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Charlotte City Council's first budget workshop for fiscal year (FY) 2019.

Today, Charlotte City Council held its first budget workshop for the fiscal year (FY) 2019 budget. Here are some quick highlights of what was discussed.

  • Preliminary revenue and expenditure information in the general fund
  • An overview on the general debt model, current Community Investment Plan (CIP) programs, and a status update on select CIP projects
  • Highlights of CATS proposed FY 2019 budget, which was presented to the Metropolitan Transit Commission in January.  CATS is not recommending a fare increase in FY 2019.
  • General discussion on pay and benefit policies and recruitment strategies

Download budget materials or watch the full meeting

Additionally, you can learn how the city’s budget process works by trying Balancing Act, the city’s online budget simulation tool. Additional information about this new tool can be found online at

News release

Police Foundation completes critical incident review of September 2016 demonstrations
Final report recognizes CMPD professional skills, highlights citywide communication gaps

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Police Foundation has completed its critical incident review of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's (CMPD's) response to the September 2016 demonstrations.

The final report contains 34 recommendations and 68 proposed action steps to guide implementation of those recommendations. As a reminder, this review doesn't include an overview of the events that led up to the officer-involved shooting or the shooting itself, but captures only CMPD's response to the demonstrations. Read the review

Some key findings from the Police Foundation include:

  • CMPD acted appropriately overall and in accordance with its policies and procedures. 
  • The Police Foundation recognized the professionalism and restraint by CMPD during the demonstrations as the department endeavored to balance First Amendment rights with the safety of the community and its officers.
  • The review highlights opportunities for collaboration and communication between the City of Charlotte administration, any appropriate organizations and CMPD prior to critical incidents.

CMPD began implementing strategies to improve communication, accountability and transparency in the department soon after the demonstrations in 2016.

The following are a few of the action-oriented steps city administration has undertaken since September 2016:

  • Charlotte City Council and Mayor hired an experienced, knowledgeable and inspiring leader, City Manager Marcus D. Jones, in December 2016.
  • Jones sought out and recognized the talents of nine long term city employees and promoted two to Assistant City Managers, six to department directors and one to Special Assistant to the City Manager over the past year.
  • Additionally, Jones recruited four recognized industry experts in their respective fields to bring their knowledge and skills to the City of Charlotte municipal government.
  • Furthermore, resources, people and tools, have been added to the city communications team. And, there are new communications protocols that have streamlined and accelerated the flow of shared information across the organization.

Together, the new City Manager's team of dedicated and collaborative leaders holds the institutional and professional knowledge to deliver first-rate services for the Charlotte community, whether in a crisis situation or day-to-day operations.


​City Council 2018 Annual Strategy Meeting

The Charlotte City Council will hold its annual strategy meeting from Jan. 31 through Feb. 2 at the Washington Duke Inn in Durham, NC, located at 3001 Cameron Blvd.

This year's meeting will encompass all council priorities by exploring and enhancing strategies to accomplish:

  • Growing our economic base.

  • Building great neighborhoods.

  • Investing in the community.

  • Connecting residents to jobs.

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News release

City Council wraps up annual strategy meeting, focuses on critical services


CHARLOTTE, N.C.  (Feb. 2, 2018) – Charlotte City Council concluded its annual strategy meeting on Friday by reviewing some of the city’s most critical services.

More information on the news release


City Council examines economic conditions, reaffirms commitment to great neighborhoods and affordable housing


CHARLOTTE, N.C.  (Feb. 1, 2018) – Charlotte City Council hit the ground running on day two of its annual strategy meeting in Durham. Council members discussed topics at the heart of their commitment to the community, including economic conditions, neighborhood growth and affordable housing. 

More information on the news release


​News releases (by date)

January 17, 2018​ - winter weather updates

updated 6:30 p.m.

City of Charlotte actively responds to winter weather

City closely monitoring weather conditions, offices open Thursday at 10 a.m.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Jan. 17, 2018) – With below-freezing temperatures expected Wednesday night and into Thursday morning, the city has activated its inclement weather plans. All residents and guests are encouraged to use caution on roadways, sidewalks and around their homes and neighborhoods as surfaces may be slippery.

