Beards Creek Wastewater Improvement Project


Project phase


 Project updates

  • Charlotte Water will upsize approximately 7,000 linear feet of existing wastewater pipe in the Beards Creek area.
  • Pipes will be upsized to 18-inch in diameter from Sam Newell Road to North East Parkway.
  • The project includes restoration of affected areas including sidewalks and roadways.
  • Updates will be posted on this website and NextDoor.
  • ​​Streets will be tunneled under
  • Normal work hours:
    • ​​​7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday OR
    • The contractor may work at night or on weekends, dependent upon needed tie-in work or inclement weather


Phase                                                                                                                     End Date

Planning                                                                                               Ongoing
Design/Permitting                                                                               Ongoing
Property Easement Acquisition (Real Estate)                                       Ongoing
Construction                                                                                         September 2018 - September 2019
Warranty                                                                                               September 2020

  • This project will alleviate wastewater capacity needs identified through Charlotte Water's Capacity Assurance Program.​​​

  • Properties that will be directly affected by construction will be contacted to discuss easement agreements. Areas near construction will be notified before construction. 

To be determined.

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Charlotte Water is community-owned providing safe drinking water and cleaning our community's wastewater. Reinvesting in our system is possible solely through funds from water and wastewater bills.


 Project contacts

Construction Map showing the wastewater replacement construction