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​​​​​​​Asset Management 

The asset management section of the real estate division strategically manages the City’s real estate inventory in order to maximize value and minimize maintenance expenses. Ongoing management of real estate assets allows for efficient, long-range master planning and promotion of City Council priorities. Our expertise and working relationships with community, local, state and federal agencies provides us with a wide-ranging capacity to serve the public.   

Asset management responsibilities

  • ​​Negotiates real estate transactions

  • Acquires and leases real estate for City operations

  • Acquires property for the City's Tree Canopy Preservation Program​ (TCPP)

  • Markets and sells surplus real estate through the City Properties web page

  • Collaborates with other City departments to accomplish their real property objectives

  • Manages the City’s real estate inventory and associated records

Asset management staff

The asset management team is made up of an asset management specialist, a property management specialist, and several asset managers. All asset managers are licensed real estate brokers by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission and members of professional organizations like the Charlotte Region Commercial Board of Realtors, the Urban Land Institute and the International Right of Way Association.  

Asset Management, Real Estate Division 
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​Asset management FAQs


State law and city ordinances control the sale of real estate by municipalities in North Carolina. There are several ways by which the City of Charlotte disposes of surplus real estate. Most sales occur via the "Upset Bid" process (G.S. 160A-269 et al).
A list of the properties that the City is currently offering for sale can be accessed via the City Properties web page.

If the parcel you are interested in is not currently for sale and you want to inquire about its status, you will need to submit a written request via postal mail to the following address:

Real Estate Division Manager
City of Charlotte Real Estate Division REPB
600 East Fourth Street – 14th Floor
Charlotte, NC 28202

The Real Estate Division will review the property and determine if a sale is feasible. If you wish, you may submit a formal offer in your letter, but it is only necessary to express the possibility of making an offer to begin the review process. If you do ultimately make an offer and it is accepted by the City, the sale would proceed through the upset bid process. ​

For more information about purchasing property from the City, please refer to How to purchase property from the City​

​It is unusual for the City to accept unsolicited offers of donated land; however, if you have land you wish to donate and you want the City to evaluate it, you will need to submit a written request via postal mail to the following address:

Real Estate Division Manager
City of Charlotte Real Estate Division REPB
600 East Fourth Street – 14th Floor
Charlotte, NC 28202

Your request must include a specific description of the property you wish to donate. The letter must be signed by the property owner or a person authorized by the property owner to make such an offer. The City will only accept the donation if a specific public use is identified for the property. If a decision is made to accept your offer, you would be responsible for all costs associated with the conveyance, including providing a title report with acceptable evidence of ownership and ability to convey, satisfaction of all liens and encumbrances, payment of all delinquent taxes, deed preparation, excise taxes, filing fees, and, in some cases, a survey and environmental study.​

​For maintenance problems on vacant land or vacant buildings owned by the City, contact the Real Estate Division at 704-353-1143.

Typically all City-owned properties are used for City purposes and are not available​ for lease to the public. However, if City property is not in use, then a lease may be possible. Lease rental rates, length and terms are all determined on a case by case basis. For more information, please contact the Real Estate Division at 704-353-1143. ​