​Charlotte's Pedestrian Program

Every trip starts and ends as a pedestrian trip. The mission of the Pedestrian Program is to make Charlotte a more walkable city by supporting a pedestrian experience that is Safe, Useful, and Inviting. Those three themes are the focus of the Charlotte WALKS Pedestrian Plan and are supported by other adopted policies, like the Transportation Action Plan.

In order to make Charlotte's streets and neighborhoods more walkable, the Pedestrian Program focuses its work in the following three areas:

  1. Community Investments - Read more about how the Pedestrian Program is improving walkability and public health throughout Charlotte.
  2. Education & Outreach - Understand how walkable streets and neighborhoods impact a wide variety of issues.
  3. Long Range Planning - Providing a Safe, Useful, and Inviting pedestrian experience takes planning. Learn more about the Charlotte WALKS pedestrian plan.



Community InvestmentsCommunity Investments
Education, Outreach and ResourcesEducation, Outreach and Resources
Long Range Planning – Charlotte WALKS Long Range Planning – Charlotte WALKS