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Please note that Charlotte Water will begin using the 2013 EJCDC C-Series documents beginning in Fall of 2017. Stay tuned for more information.

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Waste Removal & Container Rental Services
Irwin Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Dewatering Building
FY18 Water Main Replacement
FY18 Small Diameter Water & Sewer Services #2
Request for Information-Polymer Trials
Design-Build Services for the McAlpine Creek WWMF Reliability and Process Improvements Project
Filter System and Ultraviolet Disinfection System
Water Meter Yokes and Brass Accessories
Mallard Creek WWTP Effluent Filter & UV Disinfection Systems Upgrades Project
Progressive Design-Build Services for the Irvins Creek Tributary Trunk Line, Wilmore Drive/Park Avenue, and Little Sugar Creek Tributary Trunk Sewer to North Tryon Street Sanitary Sewer Projects
Sugar Creek Headworks Building HVAC Improvements
PCB Handling Services
Owner's Advisor for the McAlpine Creek WWMF Nutrient Harvesting Project
Small Water and Sewer Related Projects
Franklin WTP Clarifier and Thickener Rehabilitation
Solids Thickening and Dewatering Trials
Program Manager for Water Master Plan Projects
Long Creek Stream Rehabilitation
FY18 Small Diameter Water & Sewer Services, Contract 1
UMS Billing and Collections Cost Allocation Model Consulting Services
General Engineering Services for Charlotte Water Relocations and Improvements within Government Projects
Trench Box Safety Evaluations and Updates
Unspecified Water and Sewer Repairs (FY17)
Ayrsley Gravity Sewer Replacement Phase II - Rebid
Electrical Maintenance and Repair Service
Easement Mowing & Clearing
Rate Model Consulting Services
Trench Shoring Boxes
Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) Services for Doby Creek and Little Sugar Creek Tributary to Fairview Rd. Sanitary Sewer Improvements
FY18 Miscellaneous Engineering Services
Upper Little Sugar Creek Replacement Sewer Phase 1
Wastewater Lift Stations Electrical Engineering
Power Generation System
Ayrsley Gravity Sewer Replacement Phase II
Gas Monitoring Safety Equipment
RFQ for Program Management Services for the Water & Wastewater Roofing Replacement Project
Davidson Asbestos Maintenance (CANCELLED)
Boilers, Gas Systems and Gas Safety Preventive Maintenance and Repair Service (Readvertised)
RFQ for Miscellaneous Corrosion Control, Design and Monitoring Services
Video Monitoring Services and Products

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City contractors are encouraged to implement clean construction strategies to ensure the safety and health of construction workers, the communities surrounding construction sites and regional air quality.