage Ct15502220
2013-174Michael Wolff526 Hermitage Ct15502208Replace two outside a/c units
2013-134John & Barbara Highfill523 Hermitage Court15502326DrivewayAPPCOA
2013-100Philip M Hayes404/406 Hermitage Ct15502220DemolitionAPP
2013-098John Byrd531 Hermitage Court15502330Fence
2013-084Bill Prestwood121 Hermitage Road15502203AdditionApprovedCOA
2013-077Peter Tart416 Hermitage Court15502217Restoration/AdditionApprovedCOA
2013-071Ann Stanley424 Hermitage Ct15502215New ConstructionApproved
2013-036James Funderburk600 Hermitage Court15502206RestorationAPP
2012-141Todd Bolyard625 Hermitage Court15502301Relocate brick wall to accommodate driveway, Install wrought Iron gate at driveway
2012-079Robin Taylor506 Hermitage Ct15502212Demolition & Restoration
2012-050Lisa B Yarbrough530 Hermitage Ct15502207Change in Previouosly Approved PlansApproved
2012-019Lise Hain620 Hermitage Ct15502204DoorApproved
2011-113Alan Simonini Homes LLC600 Hermitage Ct15502206New Construction
2011-111Ambreen Younus401 Hermitage Ct15502337garage deck replacement
2011-039Lisa Yarborough530 Hermitage Ct15502207Front patio & rear addition
2011-008Michael Wolf526 Hermitage Ct15502208Wrought Iron Gate
2010-123Contractor, Wes Moore428 Hermitage Court15502214New Construction
collapse District : Plaza Midwood ‎(176)
2017-195Zack Alsentzer2026 Thomas Av08119715Window/door changesPendingCOA
2017-192Bettie Coltrane1843 Thomas Av08119323Repair & MaintenancePendingCOA
2017-174Ettre Vee Howard1824 Thomas Av08119612New driveway and front yard retaining wallPending
2017-145Karen Mosteller and Keren Boyan1405 The Plaza08117110Landscape & Site FeaturesPendingCOA
-2017-031Diane Hopper1319 Thomas Av08117419Accessory building expansionPendingAPP
-2017-027Neil Mara1518 The Plaza09507908Window/Door ReplacementPendingCOA
2016-316Jessica Willard1420 Pecan Av08117207Enclose rear screen porchPendingCOA
2016-303James Cook1505 Thomas Av08118405Rear AdditionPendingCOA
2016-299Karey Digh1422 The Plaza09507914Rear AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2016-286Rob Murphy2215 The Plaza08119145FencePendingCOA
2016-279Karey Digh1422 The Plaza09507914Accessory StructurePendingCOA
2016-268Wesley Turner & Brittany Morton2015 The Plaza08119709Rear Addition (minor)Pending
2016-260Anthony Tremble1624 The Plaza09507901FencePendingCOA
2016-238Diana Halski1401 The Plaza08117109Window/Door ChangesPendingCOA
2016-225Warren Steinmuller1408 Thomas Av08117107Window ReplacementPending
2016-211Mike Luick1701 The Plaza08118602Rear Addition (deck)PendingCOA
2016-210Lori Saylor1421 Thomas Av08117220Rear Addition (deck)Pending
2016-207Jill Sladoje1800 Thomas Av08119601Fence Repair/ReplacementPendingCOA
2016-206Jill Sladoje1917 Thomas Av08119337Solar PanelsPending
2016-203Ian and Allison McCulloch1542 Thomas Av08118717FencePendingCOA
2016-200Louise Jonas Paxton1324 Thomas Av08117303Accessory structurePending
2016-199James Onto1505 Thomas Av08118405Rear AdditionPendingAPP
2016-187Allen L. Brooks1608 Mimosa08119123AdditionPendingCOA
2016-167David Hale1827 The Plaza08119606Landscape & Site ImprovementsPendingCOA
2016-165Jill Johnson1610 Thomas Av08118713Window changes, pergolaPendingCOA
2016-159Karey Digh1422 The Plaza09507914FencePendingCOA
2016-158Tate Austin1805 Thomas Av08119505Front porch restoration, rear additionPending
2016-154Toni and Don Hagerman1408 Pecan Av08117210Accessory StructurePendingCOA
2016-152Karey Digh1422 The Plaza09507914Accessory StructurePendingAPP
2016-148Samuel and Morgan Walker1827 Thomas Av08119319Rear AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2016-142David Hale1827 The Plaza08119606Accessory BuildingPending
2016-139James O'Boyle and Robert Treveiler1609 Belvedere Av08119114FencePending
2016-138Linda Dixon/Alan James1617 Thomas Av08118506Parking AreaPendingAPP
2016-131Diane Hopper1319 Thomas Av08117419Accessory BuildingPendingAPPCOA
2016-126Tate Austin1805 Thomas Av08119505Siding RepairPendingCOA
2016-117Michelle Sutton2219 The Plaza08119146Major AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2016-114Karey Digh1422 The Plaza09507914Rear Addition and Accessory BuildingPendingAPP
2016-112Matthew Harrison1414 The Plaza09507916FencePendingCOA
2016-111Eddie Holland2215 The Plaza08119145Rear patio/landscapingPendingCOA
2016-097Brian Larson1525 The Plaza08118705Front porch restorationPending
2016-095Stevan Talevski1501 The Plaza08118702Demolition of Accessory StructurePendingCOA
2016-087Steve Talevski1501 The Plaza08118702FencePendingCOA
2016-078Kelli Burns1507 Belle Terre Av08119331Driveway and walkwayPendingCOA
2016-075Russell Margosian2122 The Plaza09503502FencePendingCOA
2016-067Robert Treveiler & James O'Boyle1609 Belvedere Av08119114Paint foundation and chimneyPendingAPPCOA
2016-039Ryan DeRuby1505 Thomas Av08118405Shed, PatioPending
2016-012Will Meyer1500 The Plaza09507911Window replacement (single)ApprovedCOA
2015-278Tim McCollum (Ed Heiser, Owner)1465 Haywood Court08119314New ConstructionPendingAPPCOA
2015-242Cathy Ouellette1721 The Plaza08118605Rear additionApprovedCOA
2015-241Kelli Burns1507 Belle Terre Av08119331Replacement windowsApprovedCOA
2015-218Rob Treveiler1609 Belvedere Av08119114Window/door replacementApprovedCOA
2015-211Ed Heiser1465 Haywood Court08119314New ConstructionPendingAPP
2015-203Megan Liddle Gude1501 Thomas Avenue08118404Window ReplacementApprovedCOA
2015-198Dorothy Craig1402 Thomas Av08117108WindowApprovedCOA
2015-197Stevan Talevskv1501 The Plaza08118702FenceApprovedCOA
2015-176Edward Heiser1465 Haywood Ct08119314New ConstructionDeniedAPP
2015-175Donald R and Kiley F. Rawlins2100 The Plaza09503505High efficiency tankless water heaterPendingCOA
2015-167Keren Boyan and Karen Mosteller1405 The Plaza08117110FencePendingCOA
2015-159Laura Gurrad1733 The Plaza08118607Addition of screened porchApprovedCOA
2015-145Craig Isaac1708 Thomas Av081186132nd Story Addition and Accessory BuildingApprovedAPPCOA
2015-142Hassan Hashemloo1437 & 1439 Pecan Av08118315DemolitionPendingAPP
2015-124Kevin Brown2017 Thomas Av08119210Accessory building (shed)ApprovedCOA
2015-123Forest Banks1425 The Plaza081171156/2/2015ApprovedCOA
2015-108Craig Isaac1708 Thomas Av08118613Accessory StructureApprovedCOA
2015-099Blaine Chapple2205 The Plaza08119143Windows (sash-kit only)ApprovedCOA
2015-089Zeb Moser1823 Thomas Av08119318FenceApproved
2015-073Martha Keller/Denis Hayes2016 Thomas Av08119717Replacement windows/front doorApprovedCOA
