Current Projects

​BLE BIke Racks and Shelters​​

Artist Darren Goins sought to distill the forms of bikes and sunsets for his racks and shelters that will populate the entire Blue Line Extension alignment.

“The Sun Guided the Road Bike Shelter” incorporates Goins’ design elements into a commercial shelter that will cover and protect the artist’s designed bike racks. These shelters have two large open circles for structural support at each end that hold up a curved roof element. The geometric abstract shapes of the shelter appear to be both floating and supportive. When viewed from the side, where the two circles align, the art imagery appears as a sunrise/sunset along a horizon line with a road leading off into the distance.​



His design for the bike racks, titled, “The Geometric Abstract Bicycle (on the horizon) Rack,” is based on the simple and functional design of a bicycle. The artist considered the contour lines and elements that form a bicycle and stripped them down to their basic geometry. The bike racks will be painted in a variety of solid bright colors and will encourage bicycling as a positive means of alternative transportation.

​Artist Bio

A graduate of UNC Charlotte, Darren Goins earned his BFA in photography and printmaking and minored in Art History. As an eleven month resident artist at McColl Center for Visual Art, he established his reputation as a highly sought after painter, and began shifting his studio practice into the public realm through sculpture. After much local success, Goins moved to New York City where he currently lives and works while he continues his own studio practice. Goins’ most recent public projects include Socrates Sculpture Park, NYC and NYCDOT. ​