Vision Zero

​Vision Zero

The City of Charlotte has always placed strong emphasis on a safe transportation system for all users. This drives our every decision. Now, the City is introducing a strategy to implement broad-reaching efforts to protect the most vulnerable transportation system users – bicyclists and pedestrians. We believe it’s our collective responsibility to create safe travel for all.

What is Vision Zero?

Across the globe, Vision Zero is saving and protecting lives. Vision Zero was started in Sweden in 1997. It’s a strategy to eliminate all traffic-related deaths and severe injuries, while increasing safety, health and mobility for all. Vision Zero focuses on how people naturally behave. People make mistakes but mistakes should not be fatal. Dangerous and careless driving will be addressed.

Vision Zero in Charlotte

Vision Zero prioritizes human life and seeks to eliminate the common belief that traffic crashes are inevitable accidents. The City believes that there is safety in numbers, that increasing numbers of people walking and biking make these activities safer, as well as improves the overall health of the City of Charlotte.

The City of Charlotte embraces a proactive culture of openness, innovation and creative solutions. Caring and responsible actions will result in a safe and sound infrastructure, one where every person matters. Vision Zero moves us in that direction.

​The City of Charlotte is establishing a Task Force to develop a plan a Vision Zero Action Plan. Stay tuned for more information as the plan develops.
Vision Zero Safety Umbrella

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