Division & Contacts

​Street Maintenance

Charlotte is a vibrant, growing community with approximately 2,400 (centerline measured) miles of city maintained streets. The Street Maintenance Division and its more than 200 employees are committed to ensuring Charlotte streets, drainage structures, and sidewalks are in safe condition.


  • Asphalt maintenance and repair

  • Curb and sidewalk replacement and repair

  • Drainage maintenance and repair

  • Minor street reconstruction and widening

  • Storm debris clean up

Street Resurfacing:
Paving the Way Video
The contract below shows planned resurfacing lists, but the list is subject to change.
Current Resurfacing List 

Utility Cuts:
Utility Cut Degradation Policy 
Registration for Certification Class 
Regulations and Fee Schedule  (Procedures for working in Asphalt and Concrete Pavements) 
Degradation Fee Presentation 
Utility Cut Certification List 
Utility Restoration Specs and Standards 

For information pertaining to Utility Companies visit the Utility Right of Way Management page.

Winter Weather Preparedness:

Emergency Plan for Ice and Snow-2016-2017 
CDOT Salt & Brine Truck Safety Facts Video
CDOT Salt Deployment Quick Facts Video

Street Maintenance is divided into three districts — Northwest, Northeast and Southwest. Each district is responsible for a geographic area equal to approximately 1/3 of the city.

Northwest District
4411 Northpointe Industrial Blvd.
Charlotte, N.C. 28216
Supervisor: Tony Bartlett,  704-336-8493

Northeast District
6001 General Commerce Drive
Charlotte, N.C.  28213
Supervisor: Tom Shabani,  704-432-0643

Southwest District
4600 Sweden Road
Charlotte, N.C.  28273
Supervisor:   Magda Holloway, 704-336-6178

Street Superintendent: Saleem Khattak 704-336-5128
Deputy Superintendent: Ken Martin 704-432-3141
Administrative Officer IVCharlie Jones 704-336-8334​