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​This state-funded project will improve travel conditions, primarily for vehicles, but also for cyclists, pedestrians and transit users in the area. The project will widen Lakeview Road to additional transportation capacity in advance of thee North Carolina Department of Transportation's I-77 project.  Specifically, the project will focus on increasing vehicular capacity at key intersections along the corridor in order to facilitate movement to the Lakeview direct-connect interchange with I-77. 

Improvements are limited to those that can be constructed within the existing public right-of-way with minimal impact to utilities. The project limits are along Lakeview Road from Statesville Road (SR21/115) to Cushing Drive.

During the initial planning phase, the project teams for this project and Lakeview Road and Reames Road intersection improvement project will coordinate together because of their proximity to each other. This project will, however, remain separate due to scheduling and state funding requirements related to the Lakeview direct-connect interchange project.

  • ​To​ evaluate the entire Lakeview corridor in order to mitigate impediments that will assist in getting vehicular traffic on and off W.T. Harris Boulevard to the I-77 managed lates

  • To widen Lakeview Road to accommodate capacity

  • To improve travel conditions for motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and transit users in the area

​During the planning phase, the project team will work with the community to provide insight to the conceptual design. Community meetings will be scheduled throughout the project to keep residents informed and to provide opportunities to share ideas, concerns and opinions with city and state planners and project managers. Details of those meetings will be posted on this page once they are scheduled.

$9 million​​

This projec​t is funded by bonus allocation funds from the State of North Carolina.

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