2015-069Jeff Dial2009 The Plaza08119708Accessory structure (shed)Withdrawn
2015-053Kent Lineberger1511 The Plaza08118703Accessory Structure (shed)ApprovedCOA
2015-048Mary Lee Greene2017 Thomas Av08119210DeckPending
2015-007ABilly Maddalon2010 The Plaza09506101New Construction Town Homes and Pool and Pool HousePendingAPP
2015-007Billy Maddalon1926 The Plaza09506102DemolitionPendingAPP
2015-001David T. Young1915 Thomas Av08119336Add an addition to right side 4"ApprovedAPPCOA
2014-274Dorothy Craig1402 Thomas Av08117108Accessory StructureApproved
2014-271Kent Lineberger1511 The Plaza08118703Shed in side yardDenied
2014-256Fredrick Begley1508 School Street08117203Addition to existing house and exterior renovationsApproved
2014-253Robert Smithwick1500 Thomas Av08118701Accessory Building, one-story shed.Approved
2014-250Matthew Fleming1506 BelleTerre Av08119325Replace front porch floor and add railingApprovedCOA
2014-237Ron Ross605 Walnut Av07102248removal of driveway and center grass strip/new concrete driveway 8'ApprovedCOA
2014-222Kent Lineberger1511 The Plaza08118703Carriage House
2014-219Tate Austin1805 Thomas Av08119505Replace current shed with larger shed
2014-216Manus Contracting2037 The Plaza08119729Change sidingPendingAPP
2014-213McClintock HVAC1518 The Plaza09507908HVAC/AC Replacement
2014-209Karen Mosteller/Keren Boyan1405 The Plaza08117110AdditionApproved
2014-191Kent Lineberger1511 The Plaza08118703Additions on rear, right side, left rearApprovedAPPCOA
2014-180Ryan DeRuby1400 Pecan Av08117212Chimney RemovalApprovedAPP
2014-131Ryan DeRuby1400 Pecan Av08117212Two Car Garage with living spaceAPPCOA
2014-127Chris Royal1465 Haywood Ct08119314New Construction
2014-117Jeff Redwine1609 The Plaza08118708Solar electric panels install on roofDeniedAPP
2014-092Dorothy Craig1402 Thomas Av08117108Rear Addition DeckApproved
2014-081Ben Lengacher1432 Pecan Av08117204Accessory Dwelling Unit in the side yardAPP
2014-079Dorothy Craig1402 Thomas Av08117108Remove deck and build a new one
2014-069Ryan DeRuby1400 Pecan Av08117212Remove rear porch and replaceAPPCOA
2014-032Tim & Lori McMahon1417 The Plaza095062042 door detached garage w/second floor
2014-030John Trouten1502 Mimosa Av08119131Fence/Walkway/Rear wooden 5ft fence
2014-016Karey Digh1422 The Plaza09507914Add gable cover over entrance.
2014-009Kristy Blackman1402 Thomas Av08117108Replacement of 12 windows.ApprovedCOA
2014-004Lauren McGuire1516 Thomas Av08118721Replacing front door & 4 windows in front (1st floor).ApprovedCOA
2013-195Kristy Blackman1402 Thomas Av08117108Replacement of 12 windows
2013-179Gus Levi1200 Clement Av08118302Rear addition screen porch inApprovedCOA
2013-177Donald Rawlins2100 The Plaza09503505Driveway
2013-167Vaisseaux Corp1502 Mimosa Dr08119131Door/WindowApprovedCOA
2013-152Jessica Hindman1700 The Plaza09506206Addition & WindowsAPPCOA
2013-150Peter Brooks1611 Mimosa Ave08119140AdditionCOA
2013-145Martha Keller/Denis Hayes2016 Thomas Av08119719PatioCOA
2013-123Drew Rivas1614 Belle Terre08119609AdditionCOA
2013-122Kenneth E. Welchel1208 Clement Ave08118332AdditionCOA
2013-115Courtney & Nathaniel Paul1726 The Plaza09506201AdditionAPPCOA
2013-082Anthony & Sylvan Pools (Leah)2119 The Plaza08119119New ConstructionApprovedCOA
2013-078Dee Blackburn1900 Thomas Ave08119701RestorationApprovedAPP
2013-048Karey Digh1422 The Plaza09507914AdditionAPPCOA
2013-045Lisanne Matrulli1408 The Plaza09507917Window ReplacementApproved
2013-041Karen Van Sickler1525 Thomas Av08118409New ConstructionApprovedCOA
2013-039Denis Hayes & Martha Keller2016 Thomas Av08119717Demolition/New ConstructionApprovedCOA
2013-033Nicholas Triplett1528 Thomas Ave08118719AdditionApprovedAPPCOA
2013-017Allied Restoration Specialist1812 The Plaza09506127RestorationApprovedCOA
2012-164Craig H Isaac Architecture1708 Thomas Av08118613New ConstructionApproved
2012-151Haitham Esmaeel1510 Hamorton Place08117401Window and New Construction
2012-139Russell Woolf1418 The Plaza09507915Demolition/New Construction
2012-125Carol Sawyer1609 The Plaza08118708WindowsApproved
2012-121Veronica Devita1804 Thomas Avenue08119617Request to change cedar shakes to hardi panel lap sidingApproved
2012-117Kevin Devin1614 The Plaza09507903Enclose open front porch - side portionDenied
2012-113Karen Van Sickler1525 Thomas Av08118409Addition
2012-099Brian Williams2219 The Plaza08119146WindowApproved
2012-082Lombardo Swimming pools1506 Mimosa Av08119130New ConstructionApproved
2012-077Jason L Cathey1831 Thomas Av08119320New Construction
2012-061Tommy Tomlinson1601 Thomas Av08118504DemolitionApproved
2012-058Magnolia Properties of Charlotte1513 Kennon Street08119202move an existing house onto lotApproved
2012-055Christopher Stigliano &2128 The Plaza09503501Addition
2012-041Kristina Dauksys2205 The Plaza08119143Demolition
2012-040Kristina Dauksys2205 The Plaza08119143Restoration
2012-039Veronica DeVita1804 Thomas Av08119617New Construction
2012-032Jason Scippo1212 Clement Av08118330AdditionApproved
2012-028Benjamin and Krista Lengazher1432 Pecan Av08117204AdditionApproved
2012-022Ray Sheedy1721 The Plaza08118605AdditionApproved
2012-013Michael & Julia Aldrich1532 The Plaza09507906AdditionApproved
2012-010Krista Lenacher1432 Pecan Av08117204Landscape
2012-001Donald R. Rawlins2100 The Plaza09503505LandscapeApproved
2011-118Jacqueline Jeffries1401 The Plaza08117109Addition
2011-114Michael Aldrich1532 The Plaza'09507906Addition
2011-104Robert Kendrick1330 Pecan Av08117402Fence
2011-093Susan Irwin1729 Thomas Av08118514WindowAdditions/Rear Deck Roof
2011-079Irene Schwarz2026 Thomas Av08119715New Construction
2011-065Dan Hartenstine1809 Thomas Av08119506Landscaping
2011-054Benjamin & Kresta Lengacher1432 Pecan Av08117204Fence
2011-049Andrea Laffey1724 Thomas Av08118609Addition
2011-045Joseph Chipman1332 Thomas Av8117301Fence & Accessory Building
2011-044David Sheehan1500 Pecan Av08118402Driveway
2011-043Kathleen M Rooney1330 Thomas Av08117302Connect Front Porches
2011-042Michael Luick1542 Thomas Av08118717Parking
2011-025Brian Williams2219 The Plaza08119146Fence
2011-024Greg Mark1612 Thomas Av08118712Demolition/New Construction
2011-023Greg Mark1612 Thomas Av08118712change to screen porch
2011-019Philip & Kristina Dauksys2205 The Plaza08119143Fence
2011-017Marsha Rexford1608 The Plaza09507904Fence
2011-010ALB Architecture/Angie Lauer1408 Pecan Av08117210Addition
