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​​​​​​LYNX Blue Line Capacity Expansion Project

In December 2011, the Federal Transit Administration announced that CATS was awarded an $18 million Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery III (TIGER III) grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation for capacity enhancements along the LYNX Blue Line light rail line (TIGER III application). 

This project, called the Blue Line Capacity Expansion Project, will upgrade the capacity of the LYNX Blue Line Light Rail Line to meet current and future ridership demand. The Blue Line Capacity Expansion Project will incrementally provide the ability to operate three-car trains at increased frequencies. These improvements will lengthen the existing light rail station platforms to accept three-car trains, and add power supply substations to operate longer, more frequent, trains. 

Design for the project started in 2012 and construction is scheduled to start in 2014.

LYNX Blue Line (South Corridor) Capacity Expansion Public Meeting:
The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) hosted a public meeting to provide information and receive your feedback on the Blue Line Capacity Expansion (BLCE) Project. The BLCE project will lengthen the I-485/South Boulevard and Stonewall station platforms to fit three-car trains and add additional power supply substations to operate longer trains and more frequent service. The project is funded through a federal grant. A copy of the presentation is below.

Blue Line Capacity Expansion Public Meeting Presentation - 07/16/13 

3 Car Train Center Platform


​3 Car Train Side Platform


LYNX Blue Line Capacity Expansion Project Stakeholders

Provide future project teams with information that can improve effectiveness and efficiency on the next project.  Information that should be provided includes a clear statement of the lesson including a background summary of how the lesson was learned, benefits of using the lesson, and suggestions of how the lesson may be used in the future.  Submit your BLCE Lesson Learned to the LYNX BLCE-I Records mailbox below: