Focus Areas

​​Community Safety Focus Area

Charlotte will be one of America’s safest communities.

Community Safety Focus Area Plan FY2018 and 2019

One of the highest priorities for the City of Charlotte is to create a community where residents and visitors feel safe and citizens are actively engaged in promoting safety and addressing public safety threats. The City of Charlotte will invest in personnel, practices, and training that foster trust in public safety, reduce crime and minimize community risks with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. ​


Community safety as a council priority

The Community Safety Council Committee develops this area's priorities by supporting initiatives that keep the city’s neighborhoods and business corridors safe, enhancing the perception of safety within the community, and supporting development of a workforce that is reflective of the community it serves.  

The Community Safety Council Committee works on this area's priorities and goals. Visit City Council's site for committee members, upcoming meetings and agendas.

Charlotte's mayor appoints a committee of city council members who focus on decreasing crime through enforcement and prevention strategies. These strategies target specific crime categories or offenders and reduce the occurrence of property crime and vehicle crashes.​