Four Mile Creek Tributary Wastewater Improvements Project


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The Four Mile Creek Tributary Wastewater Improvement Project includes the replacement of approximately 3,800 linear feet (LF) of 16, 15, and 8-inch diameter gravity sewer and 22 manholes.  A portion of the pipe was identified as being capacity limited as a result of flow monitoring. This capacity limitation along with increased development in the area necessitated the upsizing of this sanitary sewer to an undetermined size that will be finalized during the design of this project. Flow monitoring of this segment of gravity sewer indicates that there is a significant amount of inflow and infiltration (I/I) coming from upstream sources in the collection system. Efforts to identify and reduce sources of I/I will be performed in the upstream basin.  

The replacement portion of this project is located along a tributary to Four Mile Creek that stretches from north of Weddington Road to the inner loop of Interstate (I-) 485 in Matthews. The sub-basin to be investigated for sources of I/I is located between Weddington Road on the west, the outer loop of I-485 on the north, Pleasant Plains Road on the east, and McKee Road on the south in Matthews.​

Estimated Schedule

Phase                                    Date

Real Estate                             March – July 2018
Bid                                          TBD        
Construction                         September 2018-September 2019
Warranty Inspection            September 2020​

​​Please see project overview.​

​Properties that will be directly affected by construction will be contacted to discuss easement agreements. Areas near construction will be notified before construction. ​

​​To be determined. Estimated $3 Million.


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