Land Development

​As-built Surveys


Residential Projects:  As required by the City’s Subdivision Ordinance, as-built surveys are required for all storm drainage systems that are installed as part of residential or commercial subdivision infrastructure.  Storm drainage system as-built surveys must contain information regarding storm drainage constructed to the extents that correspond to the boundary of a recorded Subdivision Plat map.  Storm drainage as-builts are to be sealed and signed by a Registered Land Surveyor. 

Commercial Projects: The City's Post-Construction Ordinance​ requires as-built surveys for commercial projects.  As-built certifications and surveys are also required for stormwater management facilities and Best Management Practices (BMPs) in subdivisions and commercial development sites or residential subdivisions. Most BMP as-builts need to be signed, sealed by both a Registered Land Surveyor and a Professional Engineer and must include a standard PE certification statement (see checklists below).


As-builts are to be submitted electronically in PDF format for City Engineering review via Accela Citizen Access​. With storm drainage as-builts associated with new street construction in subdivisions, the limits of the as-built survey must correspond to the limits of a recorded subdivision plat map.  ​​​Be sure to upload a PDF copy of the recorded Subdivision Plat map whose boundary contains the storm drainage being certified, or simply provide a reference to the Map Book and Page Number of the plat at the Register of Deeds.

The submitted information will be logged in for a detailed review by an Engineering reviewer. The review progress can be tracked in Accela Citizen Access. 1st submittal As-built reviews are completed within 15 business days. If the as-built cannot be approved, any revisions that are required will be relayed to the applicant as redline comments on the As-built survey plan. Subsequent submittals also have a 15 business day turn-around time. Final approvals will be noted in Accela Citizen Access and an e-mail will be sent to the applicant to alert them of approval.  Once all as-builts have been approved the assigned Site Inspector will then be notified that a project can progress toward CO Hold Release for Commercial projects, and Bond Release and/or final Street Acceptance process for a Subdivision Street.



The Engineering team has prepared multiple checklists to aid in the preparation & review of as-built surveys.  These are mainly a staff review tool, but it is encouraged that surveyors/engineers use the checklists as a guide to verify all required information is shown prior to submittal:

Storm Drainage
Detention (Surface and Underground)
Extended Dry Detention BMP
Bioretention BMP
Sand Filter BMP
Wet Pond BMP
Wetland ​BMP


​ ​