Land Development

Lot Grading Plans

A Lot Grading Plan is often required when fine grading is proposed within an area governed by an approved subdivision plan.  Lot grading activity conducted in ignorance of the overall subdivision plan can create major problems with storm drainage.  Land Development Division has a responsibility to condition lot grading approvals on compliance with the overall subdivision plan. 

Below are basic standards for what these lot grading plan submittals should include:
Base Plan:

  • The base plan for any lot grading submittal shall be the appropriate plan(s) from the previously approved subdivision plan set.  This would include at a minimum the grading/drainage plan and the drainage area map (if lot grading was included in the approved subdivision plans, the drainage area map is essential to help clarify drainage patterns for flatly graded lots).

Design Professional Seal & Signature:

  • If no modifications to the previously approved grading/drainage plan for the subdivision are proposed, then there would be no need to re-seal the previously sealed and approved plans.  The lot grading applicant could simply delineate on the appropriate subdivision plan(s) the lots to be included in the lot grading permit for recordkeeping purposes. 

  • If the proposed lot grading deviates from what is shown on the previously approved subdivision plans, but does not affect the permanent infrastructure or easement locations for the subdivision, then the changes could be noted on the previously approved subdivision plans, and the plans must be sealed by the design professional taking responsibility for the changes.

If you have questions regarding Lot Grading Plans, please contact Jay Wilson, Erosion & Sediment Control Administrator, at 704-432-0958.​​