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Wastewater Odor

  • Wastewater: If you see or suspect a wastewater overflow or spill, call 311 - 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Drinking Water: If you have an odor concern regarding drinking water, call 311 or 704-336-7600 immediately and say or select 'water emergency.'

At home
​Private plumbing systems are designed to prevent wastewater gases from entering residences. All active sewer lines contain gases, and a malfunctioning plumbing system could allow gases or odors to enter the home. If after all plumbing lines are filled with water including toilets the odor does not go away, consider having a licensed plumber check plumbing and vent system.​


  • There are numerous potential sources of odor in a community our size, and wastewater plants are just one possible source.
  • Sewage odor can occur more often during warm temperatures, when there is bacterial growth and buildup of debris in pipes, or if a manhole, pump stations, or other equipment malfunctions. 
  • CLTWater upgrades facilities and pipes in an effort to alleviate some odors. 
  • Your input is essential to identifying odors, solving these problems and allowing us to serve you in the best way possible



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