CATS Leadership Team

John Muth

Deputy Director for Development

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Development Division
Key Ongoing Activities

Under John M. Muth, Deputy Director for Development and Chief Development Officer, the Development Division of CATS has the lead in planning for and creating Charlotte's rapid transit system.  Now in the early stages of a 25-year, $3 billon development effort, the rapid transit system will include bus rapid transit guideways, light rail transit, streetcar lines, and commuter rail services, and will be an integral part of an overall transit system that will serve over four times as many transit riders as the system did in 2001.​







Larry Kopf
Chief Operations Planning Officer, Assistant Director of Public Transit

Larry Kopf leads the Service Planning division responsible for the short-range service planning projects, service scheduling and the Countywide Transit Services Plan, designed to adjust services as appropriate to meet the changing needs of the population along with coordinating with other divisions in long range planning.


Tangee Mobley

General Manager of Bus Operations

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Bus Operations Division
Key Ongoing​ Activities

Tangee Mobley leads the Bus Operations division responsible for bus service, services for the disabled community and vanpool services. With a focus on customer service, the operations staff provides over 20 million rides each year to residents of Cha​rlotte and the surrounding counties. Responsibilities include the efficient and safe operating of bus, para-transit and vanpool services, fleet planning and maintenance, and coordinating with other divisions in long range planning.





Allen Smith
General Manager Rail Operations, Assistant Director of Public Transit

Allen Smith is the General Manager for the LYNX light rail system. The LYNX light rail division is responsible for operating and maintaining the light rail services, rail cars, track, signal, traction power and maintenance of way systems. The rail division works closely with rail safety to e​nsure and provide a safe service. The light rail division also collaborates in all phases of development of light rail line expansion and future streetcar rail services and CATS wide facilities management.



Olaf Kinard

Director of Marketing & Communications,

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Marketing & Communications Division
Key Ongoing Activities

Olaf Kinard heads up the division responsible for Marketing, Communications and Technology,  which promotes community relations, develops communications, and marketing programs to increase ridership for CATS and for information technology planning and implementation. The Marketing division manages all of CATS' customer service activities, including the Customer Service information line, which handles trip planning, comments, queries and  complaints from the public; all pass sales and customer information needs at the transit center, conducts extensive market research to ensure CATS' continued ability to meet customer needs; conducts public involvement and community relations activities, manages the Employee Transportation Coordinator program; and manages media relations for CATS.​