Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services

​​Stormy’s Report Pollution Contest

This contest is only open to City of Charlotte employees.​

​Many streams in Charlotte are considered impaired or “sick”. Protecting streams by reporting pollution helps improve local water quality so our streams and lakes are suitable for recreation and as a drinking water source.

Each year the City is required to educate its employees about how they can identify and report stormwater pollution and help prevent it.​

This year Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services is reaching out to employees across the City with Stormy’s Report Pollution Contest. Stormy is our turtle mascot for reporting pollution and educating the community about stormwater. ​

Every Thursday during the month of June, a link to the Stormy Contest will be sent via the Crown Weekly. A link will also be posted on one of the four webpages below that will allow employees to enter the weekly Report Pollution Contest and a chance to win a $50 Target gift card. Answer three questions each week correctly and you are eligible to win! The questions are easy and you know right away if you were correct! Two winners will be announced each week! See REPORT POLLUTION WEEKLY CONTEST below. ​



If it looks strange or smells strange, report it!

If you suspect or see someone dumping something into a storm drain or into a street or if you notice a stream, pond, or lake that is muddy, foamy, or milky or has an unusual odor, please report it ASAP. Our storm drains lead directly to creeks and lakes. ​
Stormy Cartoon
There are four easy ways to report stormwater pollution:  


This contest is only open to City of Charlotte employees.

To access the contest’s question(s) of the week, please click on the link below that corresponds to today’s date.​
June 21 - June 27  Washing Equipment

​​The winners for each week will be posted on this webpage and notified via email. ​

Congratulations Winners!
Week 1: Amy Wallace, EPM and Jonathan Horn, CFD
Week 2: Krystal King, Management & Financial Services & Emily Perry, EPM



​​Stormy Photo