More information on major city services and the weather-related implications.

January 17, 2018​ - winter weather updates

updated 10:50 a.m.

The City of Charlotte remains open. Because of the winter weather and snowy conditions, all non-essential personnel are not required to come into work today.  Essential personnel should report into their supervisor.


For continuous updates and impacts to service, please visit


City of Charlotte releases the Police Foundation's draft of the critical incident review​

City releases the Police Foundation’s draft of the critical incident review

Charlotte, N.C. – The City of Charlotte received from the Police Foundation and released to the public an independent assessment of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s (CMPD) response to the September 2016 demonstrations.

The Foundation is the oldest nationally known, nonprofit, nonpartisan, and non-membership-driven organization dedicated to improving policing. Its mission is to advance policing through innovation and science. The Foundation developed a comprehensive methodology to thoroughly review and assess the public safety response to the demonstrations that followed the officer-involved shooting on September 20, 2016.

The Police Foundation’s assessment team found that during the demonstrations, CMPD acted appropriately and in line with its policies and procedures. CMPD displayed professionalism and restraint as it endeavored to balance the First Amendment rights of the protestors against the safety of the community and its officers, according to the Foundation’s findings. The Foundation also identified areas in which CMPD could improve its policies, practices and operations to strengthen the department’s relationship with the community it serves through 35 recommendations.

In 2016, the City of Charlotte invited the Foundation to conduct the independent review. The assessment included:

  • On-site data collection
  • Resource material review
  • Off-site data collection and research

CMPD continues to work diligently to improve safety, trust and accountability. CMPD has adopted recommendations from the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing and participates in the Open Data Initiative, which provides information on officer-involved shootings and traffic stops as part of the open data project. CMPD also offers positive experiences for local youth by connecting them with officers and other caring adults to help them with decision-making skills to overcome challenges.


Read the DRAFT critical incident review summary >>
Read the full DRAFT critical incident review >>

Charlotte, One Year Later

Charlotte One Year Later 

Charlotte, One Year Later is our opportunity to reflect on the collective events that led to where we are today, and renew the community’s shared commitment to bring about positive change for our city.
Issues of economic and social disparity are not unique to Charlotte—the difference comes in how we respond to them. We will review the underlying factors that led to our city being ranked last in upward mobility in a 2014 Harvard study and the September 2016 officer-involved shooting of Keith Lamont Scott and the events that followed.
The Charlotte, One Year Later website and report will highlight city government’s commitment to Charlotte, progress on its Community Letter, and stories from partner institutions and invested members of our community. This includes important efforts such as the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Opportunity Task Force, Leading on Opportunity Council, Housing First Charlotte and other community-wide initiatives spearheaded by corporations, non-profits, and other government agencies.
The Charlotte, One Year Later effort is neither the beginning nor the end of the healing process for our city. This work is the recognition of the progress made to date, and an acknowledgement of the difficult road ahead to address the city’s challenges. Please check back often for updates.

​City of Charlotte makes progress on affordable housing goals

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Aug. 28, 2017) – Less than one year after Charlotte City Council reaffirmed in the Community Letter the council’s commitment to the expansion of affordable housing, the city announced Monday that it has achieved 44 percent of council’s goal to create 5,000 affordable housing units in three years.

Learn More>>

For more information on the Monday night's Presentation, visit Overview of Affordable Housing>>

Fiscal Year 2018 Budget

UPDATED July 24, 2017 -- View the approved Budget in Brief>>

CHARLOTTE, NC (June 12, 2017) — Charlotte City Council adopted the citywide budget for fiscal year (FY) 2018 totaling $2.4 billion in a 10 - 0 vote.  The FY 2018 General Fund budget is balanced at $668.8 million with no property tax rate increase for Charlotte residents.
Learn More >>

For more information, visit Strategy and Budget>>

City of Charlotte Statement Regarding the 2019 All-Star Game

“The City of Charlotte is excited to welcome the NBA All-Star Game to the Queen City in 2019. The NBA and its fans are known for their passion and enthusiasm, and we’re thrilled to build on their energy by showcasing all that Charlotte has to offer. We look forward to continued cooperation with our world-class partners, including the NBA, as we work together for a successful, enjoyable All-Star Game.”

