​Fee​ Credits

​Property owners may qualify for a Storm Water fee credit if:

all or nearly all of their stormwater runoff drains either directly into the Catawba River or directly into an adjoining county
the property owner has significantly reduced the amount of runoff through a stormwater control measure or pond that captures and holds it.

Types of Credits

There are four types of storm water fee credits:

  1. County Line Credit
    Fee exemptions may be granted if the property borders another county. To qualify, the property and the county line must be the same and all runoff must flow directly into the neighboring county. If the property qualifies for a County Line Fee Credit, the property owner pays no storm water fee.     
    County Line Fee Credit Policy

  2. Catawba River Credit
    Storm Water fee reductions may be granted for some property on the water's edge of: 

    • Lake Norman

    • Mountain Island Lake

    • Lake Wylie or

    • the Catawba River.

    To qualify, all runoff must flow directly into the lake or river without entering a municipal drainage system. Storm water fees for qualifying property will be reduced up to 96.4% but are not eliminated.
    Catawba River Fee Credit Policy

  3. Stormwater Control Measure Credit 
    Properties that have specially-designed storm water controls such as rain gardens, level spreaders or ponds may qualify for a fee reduction. This credit is not provided to qualifying customers automatically. A Fee Credit Application must be completed by an engineer or landscape architect and submitted to Storm Water Services for review.
    Stormwater Control Measure Fee Credit Application

  4. Pond Credit ​
    Single-family properties with a pond that significantly reduces stormwater runoff by capturing and holding it may qualify for a fee reduction.​
    Pond Fee Credit Policy

Questions about fee credits?

Properties inside City of Charlotte limits contact:
Kevin E. Herring, PE  

Properties outside City of Charlotte limits contact:
David​ Goode, PE  

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