International Government Relations

"Our most cogent diplomats cannot achieve peace without understanding, 
and understanding can only be achieved through the hearts of people."

- Dwight D. Eisenhower

Charlotte's Sister City relationships are run by committees of volunteers. The City encourages citizen diplomacy and direct contact with our sister cities through educational, cultural and civic exchanges. The City of Charlotte is a Member of Sister Cities International. 

Arequipa, Peru (Ah-Reh-KEEP-Ah)
Charlotte's first Sister City. Arequipa became our Sister City in 1962

Baoding, People's Republic of China (Bow-ding)
Baoding became our Sister City in 1987.

Voronezh, Russia (Vah-ROH-nesh)
Voronezh became our Sister City in 1991.

Limoges, France (Leem-OGE with a soft g)
Limoges became our Sister City in 1992.

Wrocław, Poland (VROTS-wahv) 
Wrocław became our Sister City in 1993.

Kumasi, Ghana (Koo-MA-si)  Kumasi became our Sister City in 1995.

Hadera, Israel (Ha-DER-a) 
Charlotte signed a declaration of intent to become twinned with Hadera in 2008. 

Charlotte International Cabinet Matching Grant Program

When the Charlotte International Cabinet concluded its nonprofit activities, they partnered with the Office of International Relations to create the Charlotte International Cabinet Matching Grant Fund.

This grant program helps groups and organizations foster peace and prosperity with Charlotte's Sister Cities and other international relationships.

The grant application process for 2017 is now open. Area non-profits are encouraged to apply for a grant  to create programs that highlight Charlotte's Sister Cities.

Please check back here or attend Charlotte International Cabinet meetings for updates on this process.



Sister Cities International Membership Badge