Internal Audit

FY​2018 reports

collapse Fiscal Year : FY2018 ‎(3)
18-01 Cash Collections FY 17.pdf18-01 Cash Collections FY 17
18-02 Limited Scope Audits - Motor Pool Policy Exemptions and Vehicle Mileage.pdf18-02 Limited Scope Audits - Motor Pool Policy Exemptions and Vehicle Mileage
18-03 Council Approval Threshold.pdf18-03 Council Approval Threshold

​FY​2014 - 17 reports

collapse Fiscal Year : FY2017 ‎(10)
17-02 Airport Rental Car Concession Agreements.pdf17-02 Airport Rental Car Concession Agreements
17-01 Cash Collections FY 16.pdf17-01 Cash Collections FY 16
17-03 CATS Bus Operations FY 16.pdf17-03 CATS Bus Operations FY 16
17-04 City-wide P-card Compliance FY 15.pdf17-04 City-wide P-card Compliance FY 15
17-05 Airport Parking.pdf17-05 Airport Parking
17-06 CMPD Vice Imprest 2016.pdf17-06 CMPD Vice Imprest 2016
17-07 City-wide P-card Compliance FY 16.pdf17-07 City-wide P-card Compliance FY 16
17-08 Employee Expense Reimbursements FY 16.pdf17-08 Employee Expense Reimbursements FY 16
17-09 Grant Accounting Audit FY15.pdf17-09 Grant Accounting Audit FY15
17-10 Airport Rental Cars Avis and Budget.pdf17-10 Airport Rental Cars Avis and Budget
collapse Fiscal Year : FY2016 ‎(12)
16-03 Cash Collections Follow-Up.pdf16-03 Cash Collections Follow-Up
16-04 CATS Bus Operations FY 15.pdf16-04 CATS Bus Operations FY 15
16-05 City-wide P-card Compliance.pdf16-05 City-wide P-card Compliance
16-06 Overtime FY 10 - FY 12.pdf16-06 Overtime FY 10 - FY 12
16-07 Employee Expense Reimbursements April-June 2015.pdf16-07 Employee Expense Reimbursements April-June 2015
16-10 CMPD Vice Imprest 2015.pdf16-10 CMPD Vice Imprest 2015
16-08 Construction Change Orders.pdf16-08 Construction Change Orders
16-09 Office Depot Contract.pdf16-09 Office Depot Contract
16-12 Union County Wastewater Treatment Agreement.pdf16-12 Union County Wastewater Treatment Agreement
16-01 Airport Valet Parking.pdf16-01 Airport Valet Parking
16-11 Purchased Assets FY 15.pdf16-11 Purchased Assets FY 15
16-02 Airport Turn Over Reviews Follow-Up.pdf16-02 Airport Turn Over Reviews Follow-Up
collapse Fiscal Year : FY2015 ‎(7)
Cash Collections Audit Report Oct2014.pdfCash Collections Audit Report Oct2014
CATS Bus Operations FY2014 Audit Report.pdfCATS Bus Operations FY2014 Audit Report
CMPD Vice Imprest 2014 Audit Report.pdfCMPD Vice Imprest 2014 Audit Report
Employee Expense Reimbursement Audit Report FY13.pdfEmployee Expense Reimbursement Audit Report FY13
Payroll Data Accuracy Audit Report.pdfPayroll Data Accuracy Audit Report
Solid Waste Services City-Wide Services Audit Report FY14.pdfSolid Waste Services City-Wide Services Audit Report FY14
collapse Fiscal Year : FY2014 ‎(7)
CATS Fare Evasion Fines.pdfCATS Fare Evasion Fines
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Audit Report.pdfEnergy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Audit Report
Vice Imprest 2013 Audit Report.pdfVice Imprest 2013 Audit Report
Authorized Contracts and Payments fy13.pdfAuthorized Contracts and Payments fy13
CATS BLE- STV-RWA DL OH and Fees 2013.pdfCATS BLE- STV-RWA DL OH and Fees 2013
Business Tax Follow-Up Audit Report.pdfBusiness Tax Follow-Up Audit Report
2014 Final Stimulus Report.pdf2014 Final Stimulus Report