CATS Para-Transit​

CATS' goal is to serve all citizens of the region including those with special needs.  

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) is a civil rights bill, which bans discrimination against people with disabilities. Under the ADA, transit agencies operating a fixed-route bus system must provide a comparable paratransit system for people with disabilities who cannot use the CATS fixed-route bus system. CATS Special Transportation Service provides the paratransit service and is a pre-reservation, shared-ride, door to door service.

The STS service area is defined as up to ¾ mile on either side of an existing fixed or local bus route. Service is available on the same days and times that routes in the area are operating. 

You may be approved for services even if you are not in the service area. You will be required to be picked up and dropped off within the service area. 

If you have a disability which prevents you from using a lift-equipped fixed route bus some or all the time, you may be eligible for CATS/STS paratransit service. 

Eligibility is determined by three factors: 

1. Individual’s ability to get to/from the bus stop 
2. Individual’s ability to board/exit the bus 
3. Individual’s cognitive ability to navigate the regular fixed-route bus system 

Operational issues are not used to determine eligibility, including: 

​1. Age 
2. Distance to bus stop 
3. Lack of bus service 
4. Overcrowded bused