​Administration<div class="ExternalClass99434F26F4B742E4A2E84843998CC6F2"><p>The Administration Division is the office for the City's Financial Controller. It provides strategic oversight for the department's activities, manages day-to-day operations and provides policy and fiscal support to the City Manager.</p></div>
Business Systems<div class="ExternalClass7D96630480DC4A898EAC188F106EF831">The Business Systems Division is responsible for maintaining two of the City's largest computer systems; the Utility Management Systems (UMS) and the Munis Financial Systems.</div>
​Financial Reporting<div class="ExternalClassDF473080F4CC46F595D364F593843F4B"><p>Financial Reporting maintains the City’s official accounting records, monitors budgets, prepares cost analysis for management and provides financial information to Key Business Units to assist them with managing their operations. </p><p>The City has received the <a title="Visit GFOA's website" href="" target="_blank"><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><font color="#0066cc">Government Finance Officers Association </font></span></a>Award entitled: “Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting,” for 29 consecutive years.</p></div>
​Financial Services<div class="ExternalClass4EAD31ABAC71403095D3B485BA78A1BB"><p>Provides Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable services for the City of Charlotte. Accounts Payable is responsible for processing payments to vendors for goods and services provided to the City. Accounts Receivable provides billing and collection services for City departments. In addition Accounts Receivable services the Housing & Neighborhood Services' affordable housing loans.​</p></div>
​Procurement Management<div class="ExternalClass2517C8FDC64A4CB9B842D23A76D150E1">Procurement Management is a consolidated City/County support organization responsible for the acquisition of commodities, services, and technology contracting and Asset Recovery and Disposal.</div><div class="ExternalClass2517C8FDC64A4CB9B842D23A76D150E1">Procurement Management has received the Carolinas Association of Governmental Purchasing’s Sustained Professional Purchasing Award for the 14 consecutive years.</div>
​Revenue<div class="ExternalClass481EE5461B8B4FA0BABD117884754A1A"><p>The Revenue Division serves as the City's official revenue collections unit in accordance with State statute. We provide billing, collection and depositing services for over 281,500 accounts for <a href="/Water/Pages/Home.aspx">Charlotte Water​</a> and City/County Storm Water Services. We assist other departments with the miscellaneous collection and deposit of moneys for benefits, transit passes, loans, liens and citations.</p></div>
​Treasury Services<div class="ExternalClass1F0E48567BCD467DBC4B838B0596A6D8">The Treasury Division provides three core services to the City; Cash Management, Debt Management, and Revenue Estimation.</div>