2010-113Ion Builders1515 Hamorton Pl08117214Rear Deck and Fence
2010-094Jonathan Dum Irene Schwarz2026 Thomas Ave.08119715Fence
2010-092Gary Mathis & Mark Wells1720 The Plaza09506203Addition and Raise Roof
2010-090Randy Podosek1606 Thomas Av08118714Accessory Building
2010-085Theodore J Reynolds2020 Thomas Avenue08119716
2010-070Curtis Tutt1721 The Plaza08118605Window
2010-057Donald R. Rawlins2100 The Plaza09503505New Construction
2010-055S. Harris1434 Hamorton Pl08117516Fence, Porch Rail
2010-044Bruce A. Berberick1715 Thomas Av08118510screen inside porch
2010-032Sean Christopher Braund1525 Thomas Av08118409New Construction
2010-031Charles F. Callis II1529 Belvedere Av08119108Accessory Building
2010-019Erika Olson1729 Thomas Av08118514Fence
2010-016Donald R. Rawlins2100 The Plaza09503505Repair Front Terrace, Storm Door
2010-013Angie Lauer/ALB Architect1404 Pecan Av08117211Addition
2010-012Shawn Gardner1508 Thomas Av08118723Addition
2010-004Stylecraft Ventures1500 Pecan Av08118402Rail
2010-002Nick Presti & Ed Heiser Jr1465 Haywood Ct08119314Demolition
collapse District : Wesley Heights ‎(162)
2017-246Ella Drevina408 Walnut Av07103319Fence, retaining wall, gazeboPending
2017-244Ella Drevina408 Walnut Av07103319Tree RemovalPending
2017-236Dan Podrasky709 Woodruff Pl07102113Fence, window, etc.Pending
2017-183Brad Norvell724 Grandin Rd07102228FencePendingCOA
2017-172Joel Lassiter, Jr.324 Grandin Rd07101301Accessory BuildingPending
2017-167Daimean Flood1700 Heathcliff07101117New ConstructionPending
2017-162Dan Podrasky709 Woodruff Pl07102113Front Porch AdditionPending
2017-125Trishe Gleason615 Walnut Av07102207AdditionPending
-2017-025Alexander Altman620 Woodruff Pl07103516AdditionPendingAPP
-2017-014Johnatan Romero700 S Summit Av07102326FencePending
-2017-010Gregory Powell729 Woodruff Pl07102118Accessory BuildingPendingAPPCOA
2016-308Max Harnett704 Walnut Av07102136Accessory StructurePendingCOA
2016-304Allen Brooks716 Woodruff Pl07103509Rear Addition, 2nd Story Addition, Front Porch RestorationPendingCOA
2016-302Max Harnett704 Walnut Av07102136FencePendingCOA
2016-300Mark and Karen Kubiak703 Walnut Av07102211Rear Addition (deck)PendingCOA
2016-298Alexander B Altman620-622 Woodruff Pl07103516New ConstructionPendingAPP
2016-295Frederick Laury1700 Heathcliff St07101117New ConstructionPending
2016-293Shaun Ripani421 Grandin Rd07102406New ConstructionPendingAPPCOA
2016-292Clement Ashford632 Grandin Rd07102235Reconstruct Side Entry StairsPendingCOA
2016-291Clement Ashford632 Grandin Rd07102235Paint ChimneyPendingAPP
2016-275Allen Brooks/Angie Lauer800 Woodruff Pl07103504New Construction (triplex)PendingAPP
2016-261Rachel Taylor317 S Summit Av07323105Tree Removal & Accessory Building (garage)PendingAPPCOA
2016-259Rachel Taylor317 S Summit Av07323105FencePendingCOA
2016-245Josh Allison700 S. Summit Av07102326Accessory Structure (1-story garage)PendingCOA
2016-243Pamela Johnson201 S Summit Av07323209Rear Addition (deck)PendingCOA
2016-231Pike Construction + Design, LLC321-323 S Summit Av07323106Rear AdditionPendingCOA
2016-227Gregory W. Powell729 Woodruff Pl07102118FencePendingCOA
2016-216Chris Parris621 Woodruff Place07102107Landscape & Site ImprovementsPendingAPPCOA
2016-212Stephen and Kim Sebo717 Walnut Av07102215Landsaping & Site ImprovementsPendingCOA
2016-208Scott Parks524 Grandin Road07102242FencePendingCOA
2016-181Mark and Karen Kubiak703 Walnut Av07102211FencePending
2016-180Shaun and Amanda Ripani421 Grandin Rd07102406DemolitionPendingAPPCOA
2016-176Mark Fishero131 Grandin Rd07101602Chimeny RemovalPendingCOA
2016-175John R. Poore800 Woodruff Pl07103504New ConstructionPendingAPP
2016-163Eugene Reed618 Woodruff Pl07103517Porch columns, shutters, retaining wallPending
2016-155Michelle Sutton512-514 Walnut07102148Rear AdditionPendingCOA
2016-153Heather Brockelbank621 Woodruff Pl07102107Landscaping/Site Improvements; Tree RemovalPendingAPP
2016-144William Biggers617 Woodruff Place07102106Patio, Porch Rails, Window & Door ReplacementPendingCOA
2016-143Shannon Hughes716 Grandin Rd07102230RestorationPendingCOA
2016-119Khalil Mjahed521 Grandin Rd07102304Fence and landscapingPending
2016-113Sokoni Scott512-514 Walnut Av07102148Major AdditionPendingAPP
2016-107Mark and Karen Kubiak703 Walnut Av07102211Cementitious siding on rear additionPendingAPP
2016-106Clarence L. Carr, Jr.601 S Summit Av07324111Window replacementPending
2016-105Mark Fishero131 Grandin Rd07101602Window and door replacement; general repairPendingCOA
2016-092Sokoni Scott512-514 Walnut Av07102148Major AdditionPendingAPP
2016-086Jason and Emily Clark604 S Summit Av07102333Rear AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2016-085Mark FisheroGrandin Road, West 4th Street and Summit Avenue07101605Cementitious soffit/trimPendingAPPCOA
2016-085Mark FisheroGrandin Road, West 4th Street and Summit Avenue07101612Cementitious soffit/trimPendingAPPCOA
2016-085Mark FisheroGrandin Road, West 4th Street and Summit Avenue07101613Cementitious soffit/trimPendingAPPCOA
2016-085Mark FisheroGrandin Road, West 4th Street and Summit Avenue07101602Cementitious soffit/trimPendingAPPCOA
2016-040Casey Rutledge Organek617 Grandin Rd07102310Tree Removal/ReplacementApprovedCOA
2016-038Michelle Sutton404 Walnut Av07103320Rear AdditionApproved
2016-036Rodric and Lisa Lenhart601 Walnut Ave07102205Carport/Addition to Attached GarageApprovedCOA
2016-034Ella Drevina408 Walnut Av07103319Parge/Stucco FoundationDenied
2016-033Ella Drevina408 Walnut Av07103319Accessory Building, Drive, Window ReplacementApprovedCOA
2016-027Jonathan Boone717 Woodruff Pl07102115FencePendingCOA
2016-026Andrew Dinse321 Grandin Rd07101413Front porch ceiling replacement/re-construct small rear additionPending
2016-020Clement R. Ashford632 Grandin Rd07102235Painted brick chimney and foundationDeniedCOA
2016-016Michael Moulton704 Grandin Rd07102233Front porch rails, shuttersApprovedCOA
2016-011Dwight Horn & Michael Massette424 Grandin Rd07102506LandscapingPending
2015-286Don Duffy420 South Summit Avenue07102409New Construction - a two story single family structurePendingAPPCOA
2015-273Scott Luten625 Grandin07102312Rear DeckPendingCOA
2015-271Ted Kavana513 S. Summit Av07324105Rear Deck/ObservatoryPendingCOA
2015-265Don Duffy420 S Summit Av07102409New ConstructionPendingAPP
2015-264Don Duffy420 S Summit Av07102409DemolitionPendingAPPCOA
2015-250Josh Allison700 S Summit Av07102326New ConstructionPendingAPPCOA
