Emergency Information

Handling gasoline safely

Gasoline is part of our everyday lives. The Charlotte Fire Department wants to remind consumers of the dangers of storing this highly flammable liquid. They recommend following these simple precautions to help keep you and your family safe:

  • Never store gasoline in glass containers or non-reusable plastic containers such as milk jugs or drink bottles.

  • Always use approved safety containers.

  • Gasoline container color - RED

  • Kerosene container color - BLUE

  • Diesel Container color - YELLOW

  • Do not store excess quantities of gasoline as it is a highly flammable liquid.

  • Don’t smoke around gasoline, either at the pump or at home.

  • Do not use or store gasoline near possible ignition sources, water heaters or furnaces.

  • Store gasoline outside of the home in a detached garage or outside storage shed, never inside your residence.

  • Keep gasoline out of children's sight and reach.

The Charlotte Fire Department does not recommend hoarding or storing gasoline around your home. If you have any questions concerning the home storage of gasoline call Fire & Life Safety education at 704-336-3970 or visit www.charlottefire.org.