Blue Line Extension (Northeast Corridor)



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Adopted BLE Transit Station Area Plans

The Blue Line Extension Transit Station Area Plans were adopted by Charlotte City Council on May 13, 2013.




Transit Station Area Plans
The Blue Line Extension (BLE) Transit Station Area Plans are policy documents that provide the framework for future growth and development along the second segment of Charlotte’s comprehensive rapid transit system that extends from 9th Street in Center City through the North Davidson (NoDa) Street area to UNC-Charlotte. These plans will primarily focus on land use, transportation and
community design and update portions of several previously adopted area plans. Elected and appointed officials will use the transit station area plans as policy guidance when making land use, zoning, and capital investment decisions.

Transit Station Area Plans were completed for four of the nine BLE stations – Rocky River, City Boulevard, Harris/North Tryon and University City – as part of the University City Area Plan. However, as part of the Preliminary Engineering work, the Rocky River station was renamed “University City Boulevard”, the City Boulevard and Harris/North Tryon stations were combined as one station – McCullough – and the University City station was renamed “JW Clay Boulevard”. In a separate plan amendment process, updates to the University City Area Plan will be made to incorporate these changes.


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CATS - LYNX Blue Line Extension

Video: CATS LYNX Blue Line Extension – preview of what to expect over the next three years of construction

South Corridor Development
Examples of recent development that has occurred along the existing LYNX Blue Line

Market Analysis
Executive Summary
An Analysis of the station areas and forecasts for future market opportunities and demand

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