2015-250Josh Allison (Jonathan Romero, owner)700 South Summit Avenue07102326height reduction, front setback location, and move mechanical unitsPendingAPP
2015-246Cheryl Hopson524 Walnut Av07102145Replacement windowsApprovedCOA
2015-225Aashima Rodkey528 S Summit Av07102335PergolaApproved
2015-219Dwight D. Horn & Michael L. Massette424 Grandin Rd07102506FencePendingCOA
2015-195James McClincy1317 W 4th Street07323208DemolitionPending
2015-191James McClincy201 S Summit AV07323209DemolitionPending
2015-174Paul Jackson421 Grandin Rd07102406Maintenance/RepairApprovedCOA
2015-168Jason Murphy316 S Summit Av07101403Accessory StructureApprovedCOA
2015-160Tim Billiups400 Grandin Rd07102512Accessory StructurePending
2015-149Geoff Mobbs424 Grandin Rd07102506Swimming Pool, Fence, Tree RemovalPendingCOA
2015-130Chris Rogers304 S Summit Av07101406Rear Addition (shed dormer)PendingAPP
2015-129Rachel Taylor317 S Summit Av07323105Minor addition (rear and side), new windowsApprovedAPPCOA
2015-098Jim McClincy and Anne Braswell617 Woodruff Pl071021062nd Story AdditionWithdrawn
2015-096Shirley Fulton400 S Summit Avenue07102411FenceApprovedCOA
2015-086Aashima A. Rodkey528 S Summit Av07102335Veener on front porch columnsApprovedCOA
2015-077Mark and Karen Kubiak703 Walnut Av07102211Remove ChimneyPendingAPP
2015-076Mark and Karen Kubiak703 Walnut Av07102211Garage (demo/rebuild), New Windows Backyard PatioPendingCOA
2015-068Ernie Smith625 Grandin Rd07102312New windows, doors, and drivewayPendingCOA
2015-050David R. Schwieman313 Walnut Ave07101207Rear roof changesPendingCOA
2015-045Robert T. Drakeford628 S. Summit Av07102327DemolitionPending
2015-031Kegan Townsend318 Walnut Av07101120New shedPending
2015-027Mark Fishero1401 W. Trade St0710160544 unit townhome development / Quadraplex renovationPendingAPPCOA
2015-027Mark Fishero131 Grandin Rd0710160244 unit townhome development / Quadraplex renovationPendingAPPCOA
2015-027Mark Fishero115 Grandin Rd0710161244 unit townhome development / Quadraplex renovationPendingAPPCOA
2015-027Mark Fishero131 Grandin Rd0710160244 unit townhome development / Quadraplex renovationPendingAPPCOA
2015-027Mark Fishero123 Grandin Rd0710161344 unit townhome development / Quadraplex renovationPendingAPPCOA
2015-027Mark Fishero131 Grandin Rd0710160244 unit townhome development / Quadraplex renovationPendingAPPCOA
2015-025Chris Scorsone820 Woodruff Pl07103501Fence and in-ground swimming poolApproved
2015-015Lindsey Haaser408 Heathcliff Street07103107Total window replacementApprovedCOA
2015-003Crystal Jackson412 Grandin Rd07102509Addition of metal handrails  (Photos ref in app not in electronic case file)ApprovedCOA
2014-280Jason Dickens321 Grandin Rd07101413Window replacement - sash kit onlyApproved
2014-280Jason Dickens321 Grandin Rd07101413Window ReplacementApproved
2014-279Allen Brooks401 South Summit Av07323108Rear additionApproved
2014-272Jeff Hawkins713-715 Grandin Rd07102318Sash window kitsApproved
2014-270Scott Hodgdon1917 Wilmore Dr11907405Parging brickWithdrawn
2014-240Deedee Hall617 Walnut Av07102208Solar PanelsAPP
2014-232Denise Richter625 S Summit Av07324117driveway & parking lot, fences, landscaping
2014-205Brad Norvell724 Grandin Rd07102228French doors, Garage enclose existing opening
2014-183Joyce & Jim Smith224 Grandin Rd07101201Replace windowsApprovedCOA
2014-140Susan Johnston625 Walnut Av07102210replace windows/new rear patio/fence/outbuilding/replace driveApprovedCOA
2014-107Allen Brooks401 S Summit Av07323108Second floor rear addition with roof dormers in rear.Approved
2014-104Stephen & Kim Sebo717 Walnut Av07102215Wooden privacy fence in rearApproved
2014-091Hopper Communities131 Grandin Rd07101602DemolitionAPP
2014-082Zeb Moser617 Summit Av07324115Rear additionCOA
2014-074Chris Scorsone820 Woodruff Pl07103501Renovation/AdditionAPPCOA
2014-073Jason Murphy617 Grandin Rd07102310Rear 2 car garage and driveway and turn pad
2014-072Chris Scorsone409 Grandin Av07102403Renovation/Addition to existing bungalowAPP
2014-070Daimean Fludd1700 Heathcliff St07101117New 2 story homeAPPCOA
2014-063Aashima Rodkey528 S Summit Av07102335paver stones/brick retaining wall
2014-031Christopher Schau724 Woodruff Pl07103507Widen driveway
2014-028Zeb Moser & Jason Javer617 S Summit Av07324115Addition, renovation, replace siding
2014-003NCDOT (Ryan L. White)621 Summit Av11910398Construct structure for maintenance & services on locomotives & passenger rail cars.
2013-172Scott Edwards, N&BS1700 Heathcliff St07101117DemolitionAPPCOA
2013-158Shirley L. Fulton400 S. Summit07102411Accessory BuildingCOA
2013-129Harry Johnson314 Walnut Ave07101121Accessory BuildingApproved
2013-113Joyce & Jim Smith224 Grandin Road07101201AdditionAPP
2013-102Lucas Frentzel515 S Summit Ave07324106Fence
2013-097Myron Greer Garden Design423 South Summit Avenue07323130Landscape & New ConstructionApprovedCOA
2013-092Jim McClincy617 Grandin Road71021310PaintingAPP
2013-072Mission Properties, LLC708 Summit Ave07102324New ConstructionAPPCOA
2013-061Richard Bogart800 Walnut Avenue07102130Demolition/New Construction
2013-057Jim McClincy617 Grandin Road07102310AdditionApprovedCOA
2013-052Laura Weber609 S Summit Av07324113Windows
2013-043Jo Ella Dedrick & David R Hedrick524 Grandin Rd07102242New Construction
2013-028Roger Moore432 Walnut Av07103313AdditionApprovedCOA
2013-024Greg Grueneich204 S Summit Av07101505Landscaping
2013-013Allen Threatt815 Walnut Av07102221AdditionApprovedAPPCOA
2012-172Miller Architecture708 South Summit Av07102324New Construction
2012-161ALB Architecture720 Walnut Av07102132Accessory Building
2012-133Geoff Hawk516 Walnut Av07102147Replace vinyl and light gauge metal
2012-128Richard & Elaine Leo717 Walnut Ave07102215Renovation
2012-095Jim McClincy318 Walnut Av07101120Move home from rear of lot to front of lotApproved
2012-081Diane Vandevere813 Walnut Av07102221Demolition & LandscapingApproved
2012-060Eskuche Creative Group423 S Summit Av07323130AdditionApproved
2012-037James McCliney828 Walnut Av07102123AdditionApproved
2012-027Russ Halbersted405 Grandin Rd07102402RestorationApproved
2012-025Richard & Elaine Leo701 Grandin Rd07102315Restoration
2012-017Deirdre Halberstadt405/407 Grandin Road07102402Addition
2012-014Jonathan Hutchinson Architect513 S Summit Av07324105AdditionApproved
2012-007Cody Hagg317 Walnut Av07101208New ConstructionApproved
