Bicycle Advisory Committee

The Charlotte City Council approved the City/County Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) on Sept. 13, 1999, by virtue of approving the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Bicycle Transportation Plan. The BAC consists of 11 members - six appointed by City Council, two appointed by the County Commission and three appointed by the Mayor's office.

BAC terms are staggered with terms being three years. Council and Mayoral appointees must be residents of Charlotte and County appointees must be residents of Mecklenburg County. All must have an interest in bicycling as a form of transportation.

The BAC is an advisory body to City Council. The committee reviews bicycle plans and makes recommendations on implementing the policies and policy strategies. The BAC also recommends appropriate action to the City Council and County Commission on bicycle transportation issues.

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Bicycle Advisory Committee Members 


Next BAC meeting:

June 27, 2017 6 p.m.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center, Room 266


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BAC Committee Members 20162016 Bicycle Advisory Committee members (left to right): Paul Benton, Buzz Morley, Adam Raskoskie, Elizabeth Swanzy-Parker, Chris Gladora.  Martin Zimmerman, Haley Beaupre, Katie Lloyd, Robert Boyer.