Rates & Billing


​​Residential Water/Sewer Usage Rates*

Charlotte Water is funded solely by water and sewer rates. Annual rate increases are needed to effectively maintain, improve and expand Charlotte's aging water and wastewater infrastructure.   

Water Usage:

1-4 Ccf           $1.63/Ccf
5-8 Ccf           $2.10/Ccf
9-16 Ccf         $4.85/Ccf
Over 16 Ccf   $9.18/Ccf
Sewer Usage
$4.65 Per Ccf of Water Used (up to 16 Ccf for residential customers)

Fixed Fees
These fees recover costs associated with servicing customer accounts and cover:

  • Reading and maintaining more than 285,000 water meters
  • Investigating and responding to billing questions
  • Producing and mailing bills
  • Providing customer service
  • Receipt of receiving revenues
Water: $4.45/month
Sewer: $4.45/month

Availability Fees
This fee is based on the cost of water and wastewater projects needed to maintain 24/7 water service. These costs are present whether a customer uses water or not. 

Water: $2.95/month
Sewer: $7.39/month

These fees are prorated based on the number of days of service on the bill. 
The average 7 Ccf customer will pay $64.61 per month.*

*This does not include storm water fees. 

Ccf: An abbreviation representing 100 cubic feet and used to measure your water and sewer usage. This unit of measure equals 748 gallons. ​

Private Fire Line Pricing Information

Less than 4 inch -​ $1.10 per bill 
4 inch - $6.73 per bill
6 inch - $15.14 per bill
8 inch - $30.27 per bill
10 inch - $37.84 per bill
12 inch - $59.29 per bill

$2.81 per Ccf of water usage on the fire line 

​ ​​