Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services

June 14 - June 20  Dumpsters & Grease Bins
Liquids leaking out of dumpsters and grease bins can be a significant source of pollution for storm drains and streams. “Dumpster Juice”, as it’s called, is full of bacteria and can make our streams unsuitable for kids or pets to play in.

We hope that residents can help report these problems when they spot them. Many times we will educate the owner if the problem is not too bad, but if the grease bin is overflowing into a storm drain, we will issue a Notice of Violation.   

​In fiscal year 2017​​, we issued 121 Notices of Violation of the Stormwater Pollution Control Ordinance and the most were for overflowing grease bins! It’s a big problem.  

If you see dumpsters or grease bins leaking, please report it! 


​This contest is only open to City o​f Charlotte employees.​

Please use the link above to access the SurveyMonkey questionnaire and officially submit your answers. For this week’s contest, we will not take submissions after 11:59pm on June 20. This week the multiple choice questions are: 
1) Mark the one statement below that is ​NOT a "green" yard care tip. 
2) What do volunteers do in the Storm Drain Marking Program? 
3) According to a 2015 survey in Mecklenburg County, approximately what percentage of respondents INCORRECTLY said that stormwater IS treated and cleaned before it reaches a creek or lake?

You can find all the answers for this week’s contest questions at the following links to Charlotte-Mecklenburg​ Storm Water Services website: