Meet the Council

Charlotte Mayor and City Council

​The City of Charlotte is currently divided into seven districts, each one having a district representative on city council. Each representative is elected by the voters living in that district. The districts are divided according to population so that there is an approximate balance of the number of citizens per district.

The other four council members, called at-large representatives, are elected by voters from throughout the city.

What district am I in and who represents me?

You can locate your district by entering your address in the GeoPortal and selecting "voting" from the drop-down menu. You'll also find your polling location and your representatives for the following elected offices:

  • National Congress

  • National Senate

  • North Carolina Senate

  • North Carolina House

  • Mecklenburg County Commission

  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education

Mayor Jennifer Roberts
Vi Lyles
Mayor pro tem
Julie Eiselt
Council member at large
Claire Green Fallon
Council member at large
James Mitchell Jr.
Council member at large
Patsy B. Kinsey
Council member, district 1
Carlenia Ivory
Council member, district 2
LaWana Mayfield
Council member, district 3
Gregory A. Phipps
Council member, district 4
Dimple Ajmera
Council member, district 5
Kenny Smith
Council member, district 6
Edmund H. Driggs
Council member, district 7