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​The Matheson Avenue Bridge streetscape project is the first of several projects scheduled in the North End Applied Innovation Corridor. This project will incorporate pedestrian, bicycle and aesthetic improvements on Matheson Avenue from North Tryon Street to Jordan Place, providing improved connections between North Tryon Street and the LYNX Blue Line Extension, Cross Charlotte Trail​ and the popular NoDa area.

As part of this effort, the addition of bicycle lanes and sidewalk improvements along Matheson Avenue between Jordan Place to the Plaza are also being evaluated. It is not intended to implement these improvements within this current project, but these concepts may be eligible for funding in the future.  ​

Potential improvements to Matheson Avenue between North Tryon Street and Jordan Place

Pedestrian improvements

  • Widen sidewalk along the south side of the roadway and bridge from 5 feet to 8 feet

Bicycle improvements

  • New separated bike path along the south side of the roadway, and a separate bike path on the bridges

  • New bike lane in the westbound direction along the north side of the roadway and bridges

Possible aesthetic improvements

  • ​​Aesthetic railing along bridge

  • Benches

  • Decorative stamped concrete details

  • Lighting

  • Trees

  • Viewing platforms

​​The pedestrian and bicycle improvements discussed above are currently being considered and evaluated. One aspect being evaluated is the effect of eliminating vehicle travel lanes within this section. As the results of the traffic study are obtained, the improvements as presented are subject to change. 

  • To provide safe travel connections for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists over the railyard and into the surrounding communities

  • To provide aesthetic improvements to provide a more pleasing streetscape

​The City of Charlotte will engage the community to gain input on the preliminary design that reflects the regions vision for infrastructure connectivity. Public participation will be important throughout this project to help identify alternatives that meet the City's goal to maintain the growth and vitality of the community and to support a healthy economy for Charlotte. Public involvement opportunities will be posted on this page and on the Citywide Events Calendar​​.

May 10, 2017: Joint public meeting with the Cross Charlotte Trail: Davidson to Matheson segment, at the Belmont Center. View presentation​. View the public meeting summary​.

May 11-June 12, 2017: Online meeting for this project and the Cross Charlotte Trail.

​To be determined

​​​​​​The Community Investment Plan approved by City Council in 2013 calls for voters to consider approval of funding for a number of infrastructure programs. Voters approved bond financing in 2014 and 2016 and will vote on further bond financing in 2018 and 2020. For this project, if voters approve funding, City staff engages the community to determine the details of what will ultimately be built. Once these details are known, the cost of the project is estimated and published. Learn more about the Community Investment Plan at​

​​​Project boundaries (click on image to view a full-size version)​
Matheson Avenue Bridge streetscape project boundary


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