Keep Charlotte Beautiful

KCB Offers $5,000 Beautification Grant Opportunity, submit your ideas by December 5th!


Keep Charlotte Beautiful (KCB) is accepting Letters of Intent for its Beautification Grant, which provides Charlotte neighborhoods, schools, and nonprofit organizations up to $5,000 for beautification projects in their communities.  Letters of Intent from interested groups must include the following:

  • Project description in 250 words or less
  • Project location, amount requesting, tentative date when the project will take place, and entities involved  
  • Why the group is applying for this grant
  • How this project will enhance applicant's community


All beautification projects contributing a lasting impact to the community and committed by neighborhood groups, schools or non-profit organizations located within the City of Charlotte are eligible to apply. Examples of eligible projects may include, but are not limited to: tree plantings, neighborhood entrance sign improvements, landscaping, wall murals, park improvements, and community gardens. Note: If project includes landscaping, at least 50% of the plants used must be native plants. KCB can provide information regarding native plants. 


To submit your idea for KCB's Beautification Grant:

  • Review the content that must be included in the Letter of Intent 
  • Submit your Letter of Intent (250 words or less) by Sunday, December 11th, 11:59 p.m. by clicking here

KCB Board Members will review all the Letters of Intent and select finalists who will be invited to submit a formal grant application.  They will use a competitive scoring process to select a grant recipient in accordance with these scoring criteria. 


Scoring Criteria
Possible Points
Project Impact & Need
25 Points
Project Design
25 Points
Level of Participation & Community Involvement
10 Points
Project Budget
20 Points
Sustainability with ongoing costs or maintenance needs
15 Points
Adopt-a-City Street Participation*  
5 Points
Total Possible Points
100 Points


All grant funded activities must be able to be completed by June 1st, 2017. 

* Five (5) points will be provided to grant applicants who have adopted, or who agree to adopt a City street through KCB's Adopt-a-City-Street Program

If you have questions please call 704-353-1235 or e-mail KCB@


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