2011-117James P Sturdivant1615 Lela Av07102101Install slate for front patio
2011-085Lawrence & Mary Welch632 Woodruff Pl7103514Accessory Building
2011-083Nancy S. Montague725 Woodruff Pl07102117Addition
2011-068Shannon Hughes716 Grandin Rd07102230Outbuilding
2011-063Brian H. Nolen309 Walnut Av07101206Fence
2011-048Dana Gresko317 Walnut Av07101208Fence
2011-026Robert T. Drakeford516/520 Grandin Rd07102243 & 44Window
2010-115James Funderburk433 Heathcliff07103308Demolition
2010-086Manuel Campos214 Grandin Rd07101203Demolition
2010-056Leigh Armistead419 S Summit Av07323129
2010-015Contractor Wayne Kerr1420 W. 4TH Street7101602Demolition
2010-014Contractor Wayne Kerr1416 W. 4th Street7101602Demolition
2010-009Ryan Dawson508 Walnut Av07102149Window
2010-007Brian Gay724 Walnut Av07102131
collapse District : Wilmore ‎(320)
2017-261Kim Flood1726 S Mint St11907301Tree removal, door/window changes, repairPending
2017-252Catherine Van Doninck1724 Merriman Av11909412Driveway, fence, porch railsPending
2017-205Terrance Pugh1543 Merriman Av11909709FencePending
2017-197Donna M Browning1546 Wilmore Dr11909705Driveway, Fence, RepairPending
2017-191Marilyn Corn218 W Park Ave11908823Window ChangesPendingCOA
2017-186XiXi Feng1819 Wickford Pl11907941Rear AdditionPendingCOA
2017-178Matthew Goggin1825 Merriman Av11909119Rear AdditionPending
2017-175P.J. Henningson327 W Park Ave11908617FencePendingCOA
2017-166Matthew Johnson417 W Park Ave11908402New ConstructionPending
2017-154Daniel J McCollum409 W Kingston Av11907812FencePendingCOA
2017-152Patrick Hill305 Westwood Av11908712Fence and CarportPending
2017-115Antwan Alexander2231 Wilmore Dr11907530Driveway and walkwayPendingCOA
2017-114Liliana Jimenez1824 S Mint St11907315New ConstructionPending
2017-106Sarah McCloy1825 Merriman Av11909119Rear AdditionPendingAPP
2017-099Justin Bell1829 S Mint St11907705FencePending
2017-091Michael J. Feehley, Jr.1608 Merriman Av11910304Alternative exterior materialsPendingAPPCOA
2017-090Juan Herrera617 W Park Av11909610New ConstructionPendingAPP
2017-090Juan Herrera617 W Park Av11909610New ConstructionPendingAPP
2017-084Kurt Hahne2013 Wood Dale Terr11907511Rear AdditionPendingCOA
2017-081Clayton W. Turner1912 Wood Dale Terr11907423Windows/DoorsPendingCOA
2017-079Nathan Gray1557 Wilmore Dr11908233FencePendingCOA
2017-076Karen Moseley1612 Wickford Pl11908512Secondary chimney removalPendingCOA
-2017-059Brent Zande1561 Wilmore Dr11908234Restoration, driveway, window changesPendingCOA
-2017-053Kurt Hahne2013 Wood Dale Terr11907511Window/door changes; enclose rear screen porchPendingCOA
-2017-051Jason Murphy1915 Merriman Av11904117FencePendingCOA
-2017-047Jason Murphy1923 Merriman Av11904119FencePendingCOA
-2017-024Bryant Rogers522 W Kingston Av11907128Addition (rear)PendingCOA
-2017-012Bradlee Johnson247 W Kingston Av11907910AdditionPendingAPP
-2017-001P.J. Henningson327 W Park Av11908617Landscape & Site FeaturesPending
2016-327Lorna Burns & Wright Thompson1936 S Mint St11907532DrivewayPending
2016-325Justin Nifong300 W Park Av11908710Alternate MaterialsPendingAPP
2016-324Craig Calcasola1816 Wickford Pl11907708New ConstructionPendingAPP
2016-323Craig Calcasola1816 Wickford Pl11907708New ConstructionPendingAPP
2016-322Craig Calcasola1816 Wickford Pl (Lot 2)11907708New ConstructionPendingAPP
2016-321Craig Calcasola1816 Wickford Pl (Lot 1)11907708New ConstructionPendingAPP
2016-320Ashely Jimenez248 W. Kingston Av11908901New ConstructionPendingAPPCOA
2016-319Andrea Glassberg316 W Park Av11908706Fence/Driveway GatePendingCOA
2016-317Justin Nifong300 W. Park Av11908710Accessory BuildingPendingAPPCOA
2016-315Dexter Sneed1564 S. Mint St11908206AdditionPendingAPP
2016-313Clarence Boston1940 Wilmore Dr11904103Windows/doos and siding repair/replacementPendingCOA
2016-310Aaron Lewek550 W Kingston Av11907121Replacement doors; accessory building (shed)PendingCOA
2016-307Matt Johnson1533 Wilmore Dr11908227Rear AdditionPendingAPP
2016-301Bryant Rogers522 W Kingston Av11907128Front Porch AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2016-287Alex Hunter1916 S Mint St11907537Fence and Accessory StructurePending
2016-285Clayton Turner1912 Wood Dale Terrace11907423Secondary Chimney RemovalPendingCOA
2016-284Glenn Wise1741 Wilmore Dr11907111AdditionPendingAPP
2016-280Kimberly Adams1735 Merriman Av11909525FencePending
2016-278Justin Nifong300 W Park Av11908710Accessory StructurePendingAPP
2016-277Craig Calcasola1816 Wickford Place11907708New ConstructionPendingAPP
2016-276Craig Calcasola1816 Wickford Pl (lot 3)11907708New ConstructionPendingAPP
2016-272Glenn Wise1716 Wilmore Dr11909512Rear AdditionPendingCOA
2016-269Michael McGovern1548-1550 Wickford Pl11908407DrivewayPendingCOA
2016-267Kenya Brown801 West Blvd11904205HVACPendingCOA
2016-265Kenya Brown1809 Wilmore Dr11907202ADA Ramp / HVACPendingCOA
2016-264Kenya Brown411 W Park Av11908515Replace rear porch stepsPendingCOA
2016-257Ed Bowers201 West Park Av11908914Front AdditionPendingAPPCOA
2016-252Cameron Cooke1829 S Mint St11907705Landscape & Site ImprovementsPendingCOA
2016-247Justin Nifong433 W Blvd11907718New ConstructionPendingAPPCOA
2016-244Paul Henningson327 W Park Av11908617Accessory Structure (shed)PendingCOA
2016-242Kraig Magas317 W Kingston Av11907916Minor AdditionPendingAPP
2016-241Justin Nifong300 W Park Av11908710New ConstructionPendingAPPCOA
2016-240Traci Dalton1902 Wood Dale Terr11907425Fence, Shutters, Porch ColumnsPending
2016-239Chris Goodwin2112 Wilmore Dr11906414Rear AdditionPendingCOA
2016-233Lorna Burns & Wright Thompson1936 S Mint St11907532Replacement Front DoorPending
2016-230Michael McGovern1548-1550 Wickford Pl11908407DrivewaysPendingCOA
2016-229Linda S. Cleveland337 West Blvd11907939Deck RoofPendingCOA
2016-228Anh Minh Duc Lai225 West Park Av11908924Porch RailsPending
2016-222Brad Boland520-522 W. Worthington Av11907C94Front Porch Restoration/Replacement WindowsPendingCOA
2016-215Peter Navarro301 W. Kingston Av11907912Front Porch/Alternate MaterialsPending
2016-214Peter Navarro301 W. Kingston Av11907912Rear AdditionPendingCOA
2016-202Daimean and Jennifer Fludd1920 S. Mint St11907536Accessory Structure and FencePending
2016-201Todd Brower243 W Park Avenue11908922Rear addition, porch rails, window replacement, drivewayPendingCOA
2016-197Peter Navarro301 W Kingston Av11907912Siding ReplacementPendingCOA
2016-194Megan and Pablo Aycinena1529 Merriman Av11909814Fence and PatioPendingCOA
