Your safety on and near the CityLYNX Gold Line and the LYNX Blue Line is CATS' #1 priority.  The following information will tell you how to stay safe on and around the streetcar and light rail systems.


Look, Listen, and Live


Obey all traffic signals and signs. They are there for your safety, not as an inconvenience.

Cross only at designated crosswalks. There are clearly marked signs showing you safe areas to cross the street.

Always hold your child's hand when waiting for the streetcar or light rail.

Rail and recreation don't mix. Rail vehicles and tracks are not the places for partying, pranks, or horseplay. CATS wants you to enjoy your rail experience in a responsible way.

Keep away from all overhead wires that power trains. These high voltage wires will cause serious injury.    



Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

  • If you see something, say something. Report all suspicious packages, activities, and/or persons on a train, streetcar, at a station, or on the tracks.
  • Trains always have the right-of-way.  All day, every day. They can approach from any direction, on any track, at any time.
  • Never enter into a construction area.  It is dangerous, and only authorized personnel are allowed in construction areas.  Being and remaining in construction areas without authorization will be considered trespassing.



Tips for Cyclists
  • Cross tracks at a right angle or walk your bike across. Cyclists are more likely to get their wheels stuck or crash when crossing the tracks at less than 90 degrees.


  • Wet tracks can be slippery. Take caution. Sometimes, it's safer to walk your bike across.
  • Use the green bike boxes to make left turns.Never enter an intersections against the traffic signals


  • Be aware of the door zone. This is the space occupied by an open door between moving vehicles and parked cars.
  • Cross to stop platforms at designated crossings only. 
  • Never stop on the tracks. 

Tips for Drivers
  • Never drive around lowered crossing gates. It is illegal and dangerous. Even if you can't see the rail vehicle, that doesn't mean it's not coming.

Picture Car driving around rail road gates it is illegal to do

  • Never race a train to a crossing. You will always lose.


  When Driving Along the Streetcar Alignment... 
  • Park your entire vehicle within the solid white parking lines. Incorrectly parked cars will be subject to a citation and towing.


  • Look for streetcars before making a right turn at a red light. Streetcars are quiet and you may not hear them coming.
  • Do not attempt to pass a streetcar. The streetcar may block your line of sight. Be alert for people entering and exiting at all times.
  • Follow the streetcar at a safe distance. Be prepared to stop.
  • Do not make a turn from the adjacent lane or center lane in front of the streetcar.