Charlotte Water

CCharlotte Water Meterharlotte Water is upgrading water meter registers and transmitting electronics. Customers have 60W Automated Meter Reading (AMR) devices will be switched to the newer 100W device. This helps Charlotte Water ensure that meter readings are taken at the first visit. Customers will not see any new charges on your bill for the device or the installation. The water meter is not changing, only the electronic devices and register attached to the meter that transmit the data

WHO: Vanguard is contracted to replace equipment inside meter boxes. You may see Vanguard trucks and someone working at your meter. All workers will have a Vanguard identification badge and only need to access the meter box. If contractor is unable to access meter box, CLTWater Customer Service will find and access and replace meter register. No employee or contractor needs to access inside buildings.

WHEN: Mid-February through September

WATER SERVICE: Customers should not notice any service interruptions or changes during this maintenance work.

WATER BILL: Replacing register on meter resets meter to 0000 or another number. Your next water bill may have two lines for readings (before the register is replaced and after) like this:

 meter readings when transmitter is replaced between readings

Frequently Asked Question

Why is my transmitter and register being replaced?
Charlotte Water is upgrading 60W AMR transmitters with 100W AMR transmitters.

Is my meter being replaced?
No. Charlotte Water attempts to replace equipment before end of useful life.

What if the notice on the door indicates a problem with access to the equipment?
If contractor is unable to access meter box then Charlotte Water staff will attempt to access at a later time. If you have a concern about your meter box, please call 311 for assistance.                

Does this work impact my bill?
No. Customers may notice two readings on their next water bill instead of one.

  • One on day contractor replaces the register and transmitter  
  • One at normal read date after new register is installed

CLTWater audits bills before mailing them to customers. Call 311 anytime you have a water bill question. 

What if landscape was damaged?
The goal is to complete our maintenance work with minimum disturbance to grass or flowers near a meter box. If the meter box is covered by flowers, grass, or mulch then the meter box lid will be left exposed as required for meter maintenance. Please do not cover the meter box. If you have a question about landscape or how it was left, please call 311.