​City of Charlotte's Car Share Pilot Program powered by Zipcar

The City, in partnership with Zipcar, has launched a car share pilot program, giving Charlotte's community members access to another transportation choice to get around town. For the initial pilot program, Zipcar will provide car share vehicles for six on-street parking spaces (designated by CDOT) and six off-street parking spaces (located in parking garages) throughout Uptown and South End. In addition, Zipcar will continue to provide car share services at Charlotte Douglas International Airport and UNC Charlotte.

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Car sharing offers another transportation choice and a whole lot more!

Parking, Congestion, and Mobility: Carsharing reduces household car ownership and vehicle miles traveled. It increases walking, bicycling and public transportation use. It also alleviates parking and traffic congestion.

Fairness, Equity, and Community: Carsharing increases transportation options for those who are least likely to own a car. It provides mobility and accessibility to all residents regardless of age, income, or ability. It promotes affordable, convenient, and integrated transportation choices. The reduction in the number of required parking spaces, allows for more open space, green space and tactical urbanism.

Economics, Housing, and Affordability: Carsharing reduces household transportation costs, thereby making housing more affordable and increases local spending. Carsharing is a desirable urban amenity making cities a more attractive destination to live, work and play.

Environmental Quality: Carsharing means less traffic, less pollution, less real estate dedicated to parking infrastructure, and more room for bikes, parks, and a nice deep breath of fresh air. Zipcar's environmental statistics include:

  • Each Zipcar member reduces their CO2 emissions by up to 1,600 pounds per year.
  • Each Zipcar takes up to 13 personally owned vehicles off the road.
  • After kicking their car to the curb, members report an increase in walking, biking and public transit.

Active Transportation and Healthy Living: Carsharing promotes alternative travel modes such as public transit, biking, and walking. These lifestyle shifts create active-living opportunities and can improve health while also decreasing traffic, congestion and parking in urban areas.

​Zipcar offers a membership service giving you "wheels when you want them" by reserving a Zipcar vehicle by the hour or by the day. You can start using a Zipcar in four simple steps:  join, reserve, tap and drive.

  • Cars are self-service and on-demand (keys are right inside the cars).
  • Cars are parked and ready to go in several Uptown locations. 
  • Gas, insurance, maintenance and 180 miles/day are included in every reservation!
  • Zipcar membership is only $25.00.
  • Reservations start at $8.50/hour and $79.00 per day.