- Sandy D’Elosua Vastola Charlotte Communications & Marketing Director

Proposed Fiscal Year 2018 Budget

Charlotte City Council conducted straw votes for the city’s FY 2018 Proposed Budget on May 24. Watch the full meeting or a summary now.

City Council is scheduled to adopt the FY 2018 Budget during the June 12 City Council Business meeting at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers. For more information, visit the Strategy and Budget Website.


The next steps in the budget process will be:

  • June 12: Council Budget Adoption (7:00 p.m.)

Charlotte city service impacts during Circle K Speed Street presented by Coca-Cola 

CHARLOTTE, NC (May 24, 2017) – The City of Charlotte announces the following impacts to city services during the annual Circle K Speed Street presented by Coca-Cola, May 25-27, to ensure festival attendees enjoy three nights of safe and fun live entertainment in uptown Charlotte. Learn more here >>


Charlotte City Council approves request for action on Charlotte Gateway Station project 

CHARLOTTE, NC (May 22, 2017) – Charlotte City Council took action Monday to move forward on the Charlotte Gateway Station (CGS) project.

When U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx announced the TIGER grant in 2015, he urged the city and region to move forward with the project, and to break ground in 18 months. This statement was a challenge to the community, not a definitive timetable. Learn more here >>


Proposed Fiscal Year 2018 Budget

On May 10, the Charlotte City Council discussed the city’s FY 2018 Proposed Budget and FY 2018 – 2022 Community Investment plan during a workshop meeting. The meeting is available online or you can also download materials on Strategy & Budget’s website. This followed public hearing feedback provided May 8, when Council heard from the community. City Manager Marcus Jones presented the recommended budget on May 1.

Watch the Full meeting City Budget Workshop - FY18 Budget Adjustments 5-10-2017

The next steps in the budget process will be:

  • May 24: Council Straw Votes (12:00 pm)

  • June 12: Council Budget Adoption (7:00 p.m.)

​Council Budget Public Hearing

On May 8, City Council held a Public hearing about the FY 2018 Proposal that the City Manager Marcus D. Jones presented. Watch the full meeting online or download materials on Budget’s website.

Review highlights from the City Manager’s proposed budget.

As part of tonight’s Council Dinning Briefing, in addition to the public hearing, there will be 2 attachments as part of Agenda item #3 – Extraordinary Events Ordinance.

Watch the Full meeting City of Charlotte Public Hearing - FY18 budget 5-8-2017

Download the attachments:

EE Repeal and Chapter 19 Amendments
Extraordinary Events Presentation

​Proposed Fiscal Year 2018 Budget

On May 1, City Manager Marcus D. Jones presented the FY 2018 Proposed Budget and FY 2018 - 2022 Community Investment Plan. Watch the full meeting online or download materials on Budget’s website.
The next step in the budget process will be:

  • May 8: Council Budget Public Hearing (5:30 p.m.)
  • May 10: Council Budget Adjustments Workshop (1:00 p.m.)
  • May 24: Council Straw Votes (12:00 pm)
  • June 12: Council Budget Adoption (7:00 p.m.)

Read more highlights from the City Manager’s proposed budget.

Watch the Full meeting of City Manager Marcus D. Jones presented FY 2018 Proposed Budget video

City statements on federal immigration enforcement activities in Charlotte 

The City of Charlotte celebrates the many contributions our immigrant populations provide to our economy and our cultural experience. 

We understand and want to address concerns that some of our immigrant neighbors and visitors have about the federal immigration law enforcement activities over the last few weeks. 

Charlotte is a city that values and appreciates diversity, and we want our city to be welcoming and safe for all people at all times. Learn more here >>

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