Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services

June 7 - June 13  Mop Water ​
Dumping mop water into a storm drain is the same thing as dumping it right into a stream! Would you dump mop water into a fish tank? That would likely hurt or kill your fish. ​
Please keep your eyes open for businesses washing equipment outside or dumping mop water down storm drains. The best thing to do with mop water is to dump it into a sink where it will go to the sanitary sewer.  ​

If you see ​someone dumping mop water in a storm drain, please report it!  

If you are wondering about the bucket from washing your car… residential car washing is exempt from the City’s Storm Water Pollution Control ordinance. But, if you want a clean car and to do the best thing for the environment, wash your car at a car wash where the water will go to the sanitary sewer and be cleaned.   


The June 7 - June 13 contest is over.  For this week's contest, go back a page and click on the pollution topic with today's date.​

​This contest is only open to City of ​Charlotte employees.​

Please use the link above to access the SurveyMonkey questionnaire and officially submit your answers. For this week’s contest, we will not take submissions after 11:59pm on June 13. This week the multiple choice questions are: 
1) What is the MOST environmentally friendly way to wash your car? 
2) How many pounds of waste do registered dogs in Mecklenburg County produce each year?
3) On average, how many tons of trash do volunteers clean out of local streams annually? ​

You can find all the answers for this week’s contest questions on ​the following webpages of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services website: