​Shared Mobility Pilot Program

A key element of the city's vision includes creating a high-energy, hyper-connected, safe community. The City of Charlotte is working to achieve that vision through the addition of a Shared Mobility Pilot Program, which adds electric scooter options to the city's existing bike share program.

E-Scooter Share Pilot Program

What is e-scooter share?

A new electric scooter share model is emerging in cities across the country, including Austin and Washington DC. E-Scooter share allows users to rent an e-scooter from virtually anywhere through a smart-phone application, and park it when their ride ends. E-Scooters will be available in Charlotte beginning Monday, May 21, 2018.

How does e-scooter share work?

  1. Download the company’s app you are interested in renting from (available on IPhone and Android devices)
  2. Use the company’s app to find and unlock a e-scooter near you
  3. Park and relock your e-scooter when you finish your ride 





Where to ride Bike lanes and roadways Bike lanes and roadways Not specified
Helmet policy Recommended Recommended (riders can request free helmet from the safety section of the Bird mobile app) Recommended
Speed limits Obey local traffic laws Obey local traffic laws, e-scooters have 15 mph top speed Obey local traffic laws, e-scooters have 14.8 mph top speed
Driver's license Required Required Required
Age limits Must be 18+ (13 with parent consent) Must be 18+ Must be 18+

Where can I ride my e-scooter?

For the purposes of the pilot program, e-scooters can be operated on sidewalks except in the "congested business district" (CBD) as defined by Section 6-431in the City Code. Riders must obey traffic laws and are strongly encouraged to wear helmets. These regulations are subject to change depending upon the results of the pilot program.

Where can I park my e-scooter when I finish my ride?

When you finish your ride, make sure you park your e-scooter in a location that does not impede a pedestrian walkway.

E-Scooters should be parked upright:

  • in the pedestrian zone of the sidewalks (leave a 6' pathway for people who are walking, rolling or strolling) OR
  • in the green zone next to the sidewalk (i.e. the planting strip if not landscaped)

When parking your e-scooter, do NOT block:

  • bus stops
  • loading zones
  • accessible parking zones
  • curb ramps
  • driveways
  • greenways/multiuse trails/rail trails
  • Charlotte B-Cycle rental kiosks

Also, please do not park your e-scooter on private property, county parks, LYNX light rail platforms or in a vehicle travel lane or bicycle lane.

What is the E-Scooter Share Pilot Program?

Beginning May 21, 2018, the Shared Mobility Pilot Program will enhance existing transportation options by providing an easy, low-cost solution that connects riders to the first and last miles of their commute.

Two companies – Bird and Lime – currently participate in the expanded pilot program. Each company is required to operate a minimum of 50 e-scooters and a maximum of 300 e-scooters within the City of Charlotte.

During the Pilot Program, permit operators are responsible for meeting requirements specific to safety, maintenance, operations, parking, and data sharing as outlined in the Charlotte Bike Share Permit Requirements.

Riders can rent an e-scooter using a smart-phone application and then park the e-scooter when their ride ends. All e-scooter operators in Charlotte require riders to have a valid driver's license. The City of Charlotte welcomes feedback on the E-Scooter Share Pilot Program, which continues through October.

How do I provide input on the E-Scooter Share Pilot Program?

CDOT is interested in hearing from you on how you think the Pilot Program is going. 

Please complete the survey to help us gauge public opinion of the program and identify opportunities for improvement: E-Scooter Share Survey

​How do I contact e-scooter share vendors to share feedback or report an issue?

Bird and Lime  are operating e-scooters under this Shared Mobility Pilot Program. To contact a customer service and/or local operations manager please see the contact information on the right.

Please note, per CDOT permit requirements, any e-scooter that is reported for being parked incorrectly is required to be promptly re-parked in a correct manner or removed by the operator within two hours of receiving notice.

​E-Scooter share ridership


View e-scooter ridership on the infograph here: June Ridership Data

E-Scooter share vendors contact information


April Byrd: 704-439-6281,
Customer Service: 1-866-205-2442

Bird e-scooters 


CJ Shaw: 704-507-1328,
Customer Service: 888-546-3345

Lime e-scooters    

Visit the operator’s website for more information about opportunities for discounted rates.