2016-193Matthew Alexander1613 Wilmore Drive11908113FencePendingCOA
2016-189Daedalus, LLC1923 Merriman Av11904119New ConstructionPendingAPPCOA
2016-188Megan and Pablo Aycinena1529 Merriman Av11909814Accessory Structure (garage)PendingAPPCOA
2016-179Mike Feehley1608 Merriman Av11910304New ConstructionPendingAPPCOA
2016-178Craig Calcasola1816 Wickford Place11907708New Construction (Lot 2)Pending
2016-177Craig Calcasola1816 Wickford Pl11907708New Construction (Lot 1)Pending
2016-169Michael Walsh2017 Wood Dale Terr11907512Rear Addition (deck)PendingCOA
2016-168Linda McGee1918 Wickford Pl11907941Front Porch RestorationPendingCOA
2016-166Justin Nifong1912 S Mint St11907538New ConstructionPendingAPPCOA
2016-160Adam Martin1733 Wilmore Dr11907109Window/Door ReplacementPendingCOA
2016-149Liz Sheik300 W Park Av11908710New ConstructionPendingAPP
2016-146Daedalus, LLC1915 Merriman Av11904117New ConstructionPendingAPPCOA
2016-141Kendra Appleberry and Lynda Cizek243 W Park Av11908922Rear Addition, Porch Rails, Driveway, FencePending
2016-137Allison Stenger1925 Wilmore Drive11907407Paint Brick HousePendingAPP
2016-136Sandra Nowak226 W Park Av11908821Window ReplacementPendingCOA
2016-133Bobby Haynes1735 Merriman Av11909525Rear Addition (deck)Pending
2016-132Jenifer Holland1553 Wilmore Dr11908232Door, RepairsPendingCOA
2016-127Matthew Alexander1919 Merriman Av11904118Fence and Window ReplacementPending
2016-125Thomas Gibson1744 Wilmore Dr11909504Window Repair/ReplacementPending
2016-124Jacqueline Philemon439 West Blvd11907719Demolish dilapidated accessory buildingPendingCOA
2016-120Terrence Pugh1543 Merriman Av11909709Pool, Fence and Site ImprovementsPendingCOA
2016-109Allison Stenger1925 Wilmore Dr11907407DrivewayPendingCOA
2016-102Aaron Guido1714 S Mint St11907304Rear addition, deck repairPendingCOA
2016-091Jason Murphy2017 Wood Dale Terrace11907512Driveway and retaining wallPending
2016-079Charles Dibiaezue1560 Merriman Av11910307DrivewayPendingCOA
2016-071Joe Gleason1744 Merriman Av11909407Rear addition, window replacementPendingCOA
2016-070Anna Pavlou1748 Merriman Av11909406AdditionPendingAPP
2016-069Jacqueline and Marcus Philemon439 West Blvd11907719Rear addition, repairPendingCOA
2016-065Megan & Pablo Aycinena1529 Merriman Av11909814Accessory Building (garage)PendingAPP
2016-054Bob Miess1748 Wilmore Dr11909503Fence, Front Door, DrivewayPending
2016-052Paul J. Henningson II1627 S Mint St11908524DrivewayPending
2016-051Diane Adams/James Mahon721 W. Kingston Av11909112Window ReplacementApprovedCOA
2016-049Jake Casteen1542 Wilmore Dr11909706FencePendingCOA
2016-045Richard Van Dyke525 Spruce St11907139AdditionPending
2016-043Nicholas and Kaitlyn Fraser1817 Merriman Av11909117FencePending
2016-042Christopher Whalen Brown1536 Wilmore Dr11909707FenceApprovedCOA
2016-035Joseph Racanelli1736 Wilmore Dr11909507Rear AdditionApprovedCOA
2016-032Hassan A Airumaith2112 Wilmore Dr11906414Addition - 2nd FloorDenied
2016-030Dobug Enterprise LLC1735 Merriman11909525Windows/doors, gutters, shutters, drivewayApprovedCOA
2016-029Nikita Norman601-2 West Blvd11907427Door replacementApprovedCOA
2016-024Chandan Singh820/822 W. Worthington11907C94Repairs to fascia/gutter installationApprovedCOA
2016-023Allison Stenger1925 Wilmore Dr11907407Windows/Doors; Deck; Porch Rail; Siding ReplacementApprovedCOA
2016-017Clarence Boston1815 Wickford Pl11907940Siding Repair/ReplacementApprovedCOA
2016-013Joel Burris1539 Merriman Av11909708Rear Deck/hot tubApprovedCOA
2016-010Jason Murphy1727 Merriman Av11909523Addition (front porch)ApprovedCOA
2016-009Jason Murphy1821 S Mint St11907704Addition (front porch)ApprovedCOA
2016-008Ryan McMillan2226 Wilmore Dr11906403Driveway, dilapidated shed removal, tree removalPending
2016-006Ashly Owens2205 Wilmore Drive11907525HVAC and True Repair/MaintenanceApprovedCOA
2016-003Jason Murphy1727 Merriman Av11909523Rear Addition, Deck, FenceApprovedCOA
2016-002Jason Murphy1821 S Mint St11907704Rear Addition, Patio and FenceApprovedCOA
2016-001Bob Miess1748 Wilmore Dr11909503Rear addition (deck), HVAC UnitApprovedCOA
2015-282Jason Murphy1556 Merriman Avenue11910308New Construction - 1.5 story single family homePendingAPPCOA
2015-270Michael Feehley/Daedalus, LLC2131 Wilmore Drive11907522Fence and Rear DeckApprovedCOA
2015-269Jason Murphy2119 Wilmore Drive11907519Fence and Rear DeckApprovedCOA
2015-268Joel Shandley258 W Park Ave11908813Replacement windows, doors and repair wood sidingApprovedCOA
2015-261Clarence Boston1815 Wickford Pl11907940Addition - second story and rearPendingAPP
2015-261Clarence Boston1815 Wickford Place11907940Addition and fenestration changesPendingAPP
2015-260Joey Shandley258 W Park Av11908813FenceApprovedCOA
2015-257Craig Calcasola1816 Wickford Place11907708DemolitionPendingAPPCOA
2015-257Craig Calcasola1816 Wickford Place11907708full demolition of the buildingPendingAPP
2015-256Cameron James Ventures, LLC1829 S Mint Street11907705Rear AdditionsPendingAPPCOA
2015-256Cameron James Ventures, LLC1829 South Mint Street11907705a one story addition to the rear, the front elevation will not change.PendingAPP
2015-249Josh and Andrea Glassberg316 W. Park Av11908706Rear addition, replacement doorsApprovedCOA
2015-247Ashly Owens2205 Wilmore Dr11907525Window ReplacementApprovedCOA
2015-230Kendra Appleberry/Lynda Cizek243 W Park Ave11908922AdditionPending
2015-228Clarence Boston1949 Woodcrest Av11906309Window change/rear deckApprovedCOA
2015-215Andy Linton337 West Blvd11907939Rear Awning Replacement and Porch RailsPendingCOA
2015-213Patrick and Ashleigh McDonald321 W Park Ave11908616Accessory Structure (shed)PendingCOA
2015-212Anna Pavlou1748 Merriman Av11909406Accessory Structure (shed)Pending
2015-212Anna Pavlou1748 Merriman Av11909406Accessory Structure (shed)ApprovedCOA
2015-210Kim Flood1726 S Mint St11907301Rear porch roof additionPendingCOA
2015-208Donald P. Peadon1508 and 1510 S. Mint Street11908218Front addition (facade improvements)PendingAPPCOA
2015-206Patrick and Ashleigh McDonald321 W Park Ave11908616FenceApprovedCOA
2015-201Brian and Jessica Ignash219 W Park Av11908916FencePendingCOA
2015-193Ashley Jimenez1623 S Mint St11908523Major Addition - RearApprovedAPPCOA
2015-192Allen Brooks1529 Merriman Av11909814New ConstructionApprovedAPPCOA
2015-190David Lowe1931-1945 Merriman and 1309-1311 Spruce St11904121DemolitionApprovedAPPCOA
