​Park! Center City

The Park! Center City program and the Charlotte Coin make it more convenient and less expensive to visit the Center City area. With more than 20 parking garages and 1000 onstreet parking meters to choose from, parking has become easier and less of an excuse for not visiting Charlotte's Center City.

When patrons visit Center City businesses displaying the Park! Center City symbol, they receive a Charlotte Coin. The universal $1 coin is accepted in the city's onstreet parking meters and may be redeemed at participating parking garages.

If visitors want to move about the Center City and surrounding area, they can use the Charlotte Coin on CATS buses and the LYNX Blue Line. Riders will be credited $1.00 after inserting the token into a bus fare box or train station ticket vending machine. Citizens will then be required to pay the difference to complete the fare and gain access to the service. For a list of CATS and LYNX fares, please visit ridetransit.

Parking Rules for Center City Area

  • Most streets have peak rush-hour parking restrictions from 7a.m. - 9 a.m. and/or 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.

  • Vehicles will be towed if parked on restricted streets during the peak rush-hour period.

  • Streets may be temporarily closed with No Parking signs (usually bright orange)and/or meter or pay station bags.

  • These streets will be strictly enforced with ticketing and towing. Most Center City onstreet spaces allow a maximum of 2-hour parking.

  • Rates for most spaces in Center City are $1 per hour. Parking at Center City metered spaces is free nights and weekends.

However, read all nearby signage, as temporary restrictions can occur at anytime, and temporary signage is strictly enforced. If towed, call 311.

​To receive a Park! Center City Brochure which includes a map and list of participating parking garages, visit:

Park It! office
1440 South Tryon Street, Suite 108


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