​Bike Share Pilot Program

What is dockless bike share?

A new bike share model (dockless bike share) is emerging in cities across the country, including Dallas, Seattle and Washington DC. Dockless bike share allows users to rent a bike from virtually anywhere through a smart-phone application, and park it when their ride ends. 

How does dockless bike share work?

  1. Download the company’s app you are interested in renting from (available on IPhone and Samsung devices)
  2. Use the company’s app to find and unlock a bike near you
  3. Park and relock your bike when you finish your ride 

Where can I park my bike when I finish my ride?

Based on Charlotte procedure, there are particular locations in which you can "park" your bike. Ensure that it's not impeding a walkway and that it's not in an unsafe location that could cause damage to cars or pedestrians. 

What is the Bike Share Pilot Program?

​Bike share has been identified in several of our adopted plans (TAP, Charlotte BIKES, Center City Transportation Plan) as a tool to promote transportation choices in Charlotte, and connect residents to employment, education, parks, shopping, and other destinations. 

CDOT is currently testing the viability of dockless bike share through a one-year pilot program. The Bike Share Pilot Program allows permitted operators to maintain a fleet of up to 500 bicycles within Charlotte's city limits. During the Pilot Program, permit operators are responsible for meeting requirements specific to safety, maintenance, operations, parking, and data sharing as outlined in the Charlotte Bike Share Permit Requirements.

At the conclusion of the one-year pilot period (October, 2018), staff will evaluate the permitting process and outcomes. Depending on the results of the evaluation, next steps could include:

  • denying the use of dockless bike share services in the public right-of-way,
  • amending city code to develop a regulatory framework that would allow multiple bike share vendor operations within the city’s right-of-way, or
  • developing a city owned bike share program operated by a vendor selected through a competitive procurement process.

How do I provide input on the Bike Share Pilot Program?

Dockless systems promise great benefits for cities, but can also create some challenges, especially in regards to where bicycles can and cannot be parked once a trip has ended.  CDOT is interested in hearing from you on how you think the Pilot Program is going. 

Please complete the survey to help us gauge public opinion of the program and identify opportunities for improvement: Dockless Bike Share Survey

​How do I contact bike share vendors to share feedback or report an issue?

Ofo​, LimeBike, Mobike​, and Spin are currently operating under this Pilot Program. To contact a customer service and/or local operations manager from a vendor please see the contact information on the right. 

Bike share vendors contact information


Customer Service (844) 289-9747




Customer Service (888) 546-3345  




Customer Service (800) 964-2330 




Customer Service (888) 262-5189