2015-186Jason Murphy, Daedalus, LLC1609 Wilmore Dr11908112Accessory Structure - GarageApprovedCOA
2015-185Fred Floyd and Laura Barrick1527 Southwood Av11908807Rear AdditionPendingCOA
2015-183Fred Floyd and Laura Barrick1527 Southwood Av11908807Minor Addition - Front PorchApprovedAPPCOA
2015-181Travis Walk1550 Wilmore Dr11909704Window Change/ReplacementApprovedCOA
2015-179Marcus Edwards522 W. Kingston Av11907128Addition - rear deck and front porch reconstructionApprovedCOA
2015-173Daniel DeLaPena1726 S. Mint St11907301Dormer addition in rearApprovedCOA
2015-172Megan and Pablo Aycinena1553 Wilmore Dr11908232DemolitionWithdrawn
2015-171Brian Ronca1507 Southwood11908803Accessory Structure (garage) and FenceApprovedCOA
2015-164Charles Dibiaezue1560 Merriman Av11910307DrivewayPending
2015-155Jason Murphy1609 Wilmore Dr11908112Fence installationApprovedCOA
2015-152Brad Long2231 Wilmore Dr11907530Front AdditionDeferredAPP
2015-150Patrick McDonald321 West Park Av11908616Fence, Rear Addition (deck)PendingCOA
2015-146Jack Stone1617 Wickford Pl11908619Gazebo & PergolaApprovedCOA
2015-143Anna Pavlou1748 Merriman Av11909406FenceApprovedCOA
2015-140William Lovelett1552 Merriman Av11910309Front Porch Addition/Front Facing GableApprovedAPPCOA
2015-139Jackie Philemon441 West Blvd11907720Front dormer additionApprovedAPPCOA
2015-137Angie Lauer1507 Southwood Av11908803New ConstructionApprovedAPPCOA
2015-135Justin Nifong1724 S Mint St11907302Addition (front)ApprovedAPPCOA
2015-131Jacqueline Philemon441 West Blvd11907720Window replacementApprovedCOA
2015-127Jacqueline Philemon441 West Blvd11907720FenceApprovedCOA
2015-126John Thevaos1540 Merriman Av11910312Rear addition (landing and stairs)PendingCOA
2015-122Amy Crocker1608 Wilmore Dr11909606Solar PanelsApprovedCOA
2015-121Jacqueline Philemon441 West Blvd11907720FenceApprovedCOA
2015-116Jake Casteen415 West Blvd11907713Accessory BuildingPending
2015-115Justin Nifong1916 S Mint St11907537New ConstructionApprovedAPPCOA
2015-114Justin Nifong1912 S Mint St11907538Tree Removal/New ConstructionApprovedAPP
2015-113Anna Pavlou1748 Merriman Av11909406AdditionApprovedAPPCOA
2015-109Ashley Jimenez1623 S. Mint St11908523Rear AdditionDeniedAPP
2015-107Kim Flood1726 S. Mint St11907301Dormer addition / porch changesDeferredAPP
2015-105Jason Murphy2131 Wilmore Dr11907522Front facade changes (new porch, entry door, windows, chimney removal)ApprovedAPPCOA
2015-101NIA Construction, Inc.1932 Wilmore Drive11904105Rear additionApprovedCOA
2015-100Brian Ronca1507 Southwood Avenue11908803New ConstructionDeniedAPP
2015-090Darius Johnson1536 Merriman Av11910313Patio, new windowsApprovedCOA
2015-088Monika R Pearson1924 Wilmore Dr11904107Deck and rebuild rear entry stairsApprovedCOA
2015-087Karen Moseley1612 Wickford Pl11908512Accessory Building (rear yard shed)Approved
2015-083Anna Pavlou1748 Merriman Av11909406Front/Rear AdditionPendingAPP
2015-075Darius Johnson1536 Merriman Av11910313Addition - 3 dormersPendingAPPCOA
2015-071Eric Bowman1812 Merriman Av11909213Siding, window (sash-kit only), storm door, and railing replacement.ApprovedCOA
2015-064Daedalus, LLC2119 Wilmore Dr11907519New Single Family HomeDeferredAPPCOA
2015-059Michael Dean Hudson2112 Wilmore Drive11906414Roof and Front AdditionPendingAPP
2015-043Angie Lauer1507 Southwood Ave11908803DemolitionPendingAPP
2015-041Daniel De LaPena1726 S. Mint St11907301Side dormer addition, porch railingPending
2015-040Daniel De LaPena1726 S. Mint St11907301Fence and Window Replacement (sash-kit only)ApprovedCOA
2015-036Robert McGarty1949 Woodcrest Av11906309Rear additionPending
2015-035Juliette X. Montauk1905 Wood Dale Terrace11907502FenceApprovedCOA
2015-033Andrew Sawyers534 W. Kingston Av11907125Replace fenceApprovedCOA
2015-030Josh Glassberg316 W Park Av11908706Rear additionPendingAPPCOA
2015-026BCH Contracting Inc.1926 Woodcrest Av11907616Complete renovation: new windows/doors, front elevation and hardie plank sidingPendingAPPCOA
2015-022Jason Murphy716 W. Kingston Av11909532Rear addition, restore original siding/trim, windows sash kit, close off left entry doorApproved
2015-020Jason Murphy716 W Kingston Av11909532FenceApprovedCOA
2015-016Jake Casteen415 West Blvd11907713FenceApproved
2015-014Lorna Burns & Wright Thompson1936 S. Mint St11907532Window replacementPendingCOA
2015-013Scott Hodgdon1917 Wilmore Dr11907405DrivewayApproved
2015-008Jason Murphy1808 Merriman Av11909214FenceApprovedCOA
2015-002Chris Barton321 W Park Av11908616RenovationsPendingCOA
2014-273Michael D. Flaum245 W. Kingston11907909FencePendingAPP
2014-263Michael McGovern1548 Wickford Pl11908407Enclose existing back covered porch utilizing wood lap siding and replacement windows.ApprovedCOA
2014-259Joe Urh1700-1702 Merriman Av11909416Replace front door and shuttersPending
2014-243Jason murphy1608 Wilmore Dr11909606Detached Garage/DrivewayCOA
2014-242Jack Stone1617 Wickford Pl11908619Storage ShedApproved
2014-238Charles Mceachin320 Grandin Rd07101302FenceApproved
2014-234Matthew Alexander1613 Wilmore Dr11908113new home & garage on vacant lotAPPCOA
2014-230Evan Weiss245 W. Kingston Av11907909detached garage in rearApproved
2014-221James McMillin417 W Kingston Av11907815AdditionPendingAPP
2014-218Jason Murphy1833 Merriman Av11909121Rear additionApproved
2014-204Richard Howard514 W. Kingston Av11907130HVAC, new roof, new electrical system, plumbingApproved
2014-201Carla Cunningham1940 Wilmore Dr11706203Tree removalApproved
2014-185Remidius Hay good1700 Wilmore Dr11909516add glass storm door to front of houseApprovedCOA
2014-184Jason Murphy1808 Merriman Av11909214Rear addition/new wooden windows to match existionApprovedCOA
2014-170Cassie L. Grice1817 Merriman Av11909117Replace metal awning with wood oneAPPCOA
2014-143Jeanine Devaney305 W Park Av11908612New ConstructionApprovedAPP
2014-137James McMillin417 W Kingston Av11907815Move house into Wilmore local historic districtApprovedCOA
2014-121Phillip Roller1748 Merriman Av11909406Renovations
2014-119Wendy Stevenson1724 Wilmore Dr11909510Wheel chair ramp in rear
2014-118Wendy Stevenson1724 Wilmore Dr11909510Concrete driveway from side walk to rear
2014-116Ed Griffith318  W 10th Street07808117Replace existing window and create a single door from 2 doorsApproved
2014-114Rodric Lenhart1557 Wilmore Dr11908233Basement upfit not visible from streetCOA
2014-087Bob Williams1712 Wickford Pl11907809Add brick steps and lead walk at front of home/remove retaining wallApproved
