​Historic Stewart Creek Stream Enhancement

​Stream restoration, water quality improvements and erosion control


Easement acquisition in progress.
Consultant assisting property owners with easements.

Proposed Project InfoIn this December 2013 photo, SWS employees inspect Stewart Creek for water quality impairments. They discover litter, erosion (a

Storm Water Services will enhance more than 2 miles of stream in a highly urbanized area of Mecklenburg County.

Objectives of Project

  • Repair Eroding Stream Banks
  • Improve Water Quality
  • Improve Habitat
  • Reduce the amount of sediment in the water 
  • *This project WILL NOT reduce flooding

Project Cost

$2.5 million 

Status of Project

The project is in the survey and design phase. Easement efforts are ongoing, along with property acquisition. Eighty-five (85) voluntary private easements are necessary to construct the project as proposed. The County, along with easement acquisition firm THC, are meeting with homeowners to discuss the project and obtain easements. 

Project Schedule

Next Milestone: Summer/Winter 2016: Engineering and Design


 Several meetings have been held with stakeholders and property owners to discuss the impacts of the project and answer questions about easements. Letters were sent out to property owners to explain the project goals and upcoming floodplain map changes and another letter was sent explaining the easement process.  In addition, on May 18, 2015, a creek-walk sponsored by UNC-Charlotte provided a brief history of the creek and an overview of plans for future improvements.


Project Manager

Stephanie Roberts-Bowman, P.E.

Project Engineering Consultant
Kimley-Horn Associates

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