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​​Backflow Assembly​​​

To ensure the safety of our community's drinking water, a backflow prevention device is required on inground irrigation systems. This prevents hazardous substances from inadvertently being drawn into the drinking water system, contaminating it. 

All backflow prevention devices must be tested once a year. See a List of Approved Testers  - (updated periodically).

To request a backflow inspection, call 704-391-5188 or email​.

For general backflow  questions, please contact Backflow Prevention at 704-432-5800 or 311. ​​​​​




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What is a backflow prevention device?<div class="ExternalClass6A5CF5EA300047ABB3FA919B742D7DD9"><p>People often think water travels in only one direction through the distribution system, but under certain pressure conditions, water can actually travel backwards. If a customer's water supply line is connected to a substance not fit for drinking and the line is unprotected, then the unfit substance could travel backwards through the water distribution system.​</p><p>This is known as backflow. Consider a hose submerged in a bucket of garden chemicals. If the water pressure in your area becomes lower than normal, the chemicals in the bucket can flow backwards through the hose and into your drinking water supply.​</p><p>Backflow prevention devices are attached to irrigation systems and some industrial and commercial connections. You may see them covered by a green plastic cover near the street or building.​</p><p>All backflow prevention devices must be tested once a year. </p></div>
​How do I find out flow and pressure <div class="ExternalClass86DD07A07DDA407DBFD6787B263C9854"><p>Call Charlotte Fire Department (CFD) at 704-336-2441 or Mecklenburg County Fire Marshal at 704-336-2155.</p><p><br></p></div>
Why are some hydrants different colors?<div class="ExternalClass1543A5E90AD9419CA6A35840DB65D34F"><div><p>Color-coding hydrants is how the Charlotte Fire Department and CLTWater identify information about hydrants. Each color has a specific meaning and that is why painting hydrants is prohibited.</p></div></div>
What hydrants should not be used?<div class="ExternalClassA544CA9158AC4492B28FE2B554CA2112"><div><p>Any hydrant with a device already on it should not be used. Hydrants that are painted other than all yellow should never be used. Some hydrants may be restricted during freezing temperatures as well.​</p></div></div>