2014-086Lorna Burns & Wright Thompson1936 S. Mint St11907532Wooden Deck Addition/2 levelsApproved
2014-080Remidios Haygood1700 Wilmore Dr11909516Fence installation/landscaping
2014-068Wendy Watson305 W Park Av11908612New construction 1.5 story homeAPP
2014-067ALB Architecture1505 southwood Av11908802Add a shed to the rear of propertyCOA
2014-038Jack Stone1617 Wickford Pl11908619Add deck on the side of house
2014-037Jack Stone1617 Wickford Pl11908619Add 6' fence to rear property line
2014-036Jason Daedalus, LLC1701 Merriman Av11909517Add new gable front porch/Remove aluminum siding and restore existing wood siding
2014-034Jason Murphy1701 Merriman Av11909517Addition existing front porch will be enclosed, change in fenestrationAPP
2014-024Carmen Lorreynaga305 W Park Ave11908612Demolition of burned homeApproved
2014-001Rehab Pros Inc.333 West Bv11907938Install front porch handrails. Repaint exterior.Approved
2013-183Daedalus Properties1917 Wilmore Dr11907405Install of new sloped roof to join gables and porch columnAPP
2013-182Daedalus Properties1716 Wickford Pl11907808Install of new sloped roof to join gables and porch columnAPP
2013-180Mark Hendel/Skyecroft Property2139 Wilmore Rd11907524Replace existing windows with 4/1 vinyl windowsApprovedCOA
2013-176P.J. Henningson1627 S. Mints St11908524Replace front door/window replacement
2013-165Mark Hendel/Skyecroft Property2139 Wilmore Dr11907524Accessory BuildingApprovedCOA
2013-161Adam Rappaport1904 Woodcrest Ave11907621FenceApprovedCOA
2013-156P.J. Henningson1627 S Mint St11908524Driveway
2013-147Daedalus Properties317 Westwood Ave11908715AdditionCOA
2013-125Jason Murphy300 Westwood Avenue11908310Addition
2013-119Bob McGivern of 6:48 Renovations1909 Wilmore Drive11907403AdditionApprovedAPP
2013-108719 West Blvd11904115Restoration
2013-107715 West Blvd11904114Restoration
2013-106Richard Scola/Adam Levinson1613 Wilmore Dr11908113DemolitionAPPCOA
2013-095Dexter Snead501 West Park Avenue11908107Addition
2013-081Anthony & Sylvan Pools (Leah)1541 Wilmore Dr11908229New ConstructionApprovedCOA
2013-066Rodric Lenhart705 Walnut Avenue07102212AdditionApprovedAPP
2013-065Daedalus Properties300 Westwood Avenue11908310AdditionAPP
2013-064Kevin Holdridge1936 Woodcrest Avenue11907613AdditionAPP
2013-063AnhMinh Duc Lai255 W Park Avenue11908924New Construction
2013-062Robert McGarty1753 Wilmore Dr11907114AdditionApprovedCOA
2013-046ALB Architecture1505 Southwood Av11908802AdditionApprovedAPPCOA
2013-029Roger McGarty1753 Wilmore Dr11907114AdditionCOA
2013-016Craig W. Monroe1612 Wilmore Drive11909604AdditionCOA
2013-006Adam Levinson1613 Wilmore Dr11908113Demolition/AdditionAPP
2013-005NCDOT621 Summit Avenue11910398New Construction
2012-173Kristin Johnson231 W Park Av11908919Addition
2012-170Deacon Dexter Snead501 West Park Av11908107To install canvas awning
2012-166Richard Van Dyke417 West Bv11907714New ConstructionApproved
2012-156Juliette Y Montauk1905 Wood Dale Terrace11907502Fence
2012-129Louis Kemp1929 Wood Dale Terrace11907507New ConstructionApproved
2012-102Michael A Smith2128 Wilmore Drive11906411Demolition/New Construction
2012-096Robert McGarty1749 Wilmore Dr11907113New ConstructionApproved
2012-0921920 South Mint St11907536RenovationApproved
2012-078Michael Iagnemma1600 Wilmore Dr11909608New ConstructionApproved
2012-069Jason Pafford821 Spruce St11907142WindowsApproved
2012-048Jason Pafford521 Spruce Street11907142Restoration
2012-036Angie Lauer ALB Architecture1501 Southwood Av11908801Demolition/New ConstructionApproved
2012-006L. Preston Armstrong1755 Merriman Av11909530Restoration
2011-133Mark Sroka400 W. Kingston Av11908510concrete patio in rear yard
2011-132Daren Tietsort301 W Park Av11908611Demolition of chimney
2011-127Michael Iagnemma Southeast Bldg1517 Wilmore Dr11908223New construction
2011-119City of Charlotte1824 South Mint St11907315Demolition
2011-110Darius Johnson1555 & 1557 Merriman Av11909712Restoration
2011-108Darius Johnson1555 & 1557 Merriman Av11909712Demolition
2011-105David Withrow429 W Park Av11908520Fence
2011-096Mark & Sharai Lavoieq308 W Kingston Av11908606Restoration
2011-094Byron Rivera1920 Woodcrest Av11907617Rear Deck and Stair
2011-087Jason Pafford1561 Wilmore Dr11908234New Construction
2011-081Dustin Sprinkle1612 Wickford Pl11908512Replace existing Siding
2011-067Mark Sroka400 W. Kingston Av11908510New Construction
2011-059Mark Sroka400 W. Kingston Av11908510Fence, walkway, stain retaining wall
2011-051Charles E. Mackey401 W Park Av11908513Windows and Beam
2011-047Amber Newvine324 W Park Av11908704Addition
2011-036Henry Ellis1715 Wickford Pl11907921add railing and front column
2011-035Michael Iagnema1600 Wilmore Dr11909608New Construction
2011-034Adam Iagnemma1541 Wilmore Dr11908229Fence
2011-032Ben Cauthen1605 Wilmore Dr11908111Restoration
2011-030Henry Ellis1715 Wickford Pl11907921Front walk and steps
2011-016Ryan Dawson1928 Wilmore Dr11904106New Construction
2011-007Dexter Snead501 W Park Av11908107Parking
2011-006Edwin P Wilson, Jr1619 S Mint St11908522Window
2011-002Red Sea Grocery1600 S Mint St11907137Demolition
2010-1221329 Spruce Street11904124New Construction
2010-121Michael Iagnemma1600 Wilmore Dr.11909608Demolition
2010-119Don Flick1615 Southwood Av11908925Accessory Building
2010-116Phillip T Bosche, Jr1631 South Mint St11908501Window
2010-112Ron Fisher1716 Wilmore Dr11909512Accessory Building
2010-107Daimean & Jennifer Fludd1920 S Mint St11907536Addition and Raise Roof
2010-104Mark and Kristin Santo1824 South Mint St11907315Renovation
2010-103Brian Walker413 W Park Av11908516
2010-100Bradley Sanders201 W. Park Av11908914
2010-098Charles Dibiaezue1560 Merriman Av11910307Vinyl Siding & Window Repair, Change in Facade
2010-091Martha Cary Eppes1624 Wilmore Drive11909602New Construction
2010-089Collin Walsh/Kevin Walsh235 W. Park Av11908920New Construction
2010-080Deacon Dexter Snead501 West Park Ave11908101New Construction/Addition
2010-075Diana Ramirez1600 Wilmore Dr.11909608Addition
2010-069Harold J Jordan1758 Wickford Place11907921Addition
2010-062Cameron Cooke1617 Wilmore Dr11908114Addition
2010-061Don Brown2118 Wilmore Drive11906413New Construction

​​​​​​​Below is a list of Applications, listed by district, that have been Approved or Denied for Certificate of Appropriateness by the Charlotte Historic District Commission.

View applications listed by Year here​​