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​​Water Bill Payment Options​

Pay by Phone or Computer
Schedule Future Payments
  • Bank Draft (EZ Pay) Initial set up will take four to six weeks. We will confirm your participation and notify you when your EZ Pay payments will begin. 
Mailing address for water bill payment is:

City of Charlotte
Billing Center
P.O. Box 1316
Charlotte NC 28201-1316​



Authorized Payment LocationsAuthorized Payment Locations
Pay OnlinePay Online
Pay By PhonePay By Phone
Pay In PersonPay In Person
Online Bill Pay FAQOnline Bill Pay FAQ

​Pay Bill via City Website

Pay water bill by signing in or registering your account through Charlotte Water website. Additional payment options are available

​If unable to see above sign in fields, please click access online pay login here.

​Frequently Asked Questions



How do I get water turned on in my name?<div class="ExternalClass7F6F7BC254EE4483980522DCA5533C41"><ol><li><strong>CONTACT US BY TELEPHONE</strong> - (dial 311 or 704-336-7600) and provide<br></li><li><strong>Social Security Number</strong>, SSN (preferred); or <strong>Employer Tax Identification Number</strong>, EIN Note: (this is a business tax identification number, NOT an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN, W-7). Federal rules prohibit accepting ITIN for identity verification outside the tax system.<br></li><li><strong>a fee for new service will be applied to the first bill.</strong><br></li></ol><p><a href="/Water/Pages/MovingStartStopService.aspx">Click here to learn more and how to apply for service in person</a>. </p></div>
Why sign up for paperless billing and payments?<div class="ExternalClass16A7312BBD5B497289EA8DD204F63E10"><p></p><ul><li>Do your part in saving the environment by eliminating the need for paper bills and checks.<br></li><li>Save money on the postage required for mailed payments.<br></li><li>Save your online City Services bills and view them at your convenience.<br></li><li>Never worry about paying your bill on time.</li></ul><p>Electronic bill presentment and payments are available through online bill pay services provided by most banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions.  City Services customers who do not currently use online bill pay are encouraged to visit their bank’s website to learn more.<br></p></div>
Can a family member or roommate call about the bill?<div class="ExternalClass07F30B75218D4683ACC7E08AC8A55C83"><p>Yes, you can add someone to your account so they can inquire about your bill. Call 311 or 704-336-7600.  The customer service representative will ask for your Social Security Number to verify that you are authorized to add someone to the account.<br><br>The primary account holder is financially responsible for paying the water bill.</p></div>
When should I expect my first bill? <div class="ExternalClass95A8EDE5ABAA404EA3D926EF5CB934C3"><div><div><p>Your first bill could be up to 60 days from the time water is turned on depending on when your bill is mailed during the billing cycle.<br><br>Customers will see a $41.00 turn on fee will be part of this first bill.  <br><br>If it is a commercial account, a deposit is also charged. Go to <a href="/Water/Pages/NewConnectionsCommercial.aspx">New Connections</a> web page for details.<br></p></div></div></div>
​How does Automatic Bank Draft (EZ Pay) work?<div class="ExternalClassBF2FAF1C29884A07B38F886F87A94756"><p>Your water and sewer payment will automatically deduct from your checking or savings account each month. There are no checks to write, stamps to purchase, or bills to sort. Best of all, the service is FREE because there are no enrollment or service fees using EZ Pay!</p><p><br>You will receive a monthly statement indicating the amount and date the payment will be drafted. Rest easy that your water and sewer bill will be paid automatically and on time. <a href="/Water/Pages/AutomaticBankDraft.aspx">Want to sign up?</a></p></div>
What is the charge to get water turned on?<div class="ExternalClass99260923A4684CAEBBA509E08BA00472"><div><p> <a></a>A $41.00 charge will apply to all water turn-ons.</p></div></div>