Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services

June 21 - June 27  Washing Equipment​

Charlotte is growing, construction is booming and contractors are working everywhere. Contractors all need to clean a variety of equipment. Cleaning equipment in the street or over a storm drain is like cleaning it right into a stream. Even if the material doesn’t travel down the street into a storm drain that day, it will with the next rain! Contractors and residents should clean equipment in a sink in their home or at their place of business where the water will go to the sanitary sewer and be cleaned. Be aware of some substances called Household Hazardous Waste that we do not want down the sink either and should be taken to a recycling center instead. 



​This contest is only open to City of Charlotte employees.​

Please use the link above to access the SurveyMonkey questionnaire and officially submit your answers. For this week’s contest, we will not take submissions after 11:59pm on June 27. This week the multiple choice questions are: 
1) Which of the following activities should be reported to 311 as a stormwater pollution problem? 
2) Mark the ONE statement about Household Hazardous Waste below that is NOT true.
3) Mark the ONE presentation listed below that we do NOT offer.

The answer to the first question should be easy if you have been participating in this contest. It can also be found on the Stormy webpages for this contest. 
The answers to the second and third questions can be found on the following webpages of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services website: