Innovation & Technology

 Service Areas

Provide end-to-end service for solving business needs with software applications including consulting, application management and application development.
Provide database administration, data warehousing, open data support and business intelligence.
Lead the development of the architecture for use of technology to support City strategy and departments. Develop strategies to advance the collaborative use of technology.
Protect information and systems from unauthorized access and use. Focus on confidentiality and privacy protection and information integrity.
Manage servers, storage, data center, desktops and wired/wireless networks. Manage enterprise services including Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory and printing.
Manage the collection of information on technology investments. Guide decisions about the investment mix to match the investments with the City's business priority.
Lead the optimization of operational and business support processes to avoid functional silos and deliver efficiencies and effectiveness for seamless citizen service.
Lead optimization & coordination of business technology projects to strategically support common technology investments including ERP, GIS, open data and community engagement.
Lead the practice for enterprise project management to coordinate the supply and demand of technology resources.
Maintain the radio and data infrastructure for all public safety and public works agencies throughout the City, County and several surrounding counties.
Provide technology change management, incident management, relationship management and service desk. Track, manage and report on technology assets.

​Administrative Services includes:

  • Executive Support & Coordination Services
  • Business Management, Planning & Analysis
  • Financial Management Services
  • Contracts Administration & Procurement
  • Human Resource Management
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Council Agenda Support
  • Records and Policy Management
  • Administrative Business Processes​

Contact: Austin Faulk, Chief Administrative Officer