Upper Little Sugar Creek Sewer Replacement

​​​​​​​​​​(Wellingford Rd to Bilmark Rd)​

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Charlotte Water is replacing wastewater pipe beside Upper Little Sugar Creek (between Wellingford Road and Bilmark Road) that conveys community wastewater to the nearest wastewater treatment plant. Properties that will be directly affected by construction have easement agreements which were approved by property owners.

Why is this project necessary? Existing pipes that serve the area are sagging which may lead to more odors and overflows. Charlotte Water responded to wastewater overflows in the area in recent years. If you see or suspect an overflow out of a manhole, please call 311.​

What is construction going to be like? More than 4,000 feet of pipe will be replaced.  Activities will include:

  • Pipe delivery and storage  – Pipe will be delivered and stored within the construction easements along the creek.
  • Establishing a safe work zone  – Fencing will be placed and pipe will be stabilized to prevent it from moving.
  • Trench digging - Expect to see a lot of dump trucks.
  • Placing pipe and backfilling
  • Underground rock blasting - May be required to install the pipe. If required, residents may hear a warning horn just prior to the blast. The area will be monitored with seismographs to gauge earth vibration levels as required. Blasting is a standard construction procedure and all safety precautions will be taken.
  • Construction traffic along the creek, within the easements

Safety: Please remember that any area along the creek that has been cleared is part of the active construction site.  For safety reasons, pedestrians are not allowed in these areas or anywhere on the construction site.  Parents, please make sure that your children are aware of the hazards and know to stay clear of this area.

​Please see overview. ​

​Properties that will be directly affected by construction have easement agreements which were approved by property owners.​

​To be determined. 

Charlotte Water is community-owned and provides safe drinking water and cleans our community's wastewater. Reinvesting in our system is possible solely through funds from water and wastewater bills.

Map of Project Area
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