Charlotte Business INClusion


The City of Charlotte is committed to engaging the public throughout the course of the 2016-17 City of Charlotte Disparity Study. The City and BBC will host various events throughout the course of the disparity study to help the public understand the purpose of the study and to offer opportunities for the public to submit testimony and comments about their experiences working in the local marketplace and with the City. The Events schedule will be updated regularly. Please check back periodically for those updates.

Availability telephone surveys. The project team will begin conducting availability telephone surveys with businesses in the relevant geographic market area that perform work tha​t is relevant to City contracting. The project team will begin those availability surveys in December 2016 and will continue to contact businesses through the spring of 2017. As part of those surveys, businesses will have an opportunity to share important information related to their business's characteristics; interest in working with the City; and experiences working in the local marketplace. Customer Research International (CRI) will be conducting those surveys on behalf of the BBC project team. If we contact your business, please participate in the survey process to help ensure an accurate and comprehensive availability analysis!