2030 Plan

​​​​​​​2030 Transit Corridor System Plan

On November 15, 2006, the Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC) adopted the 2030 Transit Corridor System Plan. This updated, long-range plan consists of multiple rapid transit improvements in five corridors, a series of Center City improvements, and bus service and facility improvements throughout the region. The implementation plan for the 2030 Transit Corridor System Plan includes the North and Northeast corridors seeing early implementation followed by the streetcar project. Once complete, the 2030 Transit Corridor System Plan will consist of 25 miles of commuter rail, 21 miles of light rail, 16 miles of streetcar, 14 miles of bus rapid transit and an expanded network of buses and other transit services.​

2030 LYNX System ​Map​​

2030 LYNX System ​Map