Solid Waste Leadership Team

​The Solid Waste Services Leadership Team consists of the Director, the deputy director and division managers. This team of managers advises the Director on organizational and operational policies and procedures pertaining to their specific area of expertise.  A listing of each member, their area of responsibility, and contact information is below.

Victoria O. Johnson

Oversees all Solid Waste Services divisions - managing more than 302 employees. Directs and supervises departmental activities associated with the Operations, Customer Service, Fleet Management, Human Resources and Public Service functions of Solid Waste Services.

Contact Victoria O. Johnson


Rodney Jamison
Deputy Director of Operations

Oversees the Operations functions of Solid Waste Services.

Contact Rodney Jamison

Operations Division

The Operations Division provides weekly collection services to residential single-family units and multi-family complexes of less than 30 units. Collection services include the pickup of residential garbage, recyclables, yard waste and bulky items. The Operations division also cleans city-maintained streets and rights-of-way, supports special events, manages the infrastructure and the cleanliness of the Central Business District (CBD), collects small business refuse, dead animals and provides public trash receptacles. The division also provides maintenance for bus stops and trolley corridor in the CBD.

Collections and Special Services

Contact Noble Scott

Public Service Division

The Public Service Division advises Solid Waste leadership on how to develop customer-focused operational policies and procedures. Staff manages the department's relationship with the media, and its outreach and educational programs. The division also performs analysis of city-wide waste reduction/recycling opportunities and recycling trend analysis, researches and coordinates recycling events, as well as researches and applies for grants available for the recycling program.

Contact Brandi Williams
bnwilliams@charlottenc.gov  ​​​

Safety Division

The Safety Division coordinates internal safety and training activities and facilitates the activities for the Accident Prevention Team.

Contact Shirley Belton

Ellen Price
Deputy Director of Administration

Oversees the Administration functions of Solid Waste Services.

Contact Ellen Price

Administration Division

The Administrative Division supports key business activities through coordinated business planning and strategic management of budgetary, fiscal, competitive, contractual and human resource activities.  Administration also manages the outsourced contract for the rollout cart lease agreement and multi-family collection contracts for complexes with 30 or more residential units.

Contact Louie Moore

Contracts Division

The Contracts Division monitors daily field operations to ensure contract compliance and customer satisfaction. They are also responsible for monitoring the multi-family contract.

Recycling Contract Services

Contact Esperanza Dash

Contract Services

Contact Merica Green

Technology Services Division

The Technology Services Division supports key business activities through the management, coordination and implementation of information technology.

Contact Ed Reaves