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Our community is a rich, diverse mix of people from different places, with various backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. Community Relations celebrates individuals and groups who have made a lasting impact in our community by their dedication to fairness, equality and dignity for everyone.

As we approach the anniversary of September 20, 2016, Community Building Initiative (CBI) and City of Charlotte Community Relations Department (CRC) are once again offering resources to people, organizations and our community. We know there is value in looking back and in looking forward as we prepare to commemorate, observe and continue to learn from what took place last year and what is underway as a result. We are also painfully aware of the turmoil and tensions that erupted in Charlottesville. We have seen demonstrations and rallies in Charlotte and in cities throughout our country in response. We continue in our commitment to confront long-term racial divisions and discrimination, to build a more fair and just community and to support constructive dialogue between allies and across difference to increase understanding, inspire action and promote accountability. 

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2017 Mayor's Youth Employment Program Intern
Trenton "Trent" Jones Jr.

I’ve recently graduated from Hopewell High School and I’ll be attending East Carolina University in the fall of 2017. This summer I interned with the Community Relations Department through the Mayor’s Youth Employment Program and it’s been a great experience. Working for the city, I get to witness and learn about how the government works. This level of professionalism has taught me all types of work related skills that I can apply to my life. Getting to see all the variations of jobs within the City of Charlotte has provided me an insight for the future. As of now, I plan to get a degree in Graphic Design and hopefully own an animation studio one day. This is hands down one of my best work experiences and it’s been amazing interning for the Community relations Department.



 CRC Welcome New Staff Members

Ryan Emmanuel and Maura Chavez started Spring 2017 as CRC/CMPD Community Coordinators. Ryan and Maura are tasked with identifying social problems within the community and seeking available resources to resolve the issues. They are also tasked with receiving and seeking resolutions to complaints of inadequate services or perceived unfair treatment by CMPD as well as developing relationship with community groups, specials interest groups, and human service agencies. 

Cheryl Harp started with CRC as a volunteer mediator in 2015 and in February 2017 she was hired as a Community Relations Specialist within our Dispute Settlement Program (DSP). Cheryl mediates Medicaid cases, landlord/tenant issues, community disputes, and in Private Warrant Court every Monday. In additional to her mediation skills, Cheryl has represented CRC in the roles of a trainer and facilitator for various trainings and dialogues offered by CRC.

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Fair HousingFair Housing
Dispute SettlementDispute Settlement
Citizen Review BoardCitizen Review Board
Americans with Disabilities Act ADAAmericans with Disabilities Act ADA
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​It is a volation of the Federal Fair Housing Act, the Charlotte Fair Housing Ordinance (Chapter 12, Article V of the Code of the City of Charlotte), or the Mecklenburg County Fair Housing Ordinance to deny you housing rights for any of the following protected classes: race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or familial status (being pregnant or having children under 18 years old). To submit an allegation click here

​The courtroom isn't always the best place to solve a problem. Mediation can be a quicker and more thorough way to reach a resolution without the expense and formality of the courtroom. To submit an referral click here

​Recognizes officers and work teams from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department who have made outstanding contributions to the improvement of police-community relations in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. Citizens from neighborhoods, schools, places of worship, businesses and civic institutions nominate officers, and CRC members review the nominations. To submit an nomiation click here

The appeal process for citizens who has filed a complaintant on dispositions imposed by the Chief of Police or his designee relating to allegations of misconduct against a sworn police officer. To submit an appeal click here

Alleged violations of the following rules: use of force, unbecoming conduct, arrest, search and seizure, and arbitrary profiling. To report an misconduct click here

Offers opportunities for tenants and landlords to eliminate communication barriers and work together to solve problems involving damaged property, security deposits, living conditions, financial assistance for repairs or miscellaneous conflicts stemming from the landlord-tenant relationship. To submit an request click here

